My White American Boyfriend doesn't want to be a part of my culture, White Male Guilt?

I'm a Japanese girl and my boyfriend is white and we live in the USA. First let me say my boyfriend is actually a very sweet man and he's always there for me and sacrifices a lot. He truly cares.

I noticed that when we started dating my boyfriend always avoided cultural related topics. If I brought up my Japanese heritage he would avoid it. When we go out to eat he avoids going anywhere Asian. When I tried to get him into anime he didn't want to. During sex I was trying to be freaky and thought speaking to him in Japanese and dress in anime cosplay so I would turn him on. He told me to stop and we didn't have sex that night. I asked him to go cosplaying with me to comic-con, he didn't want to do. When I tried to teach him my language he didn't want to learn.

One day I asked him and really demanded an answer from him on why he is like this. He kinda got upset and said - "You know why I don't like talking about your culture, interacting about your culture, learning about your culture? Because I've seen how many Asians treat white men when it comes to their culture, white men have yellow fever, they fetishize Asian culture, they are weaboos, asian-wannabes and what not, cultural appropriation, I'm sorry but I've seen too many white men get demonized and shit on for getting into Asian stuff, I rather not touch that culture even with a stick and keep to my own, I don't want to white splane or do something racist or appropriate anything or disrespect anything, I'm with you because of the person you are and your personality, I'm not with you because of your race or culture so I have no interest in that"

It really hurt me that he said this. I mean I guess I understand this white guilt he feels but at the same time my culture and race is a part of me and for him not to want to show interest in it and to not want to be a part of it makes me feel bad. I take interest in his white-americas heritage, his Italian/texas heritage. His culture and food.

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My White American Boyfriend doesn't want to be a part of my culture, White Male Guilt?
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