What Do You Think Of Sugar Dating?

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1. What do you think of sugar dating, and why?
2. Is it the same as prostitution in your eyes?

Sugar dating is when a person (often young and beautiful/handsome) gets paid and given gifts for giving someone else (often older, wealthy and lonely) their companionship. They may eat together, go to the cinema, travel and do other activities together. The person providing the companionship are often called "sugar baby" or "sugar girl/boy", while the person who pays are either a sugar daddy or mommy. They may also be called for "sugar lord" and "sugar lady". #SugarDating
What Do You Think Of Sugar Dating?
What Do You Think Of Sugar Dating?
I think it should be illegal (Why)
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I think it's wrong, but shouldn't be illegal (Explain Why)
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I wouldn't do it myself, but thinks it's fine other are doing it (Why)
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It's a nice way to make money and something I consider doing (Why)
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I'm fine with it and is currently sugar dating (Why)
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What Do You Think Of Sugar Dating?
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