Do men really like weak and fragile women?

I think men do not actually like weak or fragile women, rather, women who demonstrate femininity. Now, some might say that being weak and fragile is demonstration of femininity but I don’t think that is so. I think femininity, as it relates to what men say when asked what they believe it is in relation to women, is the behavior around being nurturing, loving, worrying, and caring.

A woman can be feminine, strong, courageous, and relentless at once.

I don’t want a weak woman.

I want a woman that can fight.
I want a woman that can persevere through adversity.
I don’t want a woman to be the type to run or leave my side when chaos ensues.
I don’t want a woman who isn’t courageous.

I don’t think men really like weak and fragile women, but if some do then those men are either weak, insecure, or both.

I also don’t think women want to be seen as weak or fragile.

I think some women might find these to be desirable because they think it’s feminine or “girly” to be this way, therefore they act as if they are this way so that they can be seen as feminine.

I like the idea of the warrior woman.

Historians may disagree on certain points on this topic, but perhaps there’s more evidence than not that there were aplenty of warrior women in ancient cultures of the past. These women would fight alongside the men in war and I’m not doubtful that they carried the same ferociousness, courageousness, and relentlessness in combat.

And they’re still feminine, still beautiful, still sensitive, still caring, and still loving.
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We NEED more strong warrior women.

Women who workout consistently, toughening their minds and bodies in the process.

Women who don’t shy away from physical adversity.

Women who aren’t lazy.

Maybe it’s a biological thing. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.

BUT... women can be both strong warriors and very feminine ladies, that’s for certain.
Do men really like weak and fragile women?
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