Do you believe that women understand men better than vice versa (I don’t)?


It is heavily implied (and even outright stated) in society that women supposedly understand men more than vice versa. However the older I get the more that’s a giant myth.

Women might understand men’s sexual impulses and know how to attract (and often manipulate) men with their feminine wiles. That is if they are able to do so. Mother Nature isn’t exactly fair to all women when it comes to who fares better via genetic lottery vs who doesn’t when it comes to looks in itself.

However I truly believe most women fail to understand that what most men want is to be respected by women. Respect is not the same thing as attraction. They often go hand in hand but not always. There are people in this world I don’t find attractive and/or dislike. But they have attributes I can respect..

For example I have more than once come across some loudmouth aggressive overweight women. I know they are loud (and often bullying) out of frustration & insecurity.

However I’ve met a few them who were very driven and self responsible in their career fields. They know they can’t rely on their looks to get by on life. Instead they were forced to work hard to get by the same way a man is expected to work hard. That I can respect despite often not liking their personalities.

Anyway what many women fail to understand is the root of most (non pathological) misogyny in modern society is just the overall disrespect men perceive from women. It’s not sexual frustration. It’s about respect.

Men can naturally sense real respect vs passive disrespect (usually goes behind a fake smile)

If women naturally understood how men crave respect then:

  • Modern feminists would shut up about 95% of the crap they spew (yes they really do hate men unless a man agrees with them and/or they find him attractive).
  • Women would understand what a deep insult the friéndzone truly is
  • Gold diggers & freeloaders would find nothing “cute” in bs they do
  • Ghosters would feel much more guilt.
Women understand men better than vice versa
50/50 mystery and confusion.
Men understand women better then vice versa.
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Do you believe that women understand men better than vice versa (I don’t)?
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