I’m being ignored today. Why is everyone so gloomy today?

At work today, it was a gloomy day and it was raining. Some people were into themselves and whatever. I said good morning to a couple of people and they just gave me short work answers.
One was like, “I’m okay I guess.” I asked, “Just okay? You should be blessed and happy you’re living.”
She snapped, “Well it isn’t a happy day for me! Sometimes people need a down day. So sick of this toxic positivity BS!” And she just walked off. Okay…. some kids didn’t say hi to me back when I greeted them. I’m not well liked much. I don’t know why. I smile a lot, greet everybody and encourage people to be positive and yeah. I can be stern and serious. These two twin girls didn’t bother to say good morning back and just ignored me. They almost never happy to see me. Whenever I come around, they frown and walk passed me and greeted some other staff back. That hurts so bad but I just keep it going.
I greeted our elderly coworker (in her late 60s). I asked how she’s doing and she didn’t respond. She rolled her eye, nodded, and walked passed me.
One of the teachers asked a student and he wanted to work with me and flat out said, “NO!” With an attitude. She said that wasn’t very nice. The student paused and said, “No thank you. I rather work with you.” She said okay much better. Man people didn’t like me today. Usually some people are happy to see me. Did I do something? Does my positivity bother them? I just wanna see them smile, cheerful and cover the negatives with positivity. One of my male coworkers told me I put too much positivity that it’s making things worse. That shocked me. Wow….😳

I’m being ignored today. Why is everyone so gloomy today?
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