Having Breasts Disqualifies You As A Feminist


Obviously a sarcastic title...based on many 'I haven't got a clue what feminism entails' people's beliefs.

I read a MyTake saying Emma Watson isn't a feminist because she had a photo-shoot that showed under-boob.


Having Breasts Disqualifies You As A Feminist

So in feminist rule-book there's a rule that we should be ashamed of our bodies? We should hide them and never let anyone see them - and then we're true feminists.

It is also a question of choice - and the circumstance.

People - reading books isn't just for college professors - you can read some too. Definitely won't hurt ya!

She is also an avid fashion lover, and the representative for Burberry...

As for those saying she claims she would never wear a mini skirt - it's not her thing... Yeah, and did she wear it - in public, for attention, to get the paparazzi?!


Obviously it was a comment on dressing provocatively for attention - people need to learn the difference between fashion and statements. People can make a fashion statement - as she did - be proud of your body, no one can tell you what to do. Be your own moral compass.

Case closed.

Is there a difference between a woman dressing like this in public and for a photo-shoot? Yes, there is.

Having Breasts Disqualifies You As A Feminist


If men can go shirtless...why can't women?


Hey, and if you don't agree with me, that's totally fine. =)

Having Breasts Disqualifies You As A Feminist
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