Having Breasts Disqualifies You As A Feminist


Obviously a sarcastic title...based on many 'I haven't got a clue what feminism entails' people's beliefs.

I read a MyTake saying Emma Watson isn't a feminist because she had a photo-shoot that showed under-boob.


Having Breasts Disqualifies You As A Feminist

So in feminist rule-book there's a rule that we should be ashamed of our bodies? We should hide them and never let anyone see them - and then we're true feminists.

It is also a question of choice - and the circumstance.

People - reading books isn't just for college professors - you can read some too. Definitely won't hurt ya!

She is also an avid fashion lover, and the representative for Burberry...

As for those saying she claims she would never wear a mini skirt - it's not her thing... Yeah, and did she wear it - in public, for attention, to get the paparazzi?!


Obviously it was a comment on dressing provocatively for attention - people need to learn the difference between fashion and statements. People can make a fashion statement - as she did - be proud of your body, no one can tell you what to do. Be your own moral compass.

Case closed.

Is there a difference between a woman dressing like this in public and for a photo-shoot? Yes, there is.

Having Breasts Disqualifies You As A Feminist


If men can go shirtless...why can't women?


Hey, and if you don't agree with me, that's totally fine. =)

Having Breasts Disqualifies You As A Feminist
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  • Maypai
    This is exactly why I hate feminism. Equality does not mean being about to walk around OUTSIDE shirtless just because males can do it. Males can do a lot of things that females can't. Likewise females can do a lot of things that males can't. Are females going to start crying because males can't carry children!

    There is a certain amount of modesty that people should have, especially females. And people can call me backwards all they want, but if you have no shame in having your titties hanging half way out, you have no respect for yourself. And clearly your parents didn't raise you correctly. Or if they did, you surely haven't stuck to that.

    Keep your business in your shirt.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • DooMguy
    Too little too late, she already got roasted and there's nothing you can do about it


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    • DooMguy

      @Tdieseler ^ trying to defend the hypocrite Emma Watson ( + double standard)

      All traces of feminism must be removed

    • Tdieseler

      Im totally for women (some) going shirtless... but i dont see the point of this post.

    • DooMguy

      @Tdieseler I think OP is just a Emma Watson fangirl (probably got her posters and stuff at home)

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  • BoobMan
    LOL! I don't think the people objecting are objecting to her breasts. They're objecting because she's hot! lol! Haven't you heard? If you're grossly unattractive and showing off your body you're a brave force against The Man, but if you're hot and showing skin, you're being oppressed and setting a bad example! :P
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  • applesandoranges22
    thats not what that post was about SMH. she EXPLICITLY bashed beyonce for showing her breasts and felt that they were objectifying women on magazines then she turned around and did the SAME thing. you are still biased lol.
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    • As I wrote - read every word... not just the title, buddy.

    • you clearly didn't even read my reply. you did not address her hypocrisy at ALL nor did you address the main point of the article that you are replying too. you did not imply anything close to what I am saying buddy

    • whether she did it for attention or not is moot. people try and argue and say sexulalization and objectification are two different things when in reality they are linked together. She is making a ''statement'' by objectifying her body and yes, guys do the same thing.

  • JuliaHarris
    We live in a world where women go out of their way to objectify themselves and then blame men for objectifying them.
    Call me old-fashioned but I think that the best place for your boobs is inside your shirt.
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  • Kuraj
    You are missing the point here.
    It is not because she took a half nude photoshoot, it is because she did the exact same thing she slammed other women for in the past, saying they can't possibly consider themselves feminists if they do such "voyeuristic" things.
    But it's ok, we all know Watson is a selfish, entitled, hypocritical cunt.
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  • capturemyheartnow
    Feminist means fighting for the issues that dear to women and giving women a dignified status in society equal to that of male gender. It does not mean that women should expose their bodies and roan naked. Even Muslim women who cover yp from tip to toe make good feminists.
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    • cipher42

      Men can go shirtless in public. So equality would mean that women should be able to do so as well. What's so difficult about that?

    • @cipher42 You can do that without being a feminist. have you done it any time before?

  • Stone_Fizzlebeef
    Feminists can't even agree with each other, how can they be expected to come to a consensus on some ground rules? Besides, it smacks of jealousy to me. I'm willing to bet the feminists that have a problem with this have severe self esteem issues and/or aren't exactly attractive.

    Oh, well. The infighting amuses me, especially after that He For She fiasco. Time for some popcorn.
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  • cross98
    now and days when you come out and say you're feminist, people will owl watch the shit out of you to make sure you hold onto whatever you say because they already dislike the fact that you're a feminist anyway. its like people who didn't like obama, any move he made, any step he took, even his birth place, people were on his ass. people don't like donald trump and articles stay talking about his ass. people have gotten this idea by anti-feminist, so called egalitarians (who sound like mens rights activists), and men activists who openly bash feminism by using radical feminist to speak for the entire political group. milo yiannapolous, gavin m. and many more have gotten rich and famous whether on youtube or college campuses by bashing feminist. if you ever openly say you're a feminist you better make sure people are gonna use weak spots you have to go against you. since emma spoke on being a feminist people have been on her back about everything.
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    • When you have literally hundreds of thousands of women hating on their own equality movement, that really should clue you in on just how flawed it is.

  • ThisDudeHere
    The issue here was that she excused her display of her tits as freedom and yet criticized Beyonce or someone for doing precisely the same thing on state. She is a hypocrite.
  • FroggyDoggy96
    I saw the same mytake you are referring to, but what you didn't mention is that according to that mytake, Emma Watson criticized Beyonce for showing off her breasts, and then turned around and hypocritically did the same thing.
  • MrOracle
    The issue isn't that she showed her breasts. in my opinion, feminism rightly supports women's right to do that if they choose (and to NOT do so if they choose).

    The problem is that Watson has attacked other women in the media for doing *exactly* what she's now done. And even worse, not only hasn't she apologized to those women (which she might have done if she's had some kind of epiphany about feminism and female nudity), but she probably doesn't even realize how hypocritical she is for doing this after deriding other women for doing the same (or even less).
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  • DesertFox11
    When I see the relations between men and women, it makes me think back to 4 and 5 year old siblings. "But mommy, if he can do that, why can't iiiii?" That's how women are; "if men can do so and so, why can't weeeee?"
  • ProjectBaby1K
    You clearly misunderstood what Emma Watson caught heat over. She calls herself a feminist and criticized Beyonce 5 years ago for doing things like this, yet it's all okay now since she's doing it. She's a hypocrite.
  • JustinTheGreat
    I think the problem wasn't that she was showing a little boob. But she tore another woman down for doing the exact same thing
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  • Mr-Kabuki
    i agree this whole thing was ridiculous. feminism is what gave women the ability to wear what they want. it was the patriarchy that made women cover up. what the hell man what the hell.
  • lord_chilled
    The day you all make up your minds and get on the same page, i will take you feminists seriously.

    Nah, im kidding, i won't...
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  • Imhotep99
    It's perfectly okay to flaunt your assets at will. However, don't shame other people for doing it because that is hypocrisy.
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  • oddwaffle
    Hmm... Shirtless sexy women. Gonna vote for more. boobs.

  • BoredAllTheTime
    That's were you're wrong kiddo. Being a hypocrite is exactly what qualifies you as a feminist.
  • BruceJender
    Show us your tits, love!

    Hollywood is so out of touch with society lawwwwl
  • ditto2004
    i would love to go topless; i have no shame with my body showing off all of it's glory.
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