Serena Williams Lost Because of Sexism!!


During the final of the US open 36 year old Serena Williams frustrated about losing to 20 year old Naomi Osaka displayed very aggressive abusive behaviour towards the matches umpire Carlos Ramos when he called her out on cheating by receiving coaching, which her coach admitted. After that she repeatedly spent the match hurling abuse at the umpire implying he was sexist. She later called being punished for cheating and breaking the rules as sexist.

Serena Williams Lost Because of Sexism!!

Some may call out John McEnroe but that was 30 years ago, he paid multiple bad conduct fines, but was disqualified only once, from the 1990 Australian Open.

One player was expelled from the 2017 U.S. Open: Fabio Fognini, for calling a chair umpire a “whore” and worse in Italian during a losing match.
He also was fined $96,000 and threatened with banishment from Grand Slam events if he didn’t quit acting like a punk on the court.

Serena Williams Lost Because of Sexism!!

Serena Williams has had several memorable meltdowns at the Open. The worst was in 2009, when she loomed over a diminutive line judge shouting, “I swear to God, I’m f—ing going to take this f—ing ball and shove it down your f—ing throat.” Game, set and match to Belgium’s Kim Clijsters. Afterward, Serena said the line judge was foolish to fear her, as she’s never been a violent person.
Other players, including Venus Williams, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios, have complained on court after receiving code violations from Carlos Ramos.
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Williams is a 36-year-old tour veteran. She’s supposed to know the rules. She’s also, however — like a lot of tennis professionals — a pampered childhood prodigy who travels the world in a celebrity bubble, surrounded by flunkies, protected by money, and tempted to self-dramatize.

Serena Williams and those that defend her behaviour on the court represent the worst aspects of feminism which promotes that women are forever the perpetual victims in their own live, basically their message is when women lose its sexism. Truth is a younger player was better on the day and Serena couldn't handle it.

Serena Williams Lost Because of Sexism!!

Time for Serena Williams to drop the false sexism allegations and her melodrama, admit thst she was wrong and apologise to Carlos Ramos, Naomi Osaka and America.

Serena Williams Lost Because of Sexism!!
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  • Miristheiss
    If Serena was playing against a guy and the ref was calling things against her that he was letting go against the guy than maybe. Since she was playing a girl so since two women were playing each other and the other woman KICKED HER ASS (it wasn't even close) it can't be sexism that he makes a judgment against ONE of the TWO women. Can the other claim sexism if she wants those calls to be made but feels the ref is letting her slide?

    This type of stuff makes it tougher to have REAL, LEGIT cases of sexism taken seriously because so many just flippantly call everything sexism.
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    • Exactly.

    • Badballie

      Serena and her sister must be full of testosterone, to get that big and strong. THEY ARE BOTH TO PUMPED ABOUT FEMINISM AND THAT THE WORLD OWES THEM. When they started out we hear how lovely these two "Christian girls " were LOL LOL
      Right two massive BITCHES, imagine marrying one of those, one slap and you are missing your head. If want to try these heroics better have Glock 10mm with you to fight back. LOL LOL

  • didigo182
    It's a shame this athlete who won so many titles and glories to have such a crappy behavior.

    She Lost the game, tried to cheat.
    Then accused the referee of cheating.

    She used the victim card "I'm a woman..." yes... you're a woman Serena Williams... a woman with 80 million U$$ in your bank account (so oppressed).

    Could not use the racism card because the Japanese it's also mixed. The most shameful thing was the American public applauding. The same people who are said to be just a cheater, spoiled and liar.
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    • What gets me is that she says she wasn't cheating and then later says if she was a man she'd have gotten away with it.

Most Helpful Girls

  • pepwave21
    I am not sure what to think since things are getting out of control and women might make it worse when they think things are better.
    There was coaching going on and she did verbally abuse the umpire. I hate it when girls or people say it is sexist or racist just because things do not go their way. wow :(
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    This topic has garnered so much hate from people who refuse to see both sides to this incident. This article is very informative. Check it out.
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    • With that being said, Osaka played very well when I watched the video above. I agreed with Serena saying she's proud of her and they did not boo at Osaka. Serena did show good sportsmanship and I still dont think she cheated. Serena was upset because of her experience with Ramos. He did not give fair warning to her, I think he was already biased not giving her same treatment towards a player who was a guy who obviously cheated , clearly due to the conflict he had with her sister Venus 2 years ago. Thanks for understanding. Be at Peace and stop hating.

    • Im proud of Osaka too! 💙

    • Cheating, verbally abusing officials, threatening an office is career and smashing your racket is not good sportsmanship, quite the opposite.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    She pushed it too far. I was ashamed of her that night. She should've been ashamed of herself.
  • BlueCoyote
    While she does come across as a bit pampered, I also feel like people are reading way too much into this whole incidence. I don't believe any of it had to do with sexism or with feminism. It's much more simple.
    1) Serena Williams seems to have a rather fiery temper. I think we can forgive her for that, there's millions of other people just like her.
    2) If you're at the very top, the air becomes very thin. This is true literally as well as metaphorically for sports. Despite being rich and famous (pampered), professional athletes also stand under enormous pressure that most normal people can't even imagine. On the one hand, there's your celebrity status, which may sound attractive to us normies but it can actually become quite exhausting quite fast. On the other hand, a lot of people have a lot of expectations of you. There's your sponsors who expect you to win, your friends and family, your coach who puts so much work and time into you... . I think it's easy for us to laugh about these people because we don't know what their life is like. Even just the traveling: again, this may sound cool for us (yay, travel around the world!) but it's probably extremely tiring. You constantly need to move places, everyone wants something from you and when you get to a new place, you can't do any sightseeing anyway. I imagine that Williams but also her fellow professional athletes are oftentimes running on their last drops of gas, so to speak. And this becomes even more true when you're 36. You're not as resilient anymore as you used to be with 20 - physically and emotionally.
    In this context, I don't find it surprising that some professional athletes lose it every once in a while. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. So, I don't think this sexism-comment should be dissected so much. She was angry, maybe also a bit humiliated because she was caught and she knew millions of people were watching her. In that moment, she probably just wanted to piss off the referee and guilt-trip him into taking back his decision. I doubt her comment was based on any substantial contemplations on feminism or sexism.
  • madhatters4
    i don't think people are saying she lost due to sexism. i think people are saying the treatment by umpire may have sexist notions at its core or people's criticisms of her may come with sexist notions because of the difference in critiques of men who have done the same thing

    i don't support her actions but i haven't seen it suggested that she lost DUE to sexism... but perhaps i'm wrong
    • It's been suggested everywhere. If the umpire was a woman would it be sexist then?

    • well anyone suggesting that he was sexist simply for calling the penalty or penalizing her a game after she called him a thief is absurd. i think she has every right to argue the call but there is no discernible way to suggest that he is sexist for penalizing her a game

      nonetheless it's ultimately not that big of a deal. on as big a deal it is because of the crazy way the media hypes sports

    • Fact is she got caught cheating, claimed the umpire was a liar and a thief for penalizing her for cheating, made fals accusations about the umpires charcter, then continued to verbally abuse the umpire and even threatened his career. After that she ommitted that she was cheating after all and that it's sexist because men do it all the time. All together a completely disgraceful display.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Unfortunately, we live in a culture which promotes and rewards "victims" for whining and complaining as long as they are a member of any minority group. This reveals the worst racism in our culture: the leftists who are afraid to allow minorities to be judged on their merits and who clamor to find any reason to excuse their performance.
  • weysally
    for anyone to say that had it been a man the umpire would have acted differently is absurd, how can anyone say what a person will do on the day, the umpire was in charge of this match not what McEnroe has done in the past, rules even change in the big tournaments, Wimbledon has a rule that the players must wear predominant white clothes, the others wear what they like it was bad manners and took some joy from the lovely lady that won
  • Izumiblu
    No. She lost cuz she got her ass handed to her by a first timer. She just made it uglier cuz she thre a temper tantrum.

    She was also fined $17000 because she did in fact violate the rules. It’s not a question of inter page actually broke rules.
  • CherryRoseChampange
    I don't know, her behavior was wrong and unprofessional. She could have handled that way better. HOWEVER, I'm still not quite sure she was actually cheating despite her coaches claims. This girl has been playing tennis for years and has been excellent despite her attitude. I don't know, she seemed genuinely pissed too. But hey, she really could have been. I'm just 50/50 on it.
    • Regardless it was her coach and he was signalling. Serena's excuse later is that apprently male players do it and get away with it and that's sexism. So in fact she was cheating.

    • Oh okay, well, she just fucked up her entire career. That's really sad.

  • TotallyAlmost
    She deserved what she got. Her behaviour was outrageous, unbecoming and not what you would expect on one of tennis's biggest stages from it's biggest star. Last time I checked, the opponent was a woman too. She didn't seem to have any problem with the umpire. Should we suggest that Serena is racist because she disrespected her Japanese opponent?
  • Cammy137
    Great post! I haven't fully looked into the whole Serena Williams situation but from what I'd heard from other people it is just as you say: another example of people shouting "sexist" while they themselves basically saying that she deserves special treatment because she is a woman.
  • Aynsof
    I don't really follow tennis so cannot say what the norms are but I read somewhere a couple male players said they had similar or worse meltdowns without receiving the same treatment and if that is true that is a not good double standard
    While I cannot say if it really is the case here it is indeed something I have seen before the reactions to women have a tantrum vs men having a tantrum is often different not that it is ok to throw a tantrum in any case
    • There was a guy last year that got thrown out for the same thing abusing a female umpire. Even McEnroe was given penalties, fines suspensions and thrown out.

    • Aynsof

      Like I said I don't follow tennis so I don't know if that is the norm how many men who have tantrums get into trouble for it compared to women who have tantrums? That is the question
      But in society as a whole I can see most often widely different reactions to women throwing tantrums compared to men this is it always the case of course but often enough
      But it is not really ok for adults to have childish meltdowns regardless of gender

    • I think if a man behaved the way Serena did he'd be thrown out. Like in 2009 she threatened a female official by saying I swear to God, I’m f—ing going to take this f—ing ball and shove it down your f—ing throat." Now if a man had threatened that the police would have been called.

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  • Matthevv
    Where did she make it about sexism? Can you point to an actual quote by Serena that made it about sexism? Online trolls have certainly tried to turn into a sexism issue, but I haven't seen any evidence that Serena herself has done it.
    • Matthevv

      Wow, yea, that's pretty bad. It clearly had nothing to do with sexism but she wanted to play identity politics get what she wanted. It isn't too surprising though because that is increasingly becoming the go to excuse for people.

      Didn't land that job? "It's cause I am a woman". Received a negative performance evaluation at your job? "It's cause I am a woman". It seems to be an increasingly popular excuse from what I have observed and the support behind Williams right now shows that it is an increasingly effective excuse.

    • Exactly right.

  • Iron_Man
    That had nothing to do with that, that was a lame duck excuse just to get out of the loss because the judge took a game away from her. You see where she was fined didn't you? and the fine still stands
    • I'm beginning to think few people read my take

    • Iron_Man

      I'm going to be honest with you it was nothing personal against you or your Take. I read the headlines only I do that when I see threads that give you seven points per answer then I move on to the next seven point thread. I'm a points Hunter but other Takes that don't offer any points except for the regular one point I read the whole thing and of course I always read the questions all of it in the life feed

    • I know lol

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  • MarkRet
    When I first saw Serena Williams and her sister Venus, they both seemed incredibly muscled-up for women. It had he thinking that there are only two ways for a girl to be that muscled-up. 1, they spend all day working out in the gym, or 2, they're taking something like steroids. Based on Serena's behavior over the years, I'm inclined to wonder about steroids.

    By the way, I always thought Jimmy Conners and John McEnroe were assholes.
    • ryancg

      Well, yeah. Didn't she lock herself in a panic room just to avoid being drug tested?

    • pro athletes spend hours every day training do they not? and if they're both muscular then does it not run in the family

    • I don't follow her too closely so I wouldn't know but genetic wise

      My two brothers, sister, and I are all very small framed. My oldest brother is hella tall and super toned but still really thin (like not drug addict thin but like his bones are thinner) thebrest of us have similar builds although I'm the only short one.

      My cousins who's dad is huge are all huge asf. Like they're all tall and have super large body frames and all carry quite a bit of weight. Even the girl is built like her brothers I have a more feminine body than when does

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  • abc3643
    Serena lost because Serena lost. She was not as good as the girl - repeat GIRL subject to that same "sexism" - who defeated her.

    The judge followed the letter of the law and she got burned for it. In fairness, it isn't so much sexism that penalized her as much as way too many male tennis players got away with abuse that they should have been penalized on.
  • JesseEllyson
    She likely would have lost anyway. But there is no doubt that the ref was sexist. Her little outburst was nothing special, nothing extreme. Men have gotten away with far greater tantrums.
    • Last year a man was thrown out of the US open.
      What man has gotten away with that behaviour?
      If the umpire was a woman would her upholding of the rules and punishment of Serena for cheating, breaking her racket and verbal abuse been sexist too? Because if not then it's not sexism.
      Also if a male player had spoken to a female umpire like Serena did that would have been sexist so in fact serena was the one being sexist.

    • I'm a lot older than you. I remember players throwing their rackets, yelling and cursing, making total asses off themselves over what they thought was a bad call from a ref. What Serena did was incredibly mild in comparison.

    • Those players are the reason rules were brought in. No person should be threatened or verbally abused just for doing their job don't you agree?
      Last year a male player was thrown out of the 2017 US open for verbally abusing a female umpire

  • Dargil
    She was blinded by adrenaline and enraged that she was losing. But rules are rules. I'll agree that McEnroe should have been treated more aggressively. But alleged sexism doesn't negate the rules.
    • McEnroe got fines and penalties and even thrown out for the same stuff. This isn't the first time Serena has pulled this crap.

    • Dargil

      True enough.

  • bubbatxman
    She got the appropriate punishment and lost fair and square. Tennis is a game of rules and accepting your penalty is a part it. I would have ejected her and dq’ed her for the whole next set. That’s what happens when an NFL or NCAA football player intentionally disrespects rules and commits two personal fouls: tThis entitlement bullshit needs to end.
  • Gedaria
    NO NO NO, She is a bigot , sorry to say but she was well out of order , the umpire was doing his job , if she had problem lodge a complaint ,, or appeal. Not going screaming and being abusive which only creates more of a problem for her. If she had done that to me I would have disqualified her from the match …….
  • MarketData
    I can handle the Serena Williams shit but what's unconscionable is that the WTA sided with her instead of backing the umpire. They don't even respect their own rules.
  • Logorithim
    She should apologize, but her enormous ego won't let her realize she lost because another woman was better on that day. Hence she blames the umpire. Pathetic sore loser.
  • TadCurious
    I agree with you. And all of this melodrama from Serena Williams is a shame, because she is the greatest women's tennis player of all time. I wonder why she doesn't see how these abusive tantrums affect her legacy. She may be the greatest women's player of all time, but she is not above the rules.
  • jellyroo
    Throw some accusations of racism into the mix and you've got the perfect victim cocktail.
  • Anpu23
    It sucks when the trump card for any consequences of bad behavior on behalf of women, is "sexism." It's more a sign of our times then a reflection of her as an individual.

    If it was just her, no one would even consider her accusations legit. The fact that some do, shows it is a societal issue.
  • kojikurac
    Pardon my ignorance.
    Why sexism?
    She played against another woman and lost.
    Her coach said that he was giving her coaching.

    • Because apparently the men are allowed to cheat

    • kojikurac

      Total BS.
      She was playing against a women
      Why wasn't it sexist when she was winning?
      It's argument of the weak.

  • CaptainSmartass
    How can she lose due to sexism when BOTH COMPETITORS ARE WOMEN?

  • EmmaMary
    Quite simply on the day the better player won.
    Either get over it or retire completely.
  • worldscolide
    I have no sympathy for her.. She cheated, She lost. She should never be allowed to pick the racket up again.
  • vishna
    I think she was in the wrong to get mad, she does have a temper. And I think she should own up to that. Congrats to the winner

    I have no heard much about any sexist claims.
  • SketchForger
    It's interesting that we have sports where a common occurrence is for hockey players to punch each others teeth out (hockey) over a ref giving an unfair call, and they just get penalized and move on. People will always find a way to politicize sports and I get it a person's entire career, but it's nice to know that Serena Freaks out about a game, then all the sudden everyone hounds on her to score political points.

    Of course it's sexist... But there will always be an opposition party, (especially if people claim its sexist) to emphasize their own agenda.

    It doesn't even become a discussion about Serena at that point.
  • ATuairiscean
    If Serena Williams was White, Male and French - It would have being reported differently with allegations she was trying to bully a younger inexperienced opponent.
  • Guanfei
    Bitch just acted like a spoiled brat, and didn't accept to be punished for it. She even stole the show and the victory of her opponent, who won fairly. She shouldn't be allowed on a court anymore.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    An athlete, regardless of sex, is/was being whiny and is/was blaming others for "insert negative event here". *YAWN*
  • NineBreaker
    Her behavior was really bad. She seems to exhibit excessively entitled behavior. You're not entitled to win because you're a world-renowned tennis champion and your opponent is a 20-year-old kid. She had an opportunity to set a good example and lose with grace (or even not rack up so many penalties and actually win), but she didn't.

    So, she disagreed with the line judge. There's nothing wrong with that. She broke a tennis racquet? That's bad, but it happens every now and then in Tennis. She didn't lose because she's a woman. She lost because she insisted on racking up penalties. No one forced her to break the racquet, and no one forced her to argue with the line judge.

    She did that to herself, and she doesn't want to take responsibility for her behavior. Simple of that.
  • Paris13
    She had Lost Fair and Square. However, probably a Liberal Loser, She could Not Handle the Truth. xx
  • Kaneki05
    I really don't care at all lol i've got better things to worry about other than this women i have legit never heard of before.
  • TripleAce
    Feminist are even attacking Apple for not making smaller size phones for smaller size female hands 😂 I’m dead! Lol
  • ladsin
    Without giving out too much information.

    I was really excited as a kid because Serena was going to come to a tournament near my home. I wanted to watch one of the best women in the sport play and was set to be courtside to watch her with a friend of mine who was a ball boy. She was a no show without a prior heads up or any proffered excuse. That informed me that she was unprofessional and didn’t care about the fans who wanted to watch her play.

    I don’t know much about this specific action, but I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth about her since then.

    I did see a distasteful”racist” drawing of her which made her look like a gorilla, but that also doesn’t excuse her behavior.
  • markscott
    It's really too bad we have so many pampered, completely spoiled professional athletes. It's nice when we see professional athletes act like regular people, and reach out to help othes.
  • WhitePanther88
    Goodtake. Title threw me a bit lol.
    The umpire didn't deserve that abuse for doing his job, she also shouldn't have branded him a sexist afterwards at the press conference. At the press conference she should have just put her hands up and admitted fault and accepted that she was punished for cheating and her behaviour and abuse rather than whip up a media storm to ruin the umpires life. She got caught cheating end of story.
  • Allie_Oops
    Serena lost because she just lost. Her tantrum was unnecessary, though. However, she'll bounce back. She's an incredible player.
  • jmstarling
    The apparent sexism has to do with another match a week or so before in which a man was allowed to get away with the things of which she was accused, and he was much more clearly guilty. The referee also agreed to rescind a penalty, then counted her next penalty as a second penalty after agreeing to rescind the first.

    At least that's how I heard the story recounted to me. I don't follow sports.
    • That's a case of not enforcing the rules and an umpire allowing themselves to be bullied by a high power star. The abuse and bullying didn't work on Carlos Ramos, even when she threatened his job. It's no wonder the umpires are discussing forming a union after this.

  • Lance1965
    Maybe she should apologize but why people care so much about what sports people and celebrities think and say is bizarre to me. They are not as important as some people think they are.
  • QueenofCups
    I know nothing about this. But thank you for inviting me.
  • BeMuse
    She’s just another brainwashed nut filled with racism and sexism… She needs to stop going to feminist and black lives matters rallies.
  • SarahsSummer
    Umm, no she didn’t. She lost because Naomi Osaka played better than she did.
  • savalisk
    Don't act out of line and whine sexism when you don't get your way. When you play sports, one thing you're always told is; RESPECT THE UMPIRES DECISION. You don't EVER want to abuse the umpire, you want him to know you're a good sport and are willing to play the game as it's mean't to be played. If there are any issues, deal with it at the end of the game through the proper channels.

    Besides, she isn't the first veteran to lose to someone a lot younger. This has happened in both men's and women's leagues.
    Hell, I'd feel VERY accomplished to not only have won a match against a veteran like Serena Williams but to have completely ruin her focus and lose her cool.
  • MackToday
    Still classier than this filthy Marxist bitch.
  • Jjpayne
    Sorry to hear that happened to her!! and over 20 likes on this post!! Nice!!
  • starsmydestiny
    Serena is a legend but in this case she is wrong. Even her coach admit he was trying to coaching.
  • PrettyRegular
    It was sexist and racist, because she's a black woman. That makes her better than us.