Hurricane Michael: The Strongest Storm to hit the USA since 1969


WARNING: Some footage and images may be graphic to some viewers. Please use caution.

One month ago The Carolinas was struck with a massive storm that The Carolinas had never seen before. Hurricane Florence flooded The Carolinas and crippled the Eastern half of NC. However, one month later a more devastating and brute monster has destroyed the Florida Panhandle. Hurricane Michael who days ago was just a Tropical Depression strengthened into a hurricane on Tuesday. Little did they know in 24 hours He would intensify into an almost Category 5 storm at winds of 155 MPH. The Florida Panhandle, as well as the Alabama and Georgia coasts, were not prepared for this. Now the storm is heading for The Carolinas where only a month ago we experienced a 500-year flooding event. I am going to let the videos and photos tell the rest of this story.

This is just in Florida and Alabama. Panama City and Mexico Beach look like a war zone. Homes are underwater, cars impaled by debris, Hotel roofs collapsing, rooms, stores, and homes flooding. It was a fast storm, but it sure is destructive. At this time it is being considered one of the worst hurricanes in US History and the strongest since Camille in 1969. Let's just hope Michael takes more mercy on Georgia and The Carolinas.



Hurricane Michael: The Strongest Storm to hit the USA since 1969
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