Hurricane Michael: The Strongest Storm to hit the USA since 1969


WARNING: Some footage and images may be graphic to some viewers. Please use caution.

One month ago The Carolinas was struck with a massive storm that The Carolinas had never seen before. Hurricane Florence flooded The Carolinas and crippled the Eastern half of NC. However, one month later a more devastating and brute monster has destroyed the Florida Panhandle. Hurricane Michael who days ago was just a Tropical Depression strengthened into a hurricane on Tuesday. Little did they know in 24 hours He would intensify into an almost Category 5 storm at winds of 155 MPH. The Florida Panhandle, as well as the Alabama and Georgia coasts, were not prepared for this. Now the storm is heading for The Carolinas where only a month ago we experienced a 500-year flooding event. I am going to let the videos and photos tell the rest of this story.

This is just in Florida and Alabama. Panama City and Mexico Beach look like a war zone. Homes are underwater, cars impaled by debris, Hotel roofs collapsing, rooms, stores, and homes flooding. It was a fast storm, but it sure is destructive. At this time it is being considered one of the worst hurricanes in US History and the strongest since Camille in 1969. Let's just hope Michael takes more mercy on Georgia and The Carolinas.



Hurricane Michael: The Strongest Storm to hit the USA since 1969
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  • NicknameShirt
    I feel for all the people and animals that have suffered under this. Good luck to them all.
    But excuse me, America, what is up with your construction techniques? I've worked a while with building houses here in Norway, and it's not like we get hurricanes, but at least on the coast, we get some storms and we always "storm secure" buildings. Walls facing the usual wind direction is enforced with metal bands and extra beams. That's standard here.
    And on footage from America houses seem to be made out of cardboard. Cheep veneer right underneath the exterior. Fake concrete, fake bricks, fake wood. And the inside walls are often made out of plaster? Wft. In my business we call a sloppy build "American".
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  • jacquesvol
    It's caused by those DAMNED LIBERALS! :
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  • DublinRollerGirl
    You haven't seen anything yet. The Bible tells of 100 lb hail stones and the heat being so bad that people curse God among His judgements in the last days. Oh yeah, there is the "Burning mountain falling into the sea" ( asteroid because they didn't know how to describe it back then as we don't either as we have never seen an asteroid falling into the sea). Anyway it says it kills 1/3rd of the life in the sea, 1/ 3rd of the ships on the sea, and 1/3rd of life which means 3 billion people. So this is just a fore shadow of things to come.
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  • vishna
    Wow, that's so sad. It's raining here now as a result-hoping it doesn't get too bad and flood. I'm hoping people are safe and have shelter and insurance to recover and rebuild.
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    • The eye of the storm is right now 35 miles from Charlotte

    • vishna

      oh wow, it's totally passed from my home now. guess that was about the time the power went out :/ (thankfully it was back on within an hour) how is Charlotte and the surrounding areas doing?

    • A lot of rain and flash flood warnings

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  • Jaye234
    It's awful but this is not the worst to be expected as the years go by.
    Hopefully all is doing ok.

    I live in southern Tennessee and the wind gusts are really strong- 45+, we haven't seen the rain yet but I think the mountains are blocking some of the rain.
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    • Jaye234

      Katrina was the worst, I think. Could be wrong. It went far inland, my area was effected badly too, we had a lot of tornadoes when Katrina hit.

  • LegateLanius
    Strongest? That was Hurricane Andrew in 1992 at 175 MPH
    Deadliest at least most recent were Katrina and Sandy.
    It's still a horrific event, but not the strongest or deadliest storm to hit the USA since 1969
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    • thats what ABC news and Gov. Scott was saying

    • No they are saying it's the strongest to hit the gulf area

    • @missvanillabean
      Okie dokes. He said the strongest to hit the USA since 1969.

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  • DevilsAdvocator
    Sounds like a great time to take that first step onto the property ladder. There'll be a hell of a lot of scared panic-sellers, increased by the media frenzy from the left-wingers about "GLOBAL WARMING! END OF THE WORLD!" And in that climate, you could score some massive bargains.
  • jennifer_bloom
    I didn't even know about it until now because I was on vacation in Las Vegas for the last 11 days. I will investigate the damage now to see what has happened to the U. S.
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  • RolandCuthbert
    I like the tag #notfakenews.

    Better tell it to Rush Limbaugh. Apparently in Rushland, hurricanes are apart of the liberal conspiracy.

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  • Hanock
    Why do these retards live in Tornado Ally or on the side of Vesuvius or on the San Andrea's Fault or near trees? Trees keep catching on fire and destroying people's homes, why don't you just cut down all the trees and pour a shit load of reinforced concrete to stop them growing back?
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  • Logorithim
    Feel bad for those wo lost loved ones and now have a lot of Damage to recover from. Insurers must be going out of their minds Right now.
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  • BornFree
    I bet that we will see more hurricanes like that in the future

    Seems like that they are getting stronger
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    • goaded

      They are (compare the two halves of the graph).

      Hurricane Michael: The Strongest Storm to hit the USA since 1969

  • LadyJade007
    This is very horrible especially for those people who lost their lives and their loved ones. I’m thankful that there are hardly any of these in my country
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  • Likes2drive
    I’m getting all the rain now because of it, it missed my brother in Florida but I can’t believe the Carolinas are going to get hit again after what they went through earlier
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I live in the part of Florida that rarely experiences a hurricane. We barely had any rain here.
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  • JxrdN
    Things are only going to get worse with global warming and all that unfortunately.
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  • bobby1973
    I think all this weather is being affected by the fake that every planet in this solar system is on the same side of the sun. The increased gravity of all the planets could be pulling on own planet and changing our gravity. Making the weather a little more intense.
  • 3Didnt7say
    I don't mean to be rude or anything, but who comes up with these names for Hurricane like H Michael, H Maria, H Katrina, H Andrew?
    • The National Hurricane Center in Miami. They have only been naming storms like the last 60 years

    • the people that rules america

  • Paris13
    OMG!!! I Know... Another Big One.
    However, I live out in Wake Forest and just some Rain, Cannot Complain.
    Be safe!!! xx
  • Jo1991
    Man I really pray people find a way to stay safe during all of this. For those that have already lost loved ones may you find peace 🙏
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  • ATuairiscean
    Yes the true power of nature - Hope everyone is okay as possible
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  • Gedaria
    It looks terrifying but why do people live there knowing of the dangers. I live in the UK and the part I live in gets winy and it rain , but not to that extreme , if it did I would be moving …….
  • art84
    Feel bad for those people who have experience a hurricane just destroying everything in it's path.
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  • JSmuve
    Ya boy!! Shits crazy. Hopefully we get more hurricanes like that down there.
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