The Truth About Area 51


Recently a man created a Facebook page called "storm area 51, they can't stop us all, let's see them aliens" and over 2 million people said they're coming to the event on 20th of September. It started as a joke but got serious and the air force warned people not to go there. But, what is really there? Aliens? UFOs?

The Truth About Area 51

History of area 51:

In the early 1950s the US sent recon planes to the USSR but due to their low level they could have been spotted or shot down.

in 1954 the president started a project to create a high altitude advanced aircraft, they named it project aquatone, they needed a place that isn't easily accessible to civilians. Area 51 was the perfect location to start that project since it was in the middle of the Nevada desert, and it served in WW2 as a gunnery range.

In the summer of 1955 sightings of "UFOs" meaning:"undefined flying objects" were reported around area 51. That's because the air force started it's testing of the U-2 aircraft. The U-2 can fly higher than 600,000 feet. At the time normal aircrafts flew in the range of 10,000 or 20,000 feet, and military aircrafts flew in the range of 40,000 feet. So if a pilot spotted the U-2 he would have no idea what it was.

While military officials knew many of the UFO sightings were U-2 Aircrafts they couldn't really tell the public.

U-2 aircraft
U-2 aircraft

Could there be really aliens in area 51?

Could it have been that there was really UFOs around that area but the military made up the U-2 story to hide it from the public? In 1997 a man who claimed to work in area 51 talked on the radio and said that he saw aliens and they're planning to kill most of the population so they can control the rest. Others claimed to be abducted near area 51. So the possibility of aliens existing there is still something to consider.

The Truth About Area 51

Can they "stop us all"?

The state of Nevada has only 3 million people. If we add more 2 million people the traffic would be very rushed. And I don't think they can make it to area 51. If they did make it however there is guards that are patrolling the area 24/7. If they sneak all the guards or kill them, they have to find the area. The area is surrounded by a huge restricted area. The area itself is very small. If they made it there they might die of skinless without proper tools since the place is more like a chemical laboratory. But if they overcame all these obstacles could they really see aliens? Hopefully we will know!

The Truth About Area 51
The Truth About Area 51
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  • Landshrk0068
    The signs posted around all military installations plainly say the lethal force will be used to prevent entry onto the base.

    When Pokemon Go first came out there was a kid who climbed the fence of the nuclear weapons storage facility at a base in South Carolina, he was shot and killed.

    There was a high speed pursuit in Phoenix, that went onto the Air Force base there, security forces used M240 machine guns to stop the pursuit, both in the car died and 400 pounds of meth was recovered.

    The US military are not the police. They don't worry about excessive use of force. In fact, they will apply the maximum force is the shortest amount of time to end the threat, to prevent harm and/or death to service members.

    And if they do actually try to do this. It becomes a domestic terrorist attack, and they will use everything they've got to stop it, they will all run away, like scared little bitches when the first A-10's roll in for an attack.The Truth About Area 51
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  • Cuppo_Mode
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  • White-American89
    Of the US goverment has aliens and alien technology they aren't keeping them at area 51, they'd keep them at a secret facility nobody knows about. Also I would remark on an advanced civilisation that can cross the vast distances from earth to the nearest inhabitable planet and yet thry crash on earth or we somehow see him. How likely is it that aliens are annually probing hillbillies?
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    • SSam23

      Exactly what I was thinking. They really wouldn’t put it out there. It would be somewhere more hidden and not in the public

    • Nadim171

      Maybe yes, but area 51 is still used to do the newest tastings of new aircrafts like nighthawk and newest drones

    • SSam23

      Yeah but they’re not dumb they wouldn’t ever show anything unless if it’s accidentally leaked and sometimes you don’t even know if something leak was done intentionally or not but someone can just say it wasn’t..

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  • DollySummers
    I believe area 51 was actually a concentration camp were they committed horrible experiments on war slaves during the war against Japan
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    • Nadim171

      Actually it was still an air gunnery range during ww2 and it's usage was very limited,

    • That’s interesting

  • SSam23
    I think the aliens there are definitely not real and are just like celeb wax figures. They couldn’t have caught an actual alien if they are real or if they did then they wouldn’t keep it there🤔
  • NorthwestRider
    Maybe they are keeping hot Alien chicks lol

    On a serious note, the government should not be allow to hide things from the public
    • Nadim171

      They don't really have aliens but they do have their latest secret weapons. Telling American civilians means America's enemies will also know about it

    • The government must be open and have no secrets

      This is why no Americans trust the government

    • Nadim171

      Many Americans trust the government. And they must have secrets, all governments have secrets, otherwise it would be very easy for their enemies to attack them

  • ChefCurry
    That's where the lizard people live