17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram


This is the story of Bianca Devins aka @escty on Instagram. She was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Brandon, who posted graphic pictures of her body on his Instagram.

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I saw someone on here ask a question about this but their description had a lot of false/missing details. I find the story to be sad yet interesting so I decided to research it a little bit more, and provide you guys with all the information I could find.

Of course, it JUST happened and there are still investigations going on. There are a lot of things we probably don't know yet. But this is just some of the important details we know.

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Who Is Bianca?

Bianca was a 17 year old "e-girl" who had a small following on the internet.

I've seen reports saying that she was "Instagram famous" which is actually very untrue. She only had 400 followers before her death. If you check her page now she has over 159k followers and her recent picture got over 50k likes.

(Which I never understood why people do that..Someone dies and then everyone goes and follows them on social media. Like...they're gonna post anymore? )

So she wasn't an Instagram star but she was very popular among her friends online. She had a discord server filled with about 50 of her friends. (Discord is a chat app that's typically used by gamers) She used to edit photos in trendy ways and she had A LOT of attention from guys.

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Bianca had a large group of "orbiters"

A guy that wants to sleep with his female friend.

He "orbits" her (hangs out with in a needy way) in the hopes of getting sex someday.

If the girl is hot, she usually has many orbiters. -Definition from Urban Dictionary

She loved attention from guys. There are also a lot of people online who claim things about Bianca which I'm not going to share because I feel it's just a way to vilify her. People use these things she's done as a way to dismiss her murder, almost like she deserved it.

Reading thing's she (supposedly) did and reading screenshots from her conversations make it very clear that she wasn't the greatest person... And it's sad to say, but I think some of her behavior did lead to her death in the end... However she did NOT deserve this. Nobody does.

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Who is Brandon? And what was their relationship?

They met on the internet and talked through Instagram and discord. Brandon had a growing obsession for her.. Some reports say they met only 2 months ago, which is false. There are conversations between them that date back to 2017.

We do know that Brandon met Bianca's mother on several occasions, which also backs up the argument that they knew each other longer than 2 months. Even Bianca's sister said that Brandon was more than her "internet boyfriend" and he was a family friend who was trusted.

Whenever friend's asked Bianca about him, she would always say they were just friends.

Brandon also got arrested back in 2016 for harassment, so we know this isn't his first time being overly obsessed with a girl.

Here are screenshots of Brandon and Bianca's conversation:.

'Xanax' is Bianca and 'Shoe-kun' is Brandon

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

What happened the night of the murder?

Bianca invited Brandon to a concert, but changed her mind at the last minute and went with another guy instead. Brandon actually dropped both of them off at the concert (seemed like Bianca just used him for a ride since she didn't have her own car)

Brandon seemed furious that she was with another guy Bianca was even purposely holding hands and kissing this new guy in front of him in order to make him jealous.

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Brandon posted a video on his Instagram story of him driving to pick up Bianca at the concert while listening to Stan, a song by Eminem about a man who kills his girlfriend. That leads people to believe the murder was premeditated.

After the concert was over, Brandon offered to drive Bianca home. Instead of driving her home he drove down a dead end street where they sat for 2 hours. It's unsure what happened in those two hours. In the pictures of Bianca's body you can see her shoes were off, possibly suggesting they were having sex. Her phone was also found with a smashed screen which could suggest they got into an argument.

Around 4:30 in the morning, Brandon killed Bianca and posted graphic photos of her body not only on his public Instagram story (which is the reason why this story blew up in the first place), but into the discord group chat that had all of Bianca's friends. He posted the picture saying "You guys are going to have to find someone else to orbit"

One of the pictures he posted had the caption "I'm sorry Bianca" written on it.

Brandon attempted suicide by stabbing himself in the throat before police showed up. He is currently in the hospital and is suffering from his injuries but he is expected to live..

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Those are all the details we have right now.

I suggest you do not look up the pictures of her body by the way! They are pretty disturbing. I feel like I'm desensitized to graphic stories or images because the pictures didn't scare me that much...

I'm sure some of you are going to be curious and want to look them up, and I can't stop you from doing it but I'm just trying to warn you.

RIP Bianca <3
RIP Bianca <3
17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram
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