17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram


This is the story of Bianca Devins aka @escty on Instagram. She was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Brandon, who posted graphic pictures of her body on his Instagram.

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I saw someone on here ask a question about this but their description had a lot of false/missing details. I find the story to be sad yet interesting so I decided to research it a little bit more, and provide you guys with all the information I could find.

Of course, it JUST happened and there are still investigations going on. There are a lot of things we probably don't know yet. But this is just some of the important details we know.

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Who Is Bianca?

Bianca was a 17 year old "e-girl" who had a small following on the internet.

I've seen reports saying that she was "Instagram famous" which is actually very untrue. She only had 400 followers before her death. If you check her page now she has over 159k followers and her recent picture got over 50k likes.

(Which I never understood why people do that..Someone dies and then everyone goes and follows them on social media. Like...they're gonna post anymore? )

So she wasn't an Instagram star but she was very popular among her friends online. She had a discord server filled with about 50 of her friends. (Discord is a chat app that's typically used by gamers) She used to edit photos in trendy ways and she had A LOT of attention from guys.

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Bianca had a large group of "orbiters"

A guy that wants to sleep with his female friend.

He "orbits" her (hangs out with in a needy way) in the hopes of getting sex someday.

If the girl is hot, she usually has many orbiters. -Definition from Urban Dictionary

She loved attention from guys. There are also a lot of people online who claim things about Bianca which I'm not going to share because I feel it's just a way to vilify her. People use these things she's done as a way to dismiss her murder, almost like she deserved it.

Reading thing's she (supposedly) did and reading screenshots from her conversations make it very clear that she wasn't the greatest person... And it's sad to say, but I think some of her behavior did lead to her death in the end... However she did NOT deserve this. Nobody does.

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Who is Brandon? And what was their relationship?

They met on the internet and talked through Instagram and discord. Brandon had a growing obsession for her.. Some reports say they met only 2 months ago, which is false. There are conversations between them that date back to 2017.

We do know that Brandon met Bianca's mother on several occasions, which also backs up the argument that they knew each other longer than 2 months. Even Bianca's sister said that Brandon was more than her "internet boyfriend" and he was a family friend who was trusted.

Whenever friend's asked Bianca about him, she would always say they were just friends.

Brandon also got arrested back in 2016 for harassment, so we know this isn't his first time being overly obsessed with a girl.

Here are screenshots of Brandon and Bianca's conversation:.

'Xanax' is Bianca and 'Shoe-kun' is Brandon

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

What happened the night of the murder?

Bianca invited Brandon to a concert, but changed her mind at the last minute and went with another guy instead. Brandon actually dropped both of them off at the concert (seemed like Bianca just used him for a ride since she didn't have her own car)

Brandon seemed furious that she was with another guy Bianca was even purposely holding hands and kissing this new guy in front of him in order to make him jealous.

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Brandon posted a video on his Instagram story of him driving to pick up Bianca at the concert while listening to Stan, a song by Eminem about a man who kills his girlfriend. That leads people to believe the murder was premeditated.

After the concert was over, Brandon offered to drive Bianca home. Instead of driving her home he drove down a dead end street where they sat for 2 hours. It's unsure what happened in those two hours. In the pictures of Bianca's body you can see her shoes were off, possibly suggesting they were having sex. Her phone was also found with a smashed screen which could suggest they got into an argument.

Around 4:30 in the morning, Brandon killed Bianca and posted graphic photos of her body not only on his public Instagram story (which is the reason why this story blew up in the first place), but into the discord group chat that had all of Bianca's friends. He posted the picture saying "You guys are going to have to find someone else to orbit"

One of the pictures he posted had the caption "I'm sorry Bianca" written on it.

Brandon attempted suicide by stabbing himself in the throat before police showed up. He is currently in the hospital and is suffering from his injuries but he is expected to live..

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

Those are all the details we have right now.

I suggest you do not look up the pictures of her body by the way! They are pretty disturbing. I feel like I'm desensitized to graphic stories or images because the pictures didn't scare me that much...

I'm sure some of you are going to be curious and want to look them up, and I can't stop you from doing it but I'm just trying to warn you.

RIP Bianca <3
RIP Bianca <3
17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram
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  • betaTester
    I am just someone that was slightly more upset about her death than the average person because we actually interacted a few times. At first I thought she was just some very kinky 19 year old with BPD and daddy issues, then I became aware of her real age and her background through the huge internet footprint she left. I tried to tell her to get professional help last year, and I knew then that her family is trash (we would've met if I had lived in the US, scary thought). Of course I'm just one of the many guys she talked to within the past 2 years, she adds new guys weekly and talks to many at once. She's quite well known on some websites, literally anyone could've added her on Discord and snapchat to talk about fetishes up until the few days before she died (the last time I saw her post on fucked up fetish thread was like 12 days ago, it really blew up after the incident). Originally I thought she'd just end up like the average drug addicted e girl, but looks like I was wrong, I didn't know about the psycho (s) she hung out with in real life.

    RIP Oxychan
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Man, Instagram is fkn toxic. Social media in general really.
    It sucks girls in to being giant assholes like that, having massive egos and driving guys insane and it sucks guys into this environment where they're naturally at a disadvantage of social value and go insane in their crippling situation orbiting massive toxic egos, which leads to horrific scenarios like this. Very gross on many levels.
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    • mistixs

      That first conversation was obviously photoshopped. No girl says "I have many orbiters." Most girls don't even know what that word means. Also " I was cheating on you", "you were a Plan B," & " I was using you" are all things that bitter men like to accuse women of doing.
      This was definitely photoshopped by a man into saying what the man thinks is what happened.

    • @mistixs You don't get to just decide that. The screenshots of the discord logs mean more than your feelings about this. Even if it's entirely photo-shopped, that would make it only equivalent to your assessment.

      If we're just going to say whatever then how about this: 0.000047‬% of people in the US are murderers. Yes, that's the actual number. So therefore this whole thing is highly unlikely because so few people are actually murders and not only is it photo-shopped, but entirely made-up. There is no dead girl, nothing happened, it's all fake news. Not buying it? Well then why would we just believe what you decided was true based on less substance than what I just presented?

      Normally I'm hard to properly bother, but your opinion reflects some fundamental moral or ethical failing that I just can't stand. Just deeply and grossly wrong. And this is me shaming you for essentially deciding to substitute reality with whatever nonsense interpretation made you feel good.

    • @mistixs Yeah I wasn’t 100% sure if that was real. I also saw another screenshot but it was on Snapchat, of them talking and she was saying basically the same things. Saying things like “I’ve had sex with 6 guys including you” and “I didn’t even remember your name, you meant nothing” etc. And I’ve also heard he wasn’t the only guy she treated like that, and she liked to lead on guys a lot.
      But I didn’t want to add all the screenshots and all the things I’ve read because I honestly didn’t want her to seem like a bad person. I feel bad..

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Most Helpful Girls

  • supercutebutt
    This reminds me on the OJ murders. Jealous people can lose it. It seems in both of these instances, the females were consciously trying to make their ex jealous by overtly rubbing their nose in the fact that their future killers would never win back their love. People have to realize that all people have feelings and messing with their emotions can lead to disastrous results. Especially if you intentionally use people. This doesn't justify murder but keep in mind if you push people too far by fucking with their heads, some of them can snap. If you aren't interested in someone, don't be cruel about it. It is for their benefit and yours. Also, if you aren't into somebody, don't lead them on for months or in this case, years. You are playing with fire.
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    • ManOnFire

      This is one of the most mature, deep, and conscientious responses I have ever seen on GaG. My God. Bravo.

  • alice55
    I don't know if I'm weird but I actually do feel very sorry for the guy, she was so nasty with him, she was mentally abusing him and he just lost it. It's extremely similar on how some women who get abused by their husband lost it and kill their husband and the laws is actually pretty forgiving for these kind of act (at least in my country).
    When a woman kill her abuser everybody support her but now that's it's a young guy who killed his abuser everybody consider him (the victim) as the bad one. I'm confuse.
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  • 1truekhaleesi
    All the people posting about how he was pushed too far lol. My ex tried to make me jealous many, many times. I never murdered him. I also have anxiety and depression. Why is my medal? People get pushed ‘too far’ everyday. Grow the hell up and don’t victim blame people.
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    • Hypnos0929

      Exactly, no matter how horrible she could've been murder isn't justifiable. Can we say she made bad decisions? Yes. But in the end he is to blame, he's the murderer, he's the monster.

    • True but his issues were obviously more to the violent and unstable side though as he'd been arrested before... I feel like she was reckless for provocating him on purpose while knowing he had a violent side. Of course the blame is on him though but I think it's a lesson for everyone not to mess with unstable people who aren't afraid to use violence. The world is full of messed up people it's best to stay careful if you know you're dealing with one.

    • @cherryqueen01 so she provoked him into murdering her? Cool cool cool cool.

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  • NatashaJ
    Weirdly, I had a lot of sympathy for her but after seeking her messages and her behaviour online I am not longer sympathetic. I don't agree she deserves to get murder but damn where is her parents when she doing this weird shit online. She and her killer clearly have screws loose.
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  • Goodwifie
    If screen shots were a thing when I dated a mentally unstable guy it would have made me look bad.
    I threw all kinds of abuse his way because he would not stop threatening me then backing it up with an apology.
    She didn't deserve to die he could have just moved on with his life.
    People need to stop justifying her murder, he could have just cut her off
    And people stop trying to find the picture of her murdered body.
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    • NatashaJ

      But at lease you admit you were being shitty. The news outlet refuses to show these tab bits of info about her they just painting her as a saint.

    • Goodwifie

      @NatashaJ he threatened to stab me when I told him that I was leaving him.
      I was too afraid to leave his house that night just in case he put his words into actions.
      He continued to send me treats through texts.
      "I'll get my mates to beat you up" was one of them.
      Once he worked out that I changed my mobile number that's when the emails started when I changed my email address that's when the letters started.
      This bastard didn't deserve my kindness.
      He moved back to where he came from thank goodness.

    • NatashaJ

      Well sorry you went through that I had a guy start stalk me a bit when he wouldn't get the hint he making uncomfortable thank god he left you alone.

  • UnknownGagsUser
    She was very pretty I hope her family get through this and I also feel bad for Brandon I don't know why but on the news they only shows one side of her story so it's not my place to judge anyone base on some news.
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    • Goodwifie

      But she is dead nothing justifies murder.
      She pushed me.
      She dumped me.
      She made me angry.
      I lost control.
      Plenty of people have treated me badly and I did not kill them.

    • Poppykate

      @Goodwifie I agree with you completely! We need to take responsibility for our actions! You can’t hurt someone just because they ‘hurt your feelings’. Life doesn’t work that way!

    • AlphaGhost

      @Poppykate I am not saying it justifies murder but "if you do shit expect the shit in return" She treated him like absolutely nothing from start and got killed from it. She got no right to treat anyone like She did to him in chat.

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  • RolandCuthbert
    What could be worse than Bianca's brutal murder? What could be worse than posting those photos on instagram?

    To see so many of the GaG faithful defend her brutal senseless murder.

    Yep, I am certain that is worse.

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    • NatashaJ

      Well, actual Elizabeth Short's photos are worst and they are still online that woman was murder and cut in half and been torture by her killer if makes my stomach sick remembering seeing close up her body. Yet, no one has a problem that her photos been online for years.

    • @NatashaJ The Black Dahlia murder has nothing to with my point.

    • NatashaJ

      You ask what could be worst then Bianca's murder photos and I'm pointing out there already worst photos of other people out there online then hers.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    She needed to get smacked upside the head by her mother, and have her dad sit her down and demand she explain her reasoning. Screaming in her face optional. Pick apart each and every single one of her messages, and explain to her unequivocally why they're the posts of an immoral, wretched fool.

    That clearly didn't happen. It does in my family. She got no discipline. And became a monster. He was a mentally unstable loser who clearly had a ghost of a sense of moral order, but God was not in his life anywhere.

    She got what she deserved in full. But it should have been authorities hanging her for her thoughts, words, and actions (Deuteronomy 21:18-21) - NOT some unbalanced scorned lover out for revenge who also brings rape into the equation!

    Now, two lives are destroyed forever, instead of merely just hers. I cannot approve of his vigilante actions for vengeance under the circumstances he carried them out in. Yet, I feel no sympathy for her either.

    But those who deserve most to have the fear of God put back into them? Those who instilled in her the idea that her attitude about life was an acceptable one to have. They corrupted and destroyed her first. As such, they are indirectly also responsible for her fate. May that guilt make their stomachs sick at night. May they learn, lest anyone else be led astray.
  • Sensmind
    I am HORRIFIED and NOT SURPRISED - While you rightly say nobody knows the facts a 100% but it is consistent with what say you could employ a writer on Netflix to write a Near Real Life Fictional Drama in this day and age, sure they even have tried it with "You" - I am going to play age card, my teens were in the 80s if something like this happened, it would be in papers for weeks and a true crime murder movie. Okay we had stalkers and mental health issues but orbiters/online activity have exasperated the issue. The pursuit of attention has been facilitated along with the backlash/negative consequences. No lie if I had a 12 year daughter about to hit her teens, I could imagine many disturbing "What Ifs" flicking through my head.
    It is an interesting follow on from one of the last questions along lines of "Pros/cons of pre/post internet" - I highlighted world at your fingertips, for info, making and keeping contact with people but I added the proviso that NOT ALL internet activity is positive"
    Good take, well written
  • Robertcw
    Aaaand her genes won't be passed on.

    Funny as I get older I start seeing people drop like flies. Every day you are still here and able to potentially reproduce is a win in my book.

    One frat guy at my university drank himself to death at a party off campus. Freshman.

    This stuff happens all over the world all the time. All I can say is: consequences exist and they are outside your control.
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  • mixedforever29
    man i want to see the pictures but can’t find them ! so curious now
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    • Yeah I can't find them anymore. I originally saw them on Instagram, if you went in her tagged photos people were posting it and tagged her. But now Instagram has been removing all the photos and people have been spamming her tags with pictures of puppies and kittens so you can't find it.
      I'm sure its on some site though..

    • LMNOP123

      If you all find it let me know. I know, morbid curiosity. I go looking for true crime videos with things like this all the time. Death is interesting.

    • they’re on 4chan it’s awful. And some people even made memes out of them and made her smile with a peace ✌️ sign on it as if she’s doing it. Just horrible.
      Though from what it seems she wrote exactly how she was killed on one of her profiles. Just weird. Maybe it’s what she wanted.

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  • buttcrackjoe
    He may have killed her even if she wasn’t rude and immature just a normal break up. Fact of life people are fragile some more than others with animalistic instincts. Protect yourselves and accept life is mostly about luck. Good luck that you won't be murdered one day!
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  • CherryRoseChampange
    I saw the images, it's sick. She was a shitty individual to him but didn't deserve to be murdered. They both need a therapist tbh. He needs meds and ti be behind bars more though.
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  • MissChasityL
    She kinda had it coming for playing w his feelings..
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    • Did she have it coming that Bin Laden's body got more respect than hers?

    • PondyPand

      He didn't have to stay... 🤷‍♀️

  • aialex
    It shows how volatile and fucked up this world has become.

    Not saying he's not guilty, but she's part of the problem too.
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  • ThisAndThat
    It's a shame things like that happen but they do, it takes a psycho to do it and it's not limited to 17 year old girls getting murdered either. It happens to both females and males by both female and male. It's nothing new in society, in fact there is an old movie from the 1960's I believe it was called (Play Misty For me) based on a female stalker staring Clint Eastwood where a woman was stocking a man in the movie man played by Clint Eastwood, I won't spoil it in case anyone wants to see it. There was also a movie from the 1980's staring Michael Douglas, the movie was called Fatal Attraction also based on a female stalker.

    In case you never noticed it, Hollywood always hands the role of the life takers on those movies to men. However it doesn't reflect reality at all. What Hollywood and the mass media doesn't want known is that it's (females) age not relevant, that are responsible for lot of murders.


    It goes on all the time and there are many stories of females murdering males over jealousy and other things, but you won't hear about it as a national much less worldly conversation because there is an agenda which is a Marxist feminist agenda and reporting murders of males would hurt their agenda and change the narrative quiet a bit.

  • MarkRet
    I never heard of her before. She's really cute, but it sounds like she lived a risky life, burning the candle at both ends, whatever. Not that there's any excuse for this Brandan jerk, he's still a murderer, and seems to be proud of it. Women aren't supposed to be beaten or killed, they're supposed to be loved and protected, even if they do treat you like shit.
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    • daliah

      Are you serious or joking? No one should be killed or beaten not just women, and no when girls treat you like shit you move on you tell them to go fuck themselves not love and protect them.

    • MarkRet

      @daliah - I agree, no one should be killed or beaten, and when a girl treats a guy like shit, you forget her, and move on. I never said the guy should just continue taking crap.

  • Shamalien

    He didn't post the pics for a reason, I'm not scrolling down to look at that again, but whoever posted that pic right in this chat needs to fuck off.
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  • BeMuse
    So deluded narcissistic instawhores are killing each other off now and posting self incriminating information to insure they will be locked up for life and be taken out of the gene pool… Sounds good to me. It should improve the human species.
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  • Daniela1982
    So what is your point at posting this? Are you a voyeuer? What the fuck?
    LikeDisagree 10 People
    • ? What the fuck is wrong with you? Voyeur? Like what the hell led you to that conclusion?
      He posted details about a popular story. He even literally tells you why he posted it.

    • @DevikaButts95 So you are glorifying death?

    • No. And that doesn't really need to be stated either, because there is nothing in my comment that would even remotely suggest that, whatsoever.
      You need to retake a reading comprehension class, sheesh.

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  • morimeme1
    It's interesting how most articles about it glorify her in a way saying that "friend descrive her as a very shy but popular, supportive person".
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  • zeineboyy
    I'm pretty sure she was into murder kinks and she wasn't the best person she would manipulation her fan base. i think she wanted to die I'm not sure though
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    • I heard she often posted about committing suicide to get attention.

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