Valentine's Day Photo Contest: What was your most romantic experience?

Hey GAGers!

We're super excited to announce our Valentine's Day photo contest! We want to see your most romantic experiences! That romantic evening in your favorite city, that holiday you’ll never forget, the day she said ‘yes,’ your sweetest ever kiss… if you have a photo of a memorable experience with someone you love, share it with us!

To enter, simply share your photo in your Opinion below along with a short description of why it was such a memorable experience for you. The picture must be original that you own and have taken yourself. We encourage everyone to 'vote' for your favorites by liking the entries you think have the best story/photo!

The contest starts today and will be open for one week. Winners will be announced on February 14th. We will be selecting 3 winners for this contest based on quality of image, the description of your experience, originality, engagement from the community, etc. and all winners will receive a $20 Amazon gift card!

So let's get started! Show us your most romantic experience in a photograph! ❤️
Valentine's Day Photo Contest: What was your most romantic experience?
Hi GAGers! We're sorry this is a little late, but there were so many great entries, we had a hard time selecting winners! Due to how many great stories we received, we will actually have 5 winners! The winners are:






Congratulations to the winners! And thank you everyone who participated for sharing your beautiful memories with us! We enjoyed reading them and if you didn't win today, don't worry! Keep your eyes open for our next contest. :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • It was an easy choice of what the most romantic experience has been, but I had difficulty choosing just one picture of the trip, so I made a collage instead.

    So basically, on our very first date we were talking about traveling and he asked me if I would go to Paris with him. I immediately answered yes without even thinking about it, while we had only known each other for a week. He replied with "I'm not kidding, we are going to Paris." and I said I'm not kidding either. Fast forward a year. We did not end up in Paris, but in Rome instead. No matter, it was just as romantic. At that point we were still trying to work out a long distance relationship and having a whole week just the two of us was just like heaven. I love all the memories we made there and it'll be a while until we can muster up enough cash to take another trip. Until then.

    • Lol kuka sydämetön alaspeukuttaa tätä?

    • No ku jotkut ihmiset vihaa mua GaGissä. 😂


      *"No ku jotkut ihmiset vihaa mua GaGissä"*

      Have the strength to shut the negative out and allow all of your room for the positive. And BE HAPPY because clearly you must be TOTALLY AWESOME or no one would have hated on you in the first place.

      They hate themselves.
      They want to be you
      They see you as a threat

      We all have. 😊


      Apologies for notification. 😊🚫

Most Helpful Guy

  • My girlfriend and I live 1000km away from each others, I do the distance in train every week-end in order to see her. One day, when I was at the train station. I saw that my train was canceled and i told her so. A guy from the train compagny heard my phone conversation and once i finished to talk to my girlfriend, he told me that he could manage to find me a place on another train. I didn't not tell my girlfriend and i finally arrived to her door, when she opened she didn't realized immediatly, we looked in each other eyes for few seconds and she jump intomy arms.


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  • Excuse the low quality photo.
    I had spent all summer working on a ranch, 7 days a week, about 12 hour days. By the end of the summer i was exhausted and hadn't really had any time to myself. One day, i showed up to work and my boyfriend is there with a trailer and some horses loaded up, apparently he talked to my boss and got me a week off for us to go on a 'trip'. After a few hours of driving we ended up in the middle of the rocky mountains, where we had to park the truck and continue on horseback. We rode for almost a full day until we came to the top of a waterfall where there was a little camp set up for us. We stayed there for the week just riding all day. It was so exclusive and incredible, and i can't imagine the amount of planning it took to organize it all without me finding out. That was 4 years ago, i love this guy more every day ♡

  • I hate the fact that I'm taking part in this... but I do happen to have a pretty fitting story and picture.
    This picture was taken in Amsterdam on the first holiday I'd ever taken with a girlfriend. It was potentially going to be the last time we were together as she was moving to Spain and I lived im Scotland. We'd only been in a relationship for about 3 or 4 months at this point and had only know each other for a couple of months more than that. We'd already ruled out long distance so this was potentially 'it'.
    But on this holiday, we shared a tiny flat together, we organised everything really well, we had a lot of fun in the city and ultimately came to the conclusion that we made a great couple and shouldn't let it end. So we decided that we would both take a leap of faith and I would move out to Spain with her the following month.
    We're still together (in Spain) and are moving somewhere new together this month.
    So if not for this trip where this photo was taken, we wouldn't be together and my life would be a less wonderful!

  • this is one of the most important photos i will ever have. this is me and my girlfriend at her prom and i distinctly remember pulling her aside so i could take a picture because i wanted to forever remember this moment. so i pulled my phone out and we were about to take a selfie and she leaned in and kissed me and this is the best photo i will ever have. we are coming up on two years 💕

  • I am not gonna post a pic with our faces but ill post this one and explain it:

    My boyfriend and I met here on GAG in 2014 (lol). We started messaging and we found out we went to the same university and decided to meet up the next weekend. We spent a year together at university, but then he graduated. Which left us long distance for my senior year of college and he moved out of state for his job.

    For valentines day 2016, we decided to meet to in St. Louis (the city half way between us) and spend the weekend together. This was the view of the arch from our hotel room. We spent the weekend exploring the city, went out for a fancy dinner and spent time together. The very first valentines day we spent together was the first military ball we went to together (but I won't post a picture of that, because its too personal). I can't decide which one of those two valentines days were more memorable. lol.

    We are still together and still long distance. Valentines Day hasn't been the easiest holiday for us to meet up on, especially when its during the week and we both have work, so I don't have a lot of valentines day photos. But this was definitely one of the most romantic and happiest weekends of my life.

    I like this photo because the sunset behind the arch looks really pretty and for some odd reason the hotel gave us a super nice room with the best view when we booked this trip last minute too. It reminds me that long distance is worth it when you're with someone who you love and loves you as well. And even though we have our fights and issues while long distance, the distance will close one day and all this time will be worth it.

  • Users on here posting pics of themselves as couples and being all romantic and shit. I'm sure they'll get a few upvotes. This pic is of my lover, Bob the potato. Let's see how much love he can receive.

    • Bob, we haven't actually met but I'm sure you're the best.

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    • Um.. Ok sorry well enjoy 😂

    • @Lovemycountryboy Bob and I most definitely will! Thanx! :D

  • I was on vacation with my boyfriend in Stockholm. The first day we had spent walking around in shops, and the second day we wanted to spend doing more tourist-y things. Like see the sunken ship at Vasa museum, visit the castle etc. We walked around pretty much everywhere, and the weather was really bad. It was rainy, cold and windy. At some point I started to get hangry, and I was annoyed at my boyfriend for not trusting my navigation skills (I’d been to Stockholm plenty of times before, and I had google maps to help me on my phone too). He’d also been pretty stressed the whole day because he wanted to do as many tourist-y things as possible and our day was packed with activities.
    I got more and more hangry, but luckily we stumbled upon a good restaurant that my boyfriend had found online. The decor was very cozy and inviting, kind of reminded me of an old English pub. Immediately when stepping into it, I could feel my nerves calming down. But I was still hungry, and wet from the drizzle outside. We ordered some tapas and a pulled pork burger. It. Was. So. Good. With every bite I could feel my mood getting so much better, and my boyfriend seemed to light up too.
    It was a nice moment, this moment of clarity. We’d been running around all day and we were so tired, that we’d almost forgotten to just take a breath and enjoy ourselves. And words honestly can’t describe how good that pulled pork burger was. It was EXACTLY what I needed. I still think longingly about it, even though it’s been over a year since I had it.
    We walked out of that place so happy, ready to explore more of the city before heading home with the boat.
    On the surface, it might not seem like the most romantic experience. But the restaurant was so cozy, and we had such a nice time there. It’s crazy how some food can change your mood with the snap of a finger, and how it made us go from grumpy and tired people to two ol’ heart-eyed softies.

    • Oh, and the restaurant was called The Hairy Pig Deli. Located in Gamla stan. Just amazing ❤️

  • She loved it!!!

  • Shortly after me and my husband first got engaged, we had an adventure, he took me to wurstfest we ended up staying out all night, we decided to watch the sunrise on devil's backbone this is us there, I know we look like hell but again we stayed out all night drinking so it was what it was lol

  • I don’t upload photos of myself or anything very personal but I can share this.

    It’s just a picture of an unmade bunk bed. But it was here, where I sat on the bottom bunk of this bunk bed on a cold night in New York, where my love asked me to marry him.

    Pardon the mess.

  • I don't have photo but a suggestion; competition will only be fair if you disable Influencer badges for this case because those opinions will stay on top and will easily receive upvotes

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    • As per my observation and understanding. It's because of Number of upvotes.
      At present when you LOG OUT.
      Cammy137 is top in guys. He is not influencer but his opinion is on Top because 25 upvote.

      llorando who is also a influencer but still his Opinion is not on Top.

      Regarding female Influencers like PrincessPie and witherwing they are on top not because of their Influencer Badge but because of their popularity.

      Following is a feature that allows you to customize your Live Feed, as well as all of the other content pages. By using the different filters you can choose to see only the activity related with members or topics you follow.

      More Followers leads to More Upvotes in online communities.

      They are on top not because of their Influencer Badges but because of thumbs up given by other G@GERs.

      In nutshell benifit of Celebrity Badge which they deserve.

      If someone is Influencer in other categories it doesn't mean that you are Influencer in Valentine's Day Category.

    • @GirlsAskGuys its 15 February today. Who's the winner?

  • My boyfriend treating me to brunch at the cutest coffee shop in Barcelona, where we met up for the first time after nearly 3 years of talking via online. I recommend this place, it is called “Satan’s Coffee Corner”.

    • Aw that's kinda whimsical.. Barcelona of all places! Are you guys doing an LDR?

    • Yes we are! I am going to Amsterdam this summer to see him (he’s Dutch lol).

  • This was my Valentine’s Day last year, with my ex fiancé I have deleted most of our photos (this was on the day), and even though we ended on very bad terms he did make me happy at the time, we went for a meal and stayed in a hotel together and had a really nice day, This year I am single 😭 and will be scoffing chocolates alone 💝😜😊

    • Give me some chocolate pfft

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    • @Halucinator Haha aww thank you :) but 16 is a little young for me! :P

    • Agh well don't they say that age doesn't matter?😂😂

  • Pics

  • Fortunately at present I am #happy #single No plans to Mingle in near future. Never kissed any girl. Never went to date still giving dating tips to shy girls and teen girls.

    Subtle Dating Tips for Teen Girls. - Being a Good Indian ↗

    Subtle Tips for Shy Girls - Being a Good Indian. ↗

    Never indulged in sexual activity still giving sex advice.

    😘 Fascinating Facts About Sex 😉 ↗

    Never proposed any girl because never felt that connection with whom I can indulge in relationship. Probably because for me meaning of Relationship is something different. Emotional Connection is must. Check out my Take.

    Ways To Make Love To Your Partner Without Having Sex ↗

    Though I am fair still I write Takes to motivate females who face racism

    The Inspirational Journey of Anok Yai ↗

    No one can make us feel happy and loved unless we create the space for it inside by practicing self-love. I love myself and expect same from my future wife whomsoever she might be. I love my family and my country though people Criticise it but I am living here and I am knowing the reality.


    I avoid attaching my photos because lots of trolls. Any Guesses? I want to share one photo with GirlsAskGuys Community. One of the Happy Couple of GirlsAskGuys.

    G@GERS please mention their username.

  • That romantic time when my dog and I howled/cried, out of loneliness, to the Lunar Eclipse.

  • It's not that romantic, but so memorable because we're in a long distance relationship. We were going to some lectures, learning something new about life and having fun together.

  • One time I was really sick and saw a guy with some bananas, I asked him where he bought them, he gave them to me. He started coming with bananas everyday as we shared an apartment together along with other people. I was cold one night and while he tried to keep me warm, we ended up fucking, then he told his friends and they started taking bananas to me thinking I'd fuck them too, but I didn't. Then they all hated me, the end. This is a true story and part of why I hate men.

    • 😂 haha oh my god I'm so sorry. Some guys can be idiots

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    • @errorgoodnameunfound First of all I didn't fuck anyone over bananas, he was being nice and stuck around me for days when no one else came to check if I was dead. Didn't I say I was very sick? He and I developed a thing by the way, it was not one night.

    • Ok good. That actually makes me way beyond relieved I guessed wrong as I would rather there not be a another predator on the loose. Glad you actually developed a bond, however, he reeeeaaally needs to be careful about his friends then. You say it's part of why you hate men. I'm sure there are good other reasons, but I sincerely doubt you hate men as much as you say as you are still talking to me and seem to still be ok with the original guy. I think you just said that out of annoyance more. I'd really be careful saying that on this site unless you want your notifications blow up with trolls.

  • When I saved this guy's life. His name is Simba, 6 years old and ex owner tried to kill him. We just took this dog to our car and this was our first meeting. I could've see the pain in his eyes but it's my favorite photo ever because that dog was like my child, my best friend and he saved my life too, just different way. He died last year and I'm broken, don't think I'll forget him

  • Haven't seen my brother for 3 years since he left for boarding school. This is our first day together back and we played foot golf together as a team on Valentine's day and won against local friends. Brother connection too strong

  • My boyfriend and I had our first date on Valentine's Day last year, we went into the city and strolled by the river, went to an arcade, and gave each other gifts. It was our first kiss too. And when it got darker we sat on the bridge and watched the sun setting over the river. It was magical

  • When I took this photo I knew from then he is the one lol :)

  • when i went to the grand canyon in September. i don't have a romantic valentine but going with family was also nice and gave off romantic feelings. i kept thinking about bringing my future love to a place like this. and one day i will.

  • My valentines partner is something like this:

    But for privacy reasons I highly respect *her preference* to remain private and I will not post a picture of her real self. But I'm going to make so much love 💕 to her when I get back home today late. So sorry, I can't show off.

    I also have this beauty by Me at all times:

    Who would have thought, that the thing, that I was looking for was with me all along since birth? I have realized this very late but hey, it's still better late than never, right? ❤

    This beauty is getting all dolled up for me 😍

    This is going to be our good valentines day 💞😍

    Happy valentines day everyone!

  • We met on the internet, talked for a long time. Even started our relationship and this the first time I met her. This was 3 months after already being in the relationship. Being in a long distance relationship this moment and day meant a lot and so does the picture.

  • Our Valentine's Day is so precious... We can mingle and crumple in the bed and feel each other's fur...

  • Did i do it right?

  • Welp that's the love of my life.

    P. S.: Both of the hands are mine!

  • Eating some pizza while listening to kiss me by sixpence none the richer then proceeding to watch she’s all that since i got the song from that movie

  • My husband and I in the Mayan Riviera last year, at an all-inclusive adults only resort, a perfect place for couples to go!

  • My love only belongs to them

  • This Valentine's Day I'm going to do something that I haven't really had the chance to do😏😏😉
    Watch anime in a dark room!!! Ahh I can feel the love already

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    • Yess anyone that wants to join can!!

    • Can't do it too soon, but at some point it'd be fun as hell. Rabb. it takes bandwidth though and can be slow so like Scar says BE PREPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAREDDDD

  • Pic i took the day bae broke up with me over snapchat (on my birthday btw). Probably the most romantic thing in our entire 6 month relationship.

    • What a fuckwit they're to do it on your birthday

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    • Sorry about that

    • It's cool. I recently found out he tried to cheat on me with my friend too because he's a loser who only cares about losing his virginity lol

  • one of the best days of my life. Every time i see this pic makes me feel as if it was just taken yesterday. we celebrated our first valentines day then.

  • I don't have a pic but for our 5th anniversary my boyfriend booked a surprise trip to this dome glamping thing. We exchanged gifts and he had written vows on a sticky note and we both signed it and framed it. He then had a letter saying he was ready to share finances with me and his password for everything and his bank pin. It was a big step for him.

  • Literally the first day we met I snapped this photo I acted like I was bored but I had the biggest crush on her

  • When my fiancé made last Valentine's Day the best day I thought I would ever have & the most amazing day! he took me out and spent the hole day with me and surprise me with the best proposal I could have ever asked for😊😍 thinking my ring was the best gift he had ever gotten me turns out a few weeks later I was pregnant 🤷🏻‍♀️😍 who knew life could get any better now this Valentine's Day I get to spent with my two boys ❤️

  • My wedding and engagement rings -- we've been married for three years now xx

  • The first time he smiled at me, l was lost in that moment, like it was a daydream.

  • Ice skating at Hampton Court with my long distance boyfriend, it was quite magical. 😊Even more special cause we don’t get to see each other that much (cause of the 5 hour coach distance). Unfortunately won’t see him for valentines so we’ve already celebrated it a few days ago.

    Posing on ice skates is quite a struggle though I must say 😂 Let alone kissing someone on the cheek, I almost tripped in the second picture.

    Feeling the fierce competition with all the super cute valentines animals however :(

  • That's not fair, what about everyone who is single? Can we have a photo contest too? Maybe a topic like: best way to have fun on valentines day as a single person?

  • My romantic Valentine's days are like this:

  • 13|14
  • How do I stop this post from coming up in my alerts repeatedly? I have nothing to post here since even my recent girlfriend is now and ex and I can't just post a pic here without her permit lol. Who wants to see me sitting alone, playing Fallout NV and eating chips? :P not very vellentiny, let me tell you.

  • The past 5 I’ve spent with this cheeky fella.

    • He wins the most handsome looking fellow!

    • Haha he is! He’s very cuddly and friendly. Loves to be babied!

    • If anyone is feeling lonely I should point out; my lovely cat who adores being included in things also extends to the bedroom. Lock him out; he will break in. He will sit on my boyfriends leg while we “do it” (he hated my ex, used to claw him) so to make single people feel better, he stops us!

      But tbf we both love him cause he’s hilarious.

  • We went to Graffiti Pier in Philly to see the sunset😊

  • I really like this pic with mu girlfriend, is a bit old but I really love it

  • The love of my life

    • Gorgeous cat oml 💕

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    • Beautiful! Is he a Bengal?

    • @Whatthefluff

      Yes, he is a Bengal

  • It was a lovely surprise to come home to

  • This competition discriminates against people who aren't, and don't wish to be in a relationship, yet who would like to win an amazon voucher for taking a good photograph. I am deeply offended!

    • There's a reason I posted a picture of a potato as my submission. Fuck this contest. Cliche and discriminating like you said. Not sure there is a contest for singles to match it either. Doubt it. Even AS SHOWN, there are MORE singles on GAG than couples. Talk about shitty contest ideas.

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    • @Alistayr Anytime, kind sir. xx

  • I ran three and a half miles in the pouring rain of south west England to pick up a ring she’d dropped in the restaurant we stayed at (I didn’t drive and it was too late for buses) and then ran the same distance home for her. She really appreciated it and we stayed dating for another two years

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