Do guys ask girls to be their girlfriend anymore or do it in a diffrent way?

So I don't know my dating life has always been a bit odd. I’ve never been point blank asked to be a guys girlfriend. Never had one do something sweet like my girlfriends guy their guys to do. Then again i’m really not a mushy girlfriend. I’ve recently started dating this new guy we’ve been talking since before Valentine's day and going out since early March. I know it hasn’t been that long but i’ve been starting to wonder what we are. He asked me if I was his boo, and I guess that’s code for girlfriend I don’t know . How do I bring it up with not putting presure on him or making things weird? I mean we text one another all day, or most of the day. We spend a lot of time together well the time that we get cause we live a bit away. Skype often, have sex, the other night I made dinner for him. I don't know I mean i’m not ready for marriage or anything like that but with my relationships in the past have been too messy and complicated. Now I just would like a steady boyfriend that I can have sex with and do boyfriend/girlfriend sh*t with and be a better girlfriend too. SO how do most guys have that will you be my girl talk?


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  • IF you aren't sure you should find out what is going on. I don't know what Boo means either, IS that a girlfriend, is that an FWB?

    What does it mean to be a boo? Even if you two are dating by his standards, what does that in itsself mean? Dose that mean he can have sex with other people? Does that mean you can have sex with other people?

    What is being in a relationship with him going to be like?

    You really should have a talk, just to know what is going on, and what the rules and boundaries are if you are in fact dating.

    Your idea of a relationship can be completely different than his idea of a relationship.

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    Honestly, a lot of guys that try to go exclusive end up dealing with ridiculous changes overtime that can cause a girlfriend to run away. Like things getting "too deep" and such. I can be friends with a girl, then even slightly hint that I want something more and she can end up getting so awkward, avoidant, etc. He may not want that from you. Plus a lot of girls have guys constantly hitting on them and not committing can allow him to be mentally free of any hurt that may come.

    The thing is, girls never seem to realize that their interest in the guy can lower so much of the questions and allow the guy to move further. Too many girls miss out on great guys simply for following the same old protocol of waiting, waiting, and waiting. Then when the guy moves on they wonder why he doesn't text anymore, is "busy," etc.

    Just be up front about what is going on. Do something before he considers another person.

    • cause I mean we text each other all day, we act just like a couple . He treats me so good, like he’s the first good guy i’ve ever fount that’s willing to put up with me getting hit on a lot. It’s just I don't know I need some clairification ya know? Don’t wanna be loyal to just him when I can be with someone who will be just loyal to me. Never had to bring it up and talk about it , don’t wanna look stupid ya know?

  • I would say it's pretty old-fashioned. Times change.

    I've always referred to my girlfriend, and each of my exes, as 'my girlfriend', etc. If after a few dates, I like a girl, I make sure to tell her that I want her to be 'my girlfriend'. But a lot of guys don't do that. In fact, I can't remember the last time I heard another guy use the words 'my girlfriend', though I hear girls say 'my boyfriend' a lot.