Why is she so nervous around me?

Why is she so nervous around me? I try talking to this girl but she seems very nervous. I'm very calm, cool, smiling and friendly toward her. She comes off as very compulsive when I'm around like acting weird. She doesn't always look me in the eye except when she talks to me. Then she'll mention stuff that I have that she doesn't like or why did I pick it. Its too bad because I really like her too. If I go over to her and just talk, she kinda just keeps carrying on...

Thanks for the answers, ultimate question(s). Should I still go see/talk to her? I normally go every day (its on the way home for work and I look at deals), or should I break up in seeing her every other day? Twice/thrice a week?

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  • Haha! I bet she is just nervous. Don't compelety give up on her yet. :P

    Maybe if you say something stupid or just be kinda' like loose then she will feel more like she can loosen up. :)

  • there are really basically 2 possibilities. she is either REALLY into you too, and is just super nervous, or she isn't into you and is trying to send you a message. I'd try and flirt with her and make her laugh. You should casually be like "me you and some friends should go see a movie sometime" and see how she responds. if she says no, she is most likely not into you.

  • That's how I act... Yes, I know it sucks and in the name of all girls who do this, I'm sorry! ^^'

    Of course, that's how I act when I have a crush on someone...

  • idiot, she's into you

    yes go talk to her!

    gosh! why are men so blind!

    well, I guess to you we are too...

    id really like some fullproof way to know if a guy likes you,...do you know any?

    • BTW I'm not referring to the Op.

    • Some of us aren't as blind as you'd like to think. Many of us guys have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect. She might think he's an idiot for not making a move when in-fact she simply doesn't realize that she blew the whole thing ages ago and he's moved-on. He might screw-up and decide to sleep with her, but not without the cognitive dissonance. There are plenty of women out there who know how to love and respect men so we don't feel the need to settle for just anyone.

    • I think that's what he's asking though, is how can he break the ice with this girl if she keeps it frozen?

  • well are yo REALLY confused or are you just wanting confirmation because you think she likes you lol

    i only ask because that is just very typical behavior of someone that feels dominated by being in crush land

    i mean I've been there & I hated it, & I did t look at him unless he was talking or I was talking because I did not want to come of as a pervert lo

    have you ever stared at someone while you are not talking , its a bit creepy plus, my eyes are intense , people always think I mean more than I do expression wise, however tis guy it would all be true

    it was like being slightly electrocuted every time I saw him

    it was painfully difficult for me to talk to him, I HATED that, & it was really helpful when he started getting the picture tat if he talked to me, it made it easier for me to talk, but also that my NOT talking was not a sign that I did not want to talk to him, & eventually he seemed to accept that...

    initially he got mad because he thought I was ignoring him, then he thought I was just not interested & THEN he thought that I was playing game a & then he just thought I had nothing to say - as a defense against feeling used & or unappreciated

    ( I hope- well on one ever thought before & its an odd thing to say if you mean it lol)

    So keep talking to her..

    also, how close are you to not talking to her, I mean were you going to stop if yo did not get confirmation from people here?

    how long have you known her?


    lol. but ya...um...did you konw? she likes you? seriously I can't stress enough. I'm exactly like this (except I don't say mean stuff, I don't say nething at all) to this guy I like nd I wish he would know DAMNIT I DO LIKE YOU, NOW BE A MAN AND COME OVER HERE!

  • GOd, that's just like me, but when I talk I don't say mean stuff, but I have trouble meeting his eye whiling talking too.. well if she is like me, I would say she is way into you...> AND is also very selfconscious... she might think that you don't like her.. ok?

  • She Likes You But Doesn't Find The Way To Express It

    She Gets Nervous Being So Close To You And She

    Doesnt Know What She's Saying

  • well its probably because she likes you and doesn't know how to react because she does like you.. or maybe she's just weird lol. maybe if she is acting weird maybe don't talk to her for a day or so and then see if she comes and talk's to you.. if she likes you she will come talk to you because she would be wondering why your not talking to her and then by her approching you she may not be so nervous cause she would already know what she is going to say.. just a segestion :) good luck bud

  • It sounds like she really likes you

  • that girl sounds a lot like me...im really shy. to make her really want yo maybe try not really talk to her for a day then she will be thinking about you. It may not seem like she doesn't really like you but she probobly does. I'm the same way. I just don't know what to say to a guy. whatever you do font be a jerk. you may think its just flirting but its really a big turnoff.


  • It depends, I mean maybe the girl is just shy. Because I remember when this guy liked me and I liked him, he became more confidnet than me, and I was really shy, so until he asked me out I was like, okay I'm not as shy as I was before. So SHE MIGHT HAVE A CRUSH YOU !

  • She doesn't like you, she is not interested in you, stop harassing her, leave her alone and get your own life. If someone ignores you, it DOES NOT mean they like you!

  • She has a huge, huge, huge crush on YOU.

  • I bet she has a big crush on you... but the thing is that she seems to be TERRIBLY SHY, which makes she act so weird around you. She likes you, but she is afraid that she will act stupid or sound stupid, so she ends up looking weird, cause she is too afraid of what you will think of her that she tries hard to don't do anything "stupid".

    She SURE likes you!

  • I agree, It's DEFINITELY because she likes you. She's just being shy. I'm really shy too and when I really like a guy I also get all stiff and am not myself, I tell myself that I'm just playing "hard to get" but I really just end up coming accross as being cold and unapproachable. It sucks and it's not easy to break through it, but just keep trying to be as easy going as possible. If you like her as much as you say you do, don't be afraid to let her know how you feel either. Sometimes all it really takes is for a guy to act like a man and show a girl that he cares about her without worrying about what other people think about him. Even if it means acting like a bit of a dork or just showing her, even more, that you are a real person and approachable. It definitely would work for me, there have been tons of guys who have liked me, but didn't do anything about it. I may be old fashioned, but It's not attractive when the guy has to be chased after.

  • It is because she likes you and is afraid for you to know I been through that onces but it was a long time ago all you have to do is be patient she will get out of her shell and she does not want to know she looks at you other times

  • Even I do the same when I like a guy, trying hard to be a different me. She being nervous in front of you means you mean more to her. Try giving your attention to some other girl you'll get all the answers.

    I can bet she thinks about you all day.

  • it sounds to me that she really likes you. I used to be the same around guys that I liked. I over analysed everything that I did, this was probably the opposite to what I should have done because I usually just ended up making a huge idiot of myself. lol. just try and make her feel as comfortable as possible around you. seeing her often may help with this because you become more familiar to her and she'll see you as a normal everyday part of her life.

  • give her some space and maybe she really likes you 2. and yes you should see her every other day

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    Because she wants you.

  • If by acting weird you mean giggly and then shy she likes you. Well if you recall the playgrounds of elementary schools boys and girls made fun of each other play fought and tormented each other and beneath the surface they of course had crushes on each other. This behavior never quite goes away tease her back make fun of her a little as long as its not too harsh she will know that this is flirting and not just friendship. Girls are weird like that. Partly its because attractive girls are used to guys just giving compliments and that gets boring. Then ask her out don't wait too long. If she says no its not a big deal even if it feels like it is. She sent you signals so she should expect that and there are plenty of other girls out there good luck.

  • there is a lot of reasons.

    shy girls are shy for a reason..

    maybe somiething happened in her past that is keeping here in that shell

    theres a good post on shy girls on this blog

    here you go


    i hope it helps

  • It sounds like she likes you. Otherwise why would she be nervous?

    However, it REALLY sounds like she's projecting this image of a "perfect guy" onto you and then gets mad when you don't fit into that mold. I would probably stay away.

  • I was after a girl who behaved this way. For years. She's not interested. She's nervous, but probably because she doesn't know how to let you know she's not interested. If you are clear, then she can be too.

    "Look at deals" ? If you visit her at work and she works in retail, then she has to be nice, but she's got nowhere to run if she doesn't like you.

    If you want to be sure:

    Tell her that you like shy girls who say weird stuff because they're nervous. It's so cute. It's a good sign that they'll be really sweet when you get to know them better.

    Then if she keeps saying wack stuff to you say "awww...you say the cutest little things!"

    • Bringing up her break is an opening for you to ask her when she's taking it. And meeting her during it. She'll flow a bit more when she feels re-assured. Don't do it too much, or she'll feel that you see her as socially disfunctional.

    • Yeah she's been making attempts to talk to me. After I asked her she was saying that all this bleach spilt on her (that I was buying). A few days ago, I was buying cherries, and her attitude always changes around me, she comes off as chipper. I asked how she was doing, she said good. She said she can't wait to go on her break since she needed it.

    • She'll be less inhibited about saying stuff to you, because she will feel re-assured rather than feeling that she is going to look stupid.

      If she makes more attempts to talk to you, then express you're intent verbally. "I'd love to go see a movie with you, is there anything you're interested in seeing at the moment?" NOT "do something, sometime" - YOu gotta have a plan dude.

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