Is she worth waiting for?

Last year I met an amazing girl that has a rough history with relationships and trust issues because of something that happened, well I ended up doing something that I've always been scared of, I fell in love. Well we talked like every day for about 3 months then we started dating, we dated for about 3-4 months but broke up because we were always arguing and what not and got into a huge fight...she wasn't ready for a real relationship and doesn't want anything to hold her back and some horrible things were said between the 2 of us and we finally started talking again in October. but the thing is she goes through these spurts where shell talk to me and want to hang out, then pretty much ignore the fact that I exist for about 2-3 days. finally I turned the tables on her a few weeks ago...i played her games and go figure all hell broke loose. we finally just agreed to talk about it and her and I both admitted that we still have very very deep feelings for each other and want to get back together but she wants to get through high school first because I leave for boot camp in like 2 weeks and she doesn't want to commit to a relationship yet because she wants to focus on her senior year at the moment but she told me that when I get back from boot camp which will be about the same time she graduates she wants to get back together and she'll commit herself to me. but here's the catch, I told her that I'm more than willing to wait on her because I really do love her, but in my eyes if I'm willing to wait for her then I don't think its fair to me for her to go on her stupid little spurts. we went out on our first date since July this weekend, and we spent Xmas together, but she's ignored me for like the past 2-3 days for w/e reason. its irritating. so my question is, is it really worth waiting on? or am I just second guessing myself?