6 Reasons Why I'm Giving Up On These So-Called "Men" (For a While)

I'm not dumb enough to say I'm swearing off guys entirely. I'm sure I'll want to be with someone again at some point in my life. But for now, let's just say I'm sick and tired of the whole thing.

I see a lot of myTakes on here from guys who are bitching and whining about how women treat them (and in fact, all men), which has resulted in a whole lot of pro-MGTOW posts and "it's the woman's fault that she won't go out with me." What a steaming load of self-loathing, defeatist, pathetic bullshit.

THIS right here is one of the big reasons why I'm giving up on guys. Maybe when they start acting like real men again, I can give it another try. Anyway, let's start here-

6. I've learned how to be content by myself

There was a time when I couldn't do it at all. If I wasn't with a boyfriend, my girl friends, or family, I'd be a basket-case. I was one of those people who'd have the TV on during the day if I was home alone and I wasn't going to be seeing anyone that day. I'd call people just so say "hi" so I could hear someone else's voice. I had difficulty entertaining myself and felt anxious and depressed when I was alone.

But I'm past that. I've developed a few hobbies - yeah, more of you should try that - and I've found that having some "me time" is incredibly healthy and therapeutic. I now love my "me time."

5. I think guys might be even more narrow-minded than they were when I was younger...

Is that even possible? I mean, sure, there's the eternal stereotype that guys only care about one thing, but I never really started to believe it until this year. I just think men are so hell-bent on the sexual relationship and how a woman looks that they can't see anything else. I know guys - especially around here - accuse girls of being superficial and materialistic; i.e., they're "all about looks" but honestly, I'm seeing that in men more often. Their excuse for not wanting to date anybody who isn't drop-dead gorgeous is, "oh, I have a right to want what I want."

Yeah, well, so do I. And you guys are just getting dumber and even more obsessed with sex than you ever were before. I don't know how you managed it, but you did.

4. I'm not a FemiNazi or even a feminist so stop treating me as if I'm OPPRESSING you!

I'm especially tired of this crap. It's as if every guy today has their FemiNazi radar beeping like mad, and they're going to grill you about your allegiances before they agree to date you. The instant you say anything even remotely resembling independence or maturity (which aren't gender-specific, by the way), they're quick to fire off the labels and run away. I believe an age gap exists in certain scenarios and no, I don't believe a woman should be paid more, or should be given a job, just because she's a woman. I wouldn't vote for Clinton just because she's a woman.

Stop fucking pigeonholing me!

3. Sex isn't just about you, believe it or not

Yeah, I know, another stereotype: all men are selfish in bed. They're not, I know they're not. They just seem to be getting more selfish as time goes on and furthermore, they're starting to use sex as a relationship WMD. If you don't put out enough, you're ignoring him. If you have enough sex, he wonders if you're only doing it to appease him. He believes foreplay isn't really necessary after a certain amount of time together and frankly, he's "had a long day" so the sex should be about him. I've yet to meet a guy who was more worried about my pleasure than his own.

Selfish doesn't even begin to describe it. And really, guys...maybe take some lessons or something. The last few guys I was with were just terrible.

2. I find I hit goals faster and easier when single

Call it whatever you want but it's true. At least for me. If I set a personal or professional goal, I've found I'm far more likely to hit that goal, and more likely to hit it faster, if I'm not in a relationship. I used to think relationships would only enhance my drive and ambition and productivity and all that. But after enough experience, I've started to notice that it's backwards. Most of the time, the relationship crap just gets in the way and slows everything down. This tended to happen even in the good relationships and there never seemed to be a way around it.

A guy can support me and cheer me on, which I appreciate. But inevitably, my personal goals take a back seat at times. If I want to really get stuff done, it just helps if I'm alone.

1. Guys have just become man-babies

This is what I was leading up to in the intro. Seriously, many of the guys I've encountered recently have just been the biggest bunch of whining losers I've ever met. They whine about everything! They whine about how they can't get girls and when they do get girls, they whine about how much sex they have or just how the girl acts in general. They whine about girls putting too much emphasis on work and then whine when girls work less and expect the guy to pay more. They can find a way to whine about absolutely anything, I swear.

What happened to MEN? Where the hell did they go?! You know what, until they come back, I'm good on my own.


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  • Like seriously what is even up with people? Life is not that hard, being in a healthy happy loving relationship isn't either. Where do you even meet these guys? Because I've never seen these types of people anywhere else other than gag. I feel like it's a self fulfilling prophecy, you go into the world with a certain mindset about others and subconsciously work your way into meeting them just prove your bias is right. Nobody in my life acts lie that, and men have been some of the most amazing, intelligent, and truest of friends I've ever encountered. People are just weird, I'd rather live a life full of love then turning bitter and hating people. The generalizations people use to describe all or most men or women, is the same thing racists do when discussing people they hate. They all are just so, so very stupid.

    • Thank you... While I agree with her on SOME men blaming everyone else... Isn't she doing the same?

    • @SmokemJay She is yeah. Within the first paragraph she contradicted herself. I don't really see her as being much different than the MGTOW guys.

    • I agree. She's obviously doing something wrong like those MGTOW fags and instead of addressing it she's just turning in a WGTOW... just saying lol...


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  • You're 31, in a couple years your vagina would be more dry than a barbie's vagina, so you better stop acting like those men you're complaining about.

    • Barbie's have vagina's? They must have changed since I was a 5 year old looking under the skirts of my sisters Barbies.

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    • @lovemedammit Yeah, but acting like a little baby isn't gonna help her either.

    • @lovemedammit
      Yes, the sexual market value of women declines in proportion with their age.

  • I'm sorry for your loss of respect of my entire gender, pretty.
    Sincerely, I understand the cumulative damage a series of terrible experiences can inflict on an ideologically-optimistic mind.
    Right now, I know you'll find it very difficult to accept some of the wisdom offered to you here. Some of the responses are profoundly relevant, however I'm not here to point them out to you. I am here to plead for your own sake. Please, revisit this thread frequently, once you can honestly consider what has been contributed. Of course, distinguishing what addresses your issues will be the challenge. Your degree of self-honesty is the only gauge that will serve you. When you can grasp the reason in a remark that deeply disturbs you, only then will you feel the overwhelming weight burdening you now, evaporate into a rush of realizations and epiphanies that oddly... make sense. In spite of what you may have wanted to interpret from them.
    I am a Man that is confident in reassuring you, there are those among us that possess a much broader scope of understanding, patience, consideration... and the capacity to passionately and unconditionally Love a Woman, than you have yet to be exposed to. Just as with the loss of a close friend or relative, you're grieving for a loss in your life you had much stake in.
    If you can retain that perspective, ascending it's gradual and defined steps, as the process Grief is, the isolation you feel from your Hope abandoning you, will eventually assume a manageable state that you can finally poke your head up from.
    A brighter World awaits you.
    If you can not rise above the anger from your loss of Hope, you will make no such healing transitions, in a process that Human Nature took hundreds of thousands of years to perfect.
    Please, let it work FOR you, pretty. Don't fight to retain a bitterness, when you feel it begin to slip away.

  • I don't blame you, most of these MGTOW types and men in general are complete pussies.

    • How are you not a pussy? Please explain.

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    • Do you have a girlfriend?

      I see a lot of, especially young, females with a very inflated opinion of themselves. But maybe I just focus on them too much and ignore the good ones.

      I think a lot of the MGTOW theories make sense and I am not a basement dwelling virgin.

      The unrealistic hypergamy standard makes a lot of sense, but just so happens that I might fit it due to financial resources by sheer luck (rich dad who could invest in my business). I have had periods in my past where many women liked me, so it is not all out of resentment, either.

      I feel bad for guys who fell in "love" and ended up with their lives ruined by divorce courts by the "love of their life," because she decided to change personalities one day.

      My dad gives $4,000,000/year to an ex-wife who cheated on him constantly.

    • @BigBallerSodaPop

      Yeah I have a girlfriend and kids and we plan to get married eventually.

      I know there are a lot of women who are no good, and the legal system is definitely unfairly biased against men. I just think that avoiding women altogether and claiming that they're all bad is just silly and a bit over the top. You just have to be more careful of who you choose to date and look out for red flags. MGTOW would say that any woman can use it against you and that it's always a risk but that's just like a feminist saying that any man can use his physical strength to rape them, we could but the idea that most of us would is obviously ridiculous, and you'd call a woman who avoided us because of that crazy right? Well the same goes for those guys. Just don't date a nutcase.

      Many women don't have unrealistic standards either. MGTOW only say that because they don't fit them. It's the same thing as fat feminists complaining that the women men want have unrealistic bodies.

  • Take responsibility for making bad decisions about the guys you date instead of whining like a fiver-year-old girl on a school playground.

    How different is your post from those you are taking aim at? A typical example of a frying pan telling the pot your bottom is black.

    I hope writing this post has helped release the hurtful steam you sustained from your serial breakups.

    Don't forget that the same guys you are griping about are equally being hailed and praised by other women right now. Afterall, another woman's loss is another woman's gain.

  • First and foremost, I can get the amount of lame guys out there, I think it's just the time and period of how things are changing and for whatever reason you are right there's alotta man babies out there. Second, the simple fact you used ALL men in the parenthese is just half wrong. Wrong because you have not dated ALL men to come into that conclusion, BUT from ALL the men you have dated then yeah you are right. There is a huge problem with a lot of guys not all that don't have a higher level of emotional intelligence to put someone instead of themselves first. They still want to put themselves as number ones but when you are in a r/s there has to be a equal level and a communication between both guy and girl that BOTH are going to put the other first. That way you have someone looking out for your best interest as you are doing the same for them. I may seem like I am on a high horse, but I am not. I am just saying that there are a lot of circumstantials that go into play here. The level and ease of having access to instant gratification with techonology, girls being more open to express their sexuality, wanting more equality, there's too many double standards on both genders, media only construing and spewing out more bullcrap and people not being smart enough with common sense to know what's real and what's not... there's sooo many more subjects to hit. Trust me it's not just you! There's a huge gap as far as education as well, like girls getting education done at a faster rate than girls and moving into career positions where some guys are not going to higher education, focusing on other things that they deem more important. Lastly, taking time for yourself I applause you that is a positive thing but it can become a negative if you let it. Too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing... I feel I am going off topic so I will stop now.

  • You say your not a feminist but everything you've said here parrots the feminist line that men have had shoved down their throats since the late 1960's. Almost 50 years of feminist social engeneering has made it almost impossible for men and women to form lasting long term marrage committments. As Pat Benetar said back in the early 1980's, "No promises, no demands". In one sentance, Pat Benetar spelled out the new rules quite clearly to a clueless generation of baby boomers. It's taken 35 years, but now these young guys have finally gotten the memo. At this point, our moral compass has fallen so low that right now it really is just all about the sex, so deal with it.

    If your job is that great and so important to you then don't evpect some knight in shining armor to ride in and sweep you off of your feet because a real man doesn't give a damn about your job and he sure as hell doesn't need your money. If you can't be a good mother for his kids and committ to that end 100% then a real man has no use for you. If you choose this lifestyle then expect "No promises, no demands".

  • Maybe the problem is that you only find yourself attracted to losers. Maybe there are real men and the one who's scared of commitment is you.

  • This is the most ironic mytake on this website I've ever seen. Everything you complained about with men, women do a hundred times worse. you're obviously bitter and lonely since you are whining so much, modern western women are the most entitled, spoiled, irresponsible and pathetic bunch of babies in human history. So its no wonder you can't find any man, because most of us are just interested in banging you without commitment. Until you all start acting like grown ups again most men are not going to be interested in dating you seriously and you can completely forget about marriage.

  • Don't worry, you're no catch either.

  • Your go-girl-power-men-are-babies mind set is fleeting. With age comes maturity and earned perspective so this too shall pass. Society has programmed us against our natural instincts and everyone is suffering. All vent it differently; e. g. this my-take/article and possibly the “men’s whining” my-takes/articles you mention. Unfortunately, this trend of social degradation will continue until some worldwide life-changing event occurs. Hang on and hope for the best when it happens.

  • Yes and I have had enough of womanbabies like your self whining about men. www.google.co.uk/imgres

  • umm does this article PROVE that she is the problem? she won't lift a FINGER to solve her own issues... im going to use my favorite word here i reserve for my favorite people. someone get this cunt out of here. people like here are why this world is fucked up. she is oppressed and men are more narrow minded? i dont see her in a fucking kitchen bitch. where the hell is this oppression she speaks of. im sick of these dumb ass bitches who seem to think that gods green earth *not religious* was designed for them and that all the oceans shall part for their mostly ugly asses. we have to read these bull shit articles about body shaming because they are too dam lazy to go exercise, yet have to read all these articles about how men are getting lazy and should pick up the slack. so men MUST be in shape to find a mate, but women just need a hole and tits and good to go ship them to the glue factory... im not even going to finish this, my blood pressure went up just thinking about all the dumb bitches and their shopping lists/create a bear lists and other bull shit they pull. the world is designed for them and they still complain complain complain about how something is not fair. what isn't fair? i know life isn't fair... we dont have tits and can't flash them around and get away with everything but do u see us crying about it? holy fuck. im guessing some of these guys she talks about are chick "frames" 98 pounds when wet. look just like girls but lacking the parts. thats not a tranny joke thats a joke about them being little boys not grown ass men.

  • I totally agree on your take... I know I'll get all those down votes , but I know your right. Great question !!

  • If you give up on man at age 31 , and live aloof or lonely for a while , you may realize that you are at 40 and still single. They id you do find your true partner , you may find that you are no more able to conceive. Because women can go into menopause any time after 40 . So be aware of this fact , and reconsider your decision. All men are not how you perceive them to be. You might find a good man who could treat you well. Just try to find that right man. I understand your feelings with your past lovers. But things could be different this time.. May be your right man is just waiting for you to approach him. Meet him and fall in love.

  • You presented a reasoned argument.
    As a MGTOW, I respect your decision.

  • Become a lesbian. You'll find out than women are even worse.

  • The best time to step away is when you recognize you've made a mistake somewhere and need to change, because then you comeback better. An improved you that can be more successful in love and life. By pointing to something outside of yourself to blame your problems on, only shackles you. Because you keep repeating the same mistakes with new people over and over. Because "they're the problem", you're not doing anything wrong. You're "perfect".

    If you never reach the point of realizing you need to change, then no matter what guys you meet down the road. They will always be the source of your problems. Why? Because you made it so.

  • actually the real way of asking this is.
    "where are all the REAL WOMEN?''
    it seems your all dumb bitches who dont have compassion and dont see how cruel you dumb fucks are.
    so go ahead stay single no one will ever love you. anyways.

  • That seems totally reasonable and I agree with basically everything, those are all great reasons to not be interested in guys. Maybe you're spending too much time reading about dating on the internet though? I NEVER meet guys like what you're describing in real life, the only places I encounter them are on this site and on youtube! lol.

    I've noticed #2 is true for me too, I've accomplished so much in the last year while being single the whole time. Nobody is bothering me for attention or asking me to help them with something when I'm trying to study or get someting done at work.

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  • Clearly the men of GaG are hurt by your words. :p

    Anyways- taking a break sounds like a good idea.

  • You haven't given up on men, you've given up on boys. From the above it seems as though you haven't had the pleasure of dating a man to be honest.

  • Men on GAG are appearantly the most emotional whiners out there lol, if men are like that in real life then we should all go homo!! 😃

  • HAHAHAHA Good Lawd! If I could crown you the queen of mytakes for the month JUST FOR THIS, (and I had that say) I definitely would!

    Can't agree more on every syllable in here... Unconsciously, I've done the same. For now.


  • I've noticed a lot of this too!! But... you can just tell him what you want and need... like if he's a baby, show him how not to be. At least in bed lol

    Srsly, you can just show people how to get what you want from them, both in and out of bed.

  • wow by the responses of guys, it looks like they don't like when its switched on them. its damning how inconsiderate they are when they make the same mytakes on us; making shit about why they don't like marriage and how women changes, bitching about how their "going their own way", we have to sit there and read the shit and are expected to understand when their talking bad about us. then they shut us down when we try and tell them all our perspectives, they tell us we're wrong afterward. they should eat this shit up just like we have to without it coming back up their fucking whining ass windpipes!

  • THANK YOU!!! PREACH!!! Real men have just all gone. The most fucking annoying thing that they do, at least with me, is when they assume I hate them all of a sudden. They have the need to "assume" things so much. And then whine about why I won't talk to them anymore. Have a good guess, no it's not because you like a different ice cream flavor than me. Like whaaaat? There doesn't always have to be something wrong, sometimes people just don't connect! Why you gotta blame me for everything? Grow up, it's 2016!

  • I have to agree with #2. I have my ambitions and I don't want to get distracted. The wrong kinds of men will try to sabotage whatever you want to do if it doesn't revolve around them:(

  • I can already see you in 4 years. You'll be whining "where have all the good men gone?".

    • I see that a lot in both my professional and personal life.

  • Good take. I hope men actually read and think instead of writing some of the labels they love to toss around. if their feelings get hurt suddenly we're feminazi's 😞

  • I agree. Yes there are women who also do this, but there is a lot more men that complain about a lot smaller things then women complain about. I do think there is a higher percentage of women hating men on this site then men hating women.

  • good topic

  • Lmao I agree! But I won't give up men at all. The man babies is very true. They're either gay or complaining why they're still single. Look at the way you dress, act, present yourself to others.

  • I think it's great to take some time for yourself.

  • No one cares. Im still gonna date men because i love having a man by my side. What is up with all these. Takes about how people are shunning the opposite gender? Like no one cares, go ahead and be lonely that's your own fault

  • Men are selfish in bed.

  • https://youtu.be/VQDwhAK95ds
    Im with you there sister. Where are the real men.

    • Part of the problem is that both women and men are downloading and listening to crap music with a terrible like this sick video so clearly exemplifies. Garbage in and garbage out!

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    • I rather enjoyed that video.
      It reminded me of some women whom I have known, who were narcissistic bitches because they were young and beautiful, so they had never experienced the consequences of poor behaviour.
      Seldom are such women called out about their behaviour, so in their world that type of behaviour (by them) becomes normal.
      What I enjoyed and still enjoy when I see it, is when one of those women hits the wall. Fairly quickly, the free drinks, free meals, fawning behaviour by thirsty men and tolerance of obnoxious behaviour by the female ends.
      The tolerance of that sort of behaviour tends to be proportional to a woman's sexual market value, which falls off a cliff by age 35.
      One day they wake up and discover that they are being treated just as everyone else is. They see this as monstrously unjust and begin to become even more hateful toward men in general, because men are no longer worshipping them.
      My level of schadenfreude is near orgasmic.

    • It's bad music...

  • Lmfao these men on G@G are a bunch of whiny babies.

    • It really seems so. Well, she is in fact right then.

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    • Bit like her and most women.

    • Lol at all the mad men

  • Where are the men? There are none. And no, I'm not joking. Feminism won. I'm not saying that's bad or good, I'm just saying it happened. Can't expect guys to be the men of yesteryear when women explicitly sought to destroy the men of yesteryear.

    Frankly, you're looking for something that was intentions dismantled a long time ago. That's why you aren't going to find men. There aren't any to be found.

    • Sad and weird really. But not everyone has changed to fit the new ideals, hard to find im sure, but still there.

    • Well there are some left they just tend to be really masculine and try to put other guys down. You know the type, can't Finnish a sentense before saying you know and wear clothes way to big.

    • Very well said. I couldn't agree more...