Long term boyfriend wants to see other women...Need Advice!!

I've gotten a lot of feed back from girl friends, and although I would love some female feed back, I would really appreciate the feed back of guys. So here's the info, bare with me on this: Situation = My long term boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for two years exclusively. I live in... Show More

We broke it off; thanks for all the advice. This needed to happen.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I have to give him credit for being honest about it, but, ultimately, no one can stand the thought of their significant other wanting to be with other men or women. Personally, I'd have to back out or go insane. It's just not healthy. Love always protects, and this does nothing to protect you, and, in fact, seems to do the opposite. I'd tell him that you love him (if you do, and it sounds like it) and have no desire to be with other men, and can't believe he truly loves you if he doesn't feel the same. Tell him to do as he wished, but that you're not going to wait around for him to play the field. It's either a committed relationship, or it's not. Just my opinion.

    • Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to give me a thoughtful answer; it was very helpful.