9th grader likes 12th grader?

Well I'm a 9th grade boy, I really like this 12th grader. I would do anything for her. She is 4 years older. I'm really confused, I will be really mad if I don't at least try anything... Any advice?


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  • You rarely find girls under 25 going for younger guys. Especially a girl in year 12

    • I know it's weird. I'm trying not to give up. She hugs me a lot and calls me babe.

    • You never know until you give it a try (:


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  • Yea most times guys will go for younger guys but girls don't go for younger guys unless they are just the hottest thing they've ever seen. But usually a 4 year difference is to much. You can always try, it won't hurt but just be aware she might not be interested. Best of luck tho :)

  • No, not at all. 4 years is not a big deal at all. If she's okay with it, then go for it:) Yeah there are going to be people who disagree with the whole situation or even the idea of a 9th grader dating a 12th grader but if you two are happy then everything should be good. Good luck:)

  • It's not totally weird, but if she is 18 then it is illegal for her to do anything with you. Also, keep in mind that in a year she will graduate and go off to college while you will still be in high school, so she might not be interested in a relationship. But you can certainly try! Even if it doesn't work out it will be experience!


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