How do I get my boyfriend to loosen up?

Ok so I'm dating this guy and he is literally amazing, he is so nice and sweet, but he's so nervous around me, when we make out I can literally feel him shaking, when I stayed the night over he slept on the edge of the bed lol. Even if I were to take control of the situation myself he would probably be scared to death. Usually I wait for him to make the first move but when he does I can tell he just goes for it, and it catches me off guard and makes it awkward


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  • LOL. omg. he sounds SO CUTE! :D sigh. sosososo adorable... why don't you talk to him about it? ease into you initiating a bit.

    • He issssss!!! Lol I've sort of initiated before but he pretty much reacts the same way, and I feel like when I talk to him about it he will feel even more embarrassed and nervous

    • :) might just need some time... do you think dimming the lights might help him?

    • We've tried that before and It actually did help a little bit

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  • just set the mood, drink some good wine or beer, what ever you guys prefer, have a nice meal at home, slow music, dress some really sexy lingerie and pretty much just stand in front of him

    • Lol he will probably have a heart attack

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    • Haha yeah that might just work

    • im telling you! go for it:) if he likes you he won't resist it haha

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  • just let him warm up to you dont mention it to him or you might make him more nervous just let him get used to you :)

  • Show him ever things okay , n u love him for him