Is lunch a date?

I am aware that I am old enough to know whether something is a date or not, but I don't! I told a guy casually we should hang out some time. Yanno, just as something you say to someone to end a conversation. He took me quite literally and said we could go out the next week, then we set up what I think was a date? I'm not sure because he said lunch or coffee and I chose lunch. I did actually want to go out with him, I just never thought he'd actually want to.

Anyway now I'm worried that I'm thinking about it as a date while he is thinking about it as a friendly outing. And he keeps specifying that it's lunch.

He's also one of those super friendly guys that has a lot of female friends (he is not gay, trust me). Not even my friend who introduced me is sure if it's a date or not.

Also he asked me out on FB and that's where all our convos take place even though I gave him my number. (I've been an acquaitance of his for a while on fb.)


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  • Aye, communication. Tell him you liked hanging out with him and that your looking for to again. Drop a hint of "who knows it might turn into a date." But say it jokingly.


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  • A lunch can be a lunch or a date depending on what comes after. If you're going out again, good. Maybe it was a date. If it was just to catch up, then it's just an acquaintance lunch. Keeping a good relation. It's also about the kind of conversations you have. Are you casual, or talk about work? Do you talk about personal things and interests? Or is it about some opportunities and initiatives? Is he trying to flirt with you or keeping distance.

    That will tell you if it's a lunch or a date. If you're having elaborate convos on fb, maybe it can venture into a date. Meet up again, and you'll eventually know.


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  • I'd call it a "soft date". Not as formal, kind of a trial run for a more formal date. Or at least that's what I'm getting out of it.


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  • I consider it a date.