Is being innocent a good thing?

A guy I've been texting for awhile really likes me and it's obvious so I asked him why he likes me. He said he thought I was hot and when he started asking his guy friends what they knew about me, he found out how sweet and innocent I am, one even said I must be an angel (I don't curse, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I try hard not to say anything bad about people, and apparently I "look" angelic: blonde hair, pale skin, delicate features). He says he was warned he wasn't my type and he shouldn't waste his time but he said he wanted to try to win me over. (Those are his words not mine.) Then he started calling me cute and innocent all the time and it started to bother me. Why is it such a big deal that every guy he asked called me cute, innocent and sweet but a waste of his time? Are those good traits or bad?


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  • An Innocent girl can be boring and dull to an experienced guy.


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  • Innocent is a good thing as long as it doesn't turn in to trying to be innocent through stupidity


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  • Being innocent is a GOOD thing. It is always a good thing. Any guy who approaches you and knows your innocent will chase after you even more because they want to be your first. It's up to you to decide what guy is worth it.

    Innocence is usually associated with being cute, another good factor. Being innocent and cute is a turn on.

    His friends might have said waste of time because they feel that you're too innocent to do anything with their guy friend who is interested in you. Don't push yourself if you are not ready or comfortable. Real friends would support their friend's interest in you. Also, you'll regret it if you rush yourself into anything.

    I am innocent too. Guys have always told me it's a good thing. They respect me and you'll always have some guy chasing you hard. They respect who you are as a person which usually turns them into liking you.