Is it okay to date around?

One of my professors today told me that the students on our campus are involved in way too much drama (which really is true).

He mentioned that when he was younger, it was perfectly acceptable to date multiple people at a time, whereas today things are much more different, and people seem to get too serious too fast in their relationships.

What do you think?

If you're out there in the dating world because you want to find someone you just might fall in love with, do you think it's okay to date a couple people, and compare them, etc.?

Or is it better to focus all of your attention to just one person?

Please vote and discuss, I've gotten pretty curious about what you guys think. [:

  • It's fine to date around and keep your options open.
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  • It's not okay to date multiple people at once; you should devote your time / feelings to just one person at a time.
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  • When I'm dating someone, she is the most important person in my life .


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  • Okay, I was actually shocked about these results. DATING is dating around. You date more than one person, hang out, have fun, find out what you like in each of them and what you don't like. If you feel like you really really like one in particular and they like you as well, then you can move it to the next level and be in a relationship with them. . . the whole point of DATING is to not be committed to one person. Surely the people who voted "one person at a time" misunderstood the term of dating. Not trying to be a smart aleck, but that is what the point of dating. Hope this makes sense :)

    • That's exactly where I'm going.... :)

    • I know this reply is old but im shocked at your comment. When your in a relationship you are dating. When someone asks someone are you dating anyone than people answer yes i have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Dating does not mean going with multiple people at once. Thats called cheating. Basically you and everyone else commenting is promoting cheating. You can hang out with friends but thats not dating thats just hanging out. It seems like we have a lot of cheaters who are denial about their cheating. Screwed up society

    • The whole point of dating is to be commited to one person at a time. If you dont like them than move on dont mistreat them by going with someone else like your shoping for a purse.


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What Guys Said 2

  • i think its OK as long as you are only dating and not doing sexual things with any of them.

  • thats what dating if for to find out what you like and don't like in a partner...

    • Of course, but what I'm asking more has to do with dating people at the same time.

      For example, would you be willing to have two or three girlfriends at the same time? Go out with one on Friday night, then have a date with another the next day? Assuming of course you're actually interested in them, and not just the chance to mess around as much as you want....

What Girls Said 9

  • I think it's perfectly acceptable to date around in the beginning. I don't believe in multiple boyfriends or girlfriends. Once you've made it serious then it should be one person. But in the beginning stages when you've only been on a couple dates with someone, why put all your eggs in one basket? You don't even know the person yet, you've made no commitment whatsoever, they're more or less a friend at this point. I think it's fine to date multiple people until you feel you're developing stronger feelings for one and want to make it more serious.

    • If your not sure why not break it off why tease the guy whole going with another?

  • It sounds as if it should be right, but I tried it and it was completely wrong for me. I think you should focus on one person, otherwise you don't get attached to any of them at all. At least that's how it works for me.

    • I see! Thanks for the feedback!

  • I agree with the best answer. when I first started dating, it was casual dating. Only cuddling and kissing, and holding hands... no sex. I dated 3-5 guys at a time. dating is just to know more about each other until you want to make it a relationship and go all the way. so date as much as you want.

    relationship is just one at a time.

    • Lol so you kiss johnny on Friday than mike on Saturday and than andy on Sunday. Wow girls on this website are loose. If u have no problem with it than call it what it is. Cheating!

  • i'm a one man at a time woman. I still go out and do things with male friends but I don't consider that dating because we're not attracted to one another in that way.

  • Okay, so I noticed you said soething about multiple girlfirends/boyfriends. The thing is, you didn't say having girlfriends/boyfriends in the question, and that's what it seems like everyone is assuming you mean. The questions says dating. Once you get to the point of wanting to become a boyfriend or girlfriend, then you stop dating and become exclusive. It's getting to know people, you shouldn't be expected to be exclusive from the second you set a first date.

    • Dating is the beginning of a relationship. If you dont like the person move on dont go with multiple guys like you trying out clothes.

  • UNTIL in a steady relationship in which case keep it in your pants

  • To "society" = never
    For ME personally = I NEVER need anyone's permission or approval, neither do U :)

    Upfront-bi-serial dater right here who will NEVA apologise for luuurving pussy + cock :)

    • Lol thanks for telling everyone your homosexual cheater with no morals.

  • It's fine to date multiple people at once as long as they are aware that it isn't an exclusive relationship. To me, "dating" MEANS just going on dates and not being committed.

  • I think people are confusing "dating" with being in a committed relationship. if your boyfriend and girlfriend, of course it's not OK. But if your just dating them once in a while, and your not committed, then dating other people should be a problem. As long as the other person knows, that is, if they think you are only dating them, then you should tell them that you are dating other people as well.