Why did my ex girlfriend text me this out of nowhere?

We were together for 3 years and broke up 4 months ago. She got a new Boyfriend right away. Anyways I stopped talking to her all together 2 months. So a week ago in the morning she texted me all of this-"Can I ask you a question? Did you ever cheat on me or was I ever not good enough for you? I'm sorry for all the hurtful things I said to you-I don't think you ever really understood how I felt for you. I still and always will love you. No one will ever ever compare to you. I miss you, you always cross my mind I shouldn't have said that but I did and this feeling will never go away and it sucks!"

So my question is why did she send this? and what does it actually mean?

I did respond to her texts. I have'nt heard from her since then should so it's been a week. Should I text her or let her contact me again? I just don't want to get pulled into some game just in case that's what it is
So as the weeks have gone by she's texts me randomly maybe once or twice a week. She also wanted to llet me know she got a new job and it's right by my house. She wanted me to know that she's close by now..Wonderwhy that is?


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  • I think it means that she thought the grass was greener over there. She thought she was going to get you but maybe in a better package...when people have something good they don't realize that everything out there isn't the same until they experience it. He didn't respond to her qwerks the way you do, he didn't think the way she sneezed was cute like you do, he found the way she brushed her hair annoying when you used to brush it for her! Just examples, hope you're getting the point...I think the cheating question might be her ploy to get you back, "well someone told me you cheated on me so I blah blah blah..." this would justify her sleeping with the new boyfriend.

    I had a relationship in high school

    Met, married, my husband...divorced

    Had 3 relationships (9 years since divorce)

    ALL OF THESE MEN HAVE TRIED TO COME BACK! Even the last one...50 years old, you'd think he'd know by now...his issue was he wasn't sure he was done being single for good. Welp now he doesn't want to be single but I've moved on!

    I say, don't take her/him back...be the one she/he let get away...be that one they always wished they'd have never been so stupid...

    And move on to a fun, new, exctiing, dating and getting to know people phase!


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  • She misses you and regrets her mistakes. She got into a relationship too quickly (it's probably not working out) and she thinks she might have a chance getting back with you. Or she wants to be your friend again. But I know she misses you, a lot. And she really wants you to respond. She texts you frequent because she wants to know what's happening with you. Wants to get involved with you again. It's your choice how you want this...if you want to get involved with her again, or just text her and tell her you don't want to be involved. Or if you want to be friends. If you want to get back with her, don't tell her that. Say friends. Whatever you want is your decision. If you miss this girl enough, talk to her. It's the past, we make mistakes, we regret things we do. However, if you don't want to, just tell her nicely. She'll get it. Maybe give her some advice if she needs it. Ask her are things okay? Be strong; don't fall into the trap too soon. Like I am doing. I am starting to regret rethinking to get with my ex since he's still unsure about getting into a relationship. I wish I didn't run back to him becuase he came back to me in a vulnerable time.

  • she misses you. clearly she's thinking about you all the time. there's only one ex I'd would text something like that to and I can't now because he got married yesterday. she thinks about you all the time and probably got the boyfriend immediately to make you jealous. they probably lasted a month? that's what my ex did. I called it..i told my friends. I said, "i swear I give it a month" and that was it after a little over month not even a month and a half it was over. if she wasn't thinking of you she wouldn't have sent that to you but the fact that she hasn't texted you back after you texted her back is a red flag. maybe she misses you but she doesn't miss having a relationship with you. I know that sounds weird but it happens. I wouldn't text her. clearly not talking to her caused her to text you and if you keep chasing her she'll just run into another guy's arms or play more games so I'd "wait" (for lack of a better word) for her to text you then call her out on how long it took her to text you back. don't be a d*** about it but she texts you something like that then randomly doesn't text back? I'd call her out...maybe she was drunk. we always open up and say the things we wish we hadn't when we're drunk maybe she did too.

  • I think she really loves you and misses you. She's remorseful about the whole thing happening. When she asked you if you ever cheated on her, or that that she wasn't good enough for you, she thinks that maybe the problem was her in a sense. She apologized since she felt remorse of all that happend. I agree with trish19, the boyfriend was not only there so that she could see your reaction, maybe it was that she wanted to see with this new guy if she still could feel the same about you. The rest, she's like saying, coming clean with it all to get it off her chest. I'm thinking maybe you should give her another chance or at least be friends, and try to talk or meet up with her. The "This feeling will never go away and it sucks!" part, basically says it's going to be very HARD to move on and FORGET about YOU. If you two don't get back together, I think you guys should meet up for coffee or something and just talk things out with her. I think Coomunication with her would be the best thing. So that she probably wants to know what you think, and it's always best to talk things out, honesty is the best policy! Wish you the best of luck!

  • i would say she could possibly still love you if she ever did in the first place but then again since I don't know her like personaly she could just be either using you to get some1 else of just to screw you over again.

  • she loves u, and the whole "getting a boyfriend right away" thing , must've been only to c your reaction...

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  • She basically made sure she still had power over you. You have put her on a pedistal and boosted her ego by responding to her. She doesn't love you as far as being in a relationship wise. Move on, never talk to her again, and date other girls.

  • She realized the mistake she made that's why she texted you. It sounds like she really wants to mend things and get back together with you. Thing is, sometimes people don't realize what they've lost until they've gone through such turbulence.

    So answer her, and tell her all she needs to know. That you didn't cheat on her and that she was always good enough for you. Talk to her and if you missed her, tell her that too. You need to reassure her these things so that you get on a good footing. Being honest always works. Just be up front about it.

  • dude just let it go she f***ed another man move on.

  • At first she was just being nostalgic.

    But she obviously doesn't want you out of her life.

    If you still like her, this is the perfect moment for a huge, cheesy, romantic gesture ;)


  • Well she prob wants to get back together.

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