What if a guy never texts you first?

What does it mean if a guy never texts you first but is always quick to respond to your messages? For the record, he asked me for my number but I started all our conversations.


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  • It means that you are doing too much of the initiating and you need to stop unless you want the guy to slack off when it comes to pursuing you. Although we like girls initiating the conversations if you do it all the time, there's no challenge provided and we also get a little suspicious, like, why is she calling and texting all the time? Even though it is flattering it's kinda like, okay if she's really interested this quick does she do this with other guys? What if she loses attraction for me? Will the phone calls and texting stop all of a sudden? Too much of a good thing too fast mean the fall is greater, like crashing after a sugar high.

    Quickly responding to your messages is a good thing nonetheless, but don't let your attraction for him cloud your mind. YOu don't know how this guy is if you did allow him to chase you a little. How desperate is he? How clingy is he? How will he react if I don't text or call first one day? You don't know these answers so you can't accurately gauge your interest level.

    • These conversations have been pretty spaced out by like three or four days and he does his bit of initiating by like writing little things on my wall. Now that I've started maybe 5 conversations in the past three weeks should I wait for him to text me? Should I wait for like a week or two? What is yOur advice?

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    • I really need some help right now my heart is hurting

    • @chrisrockshorty Okay, i hate that feeling whats up


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  • he wants to know if you are interested

  • It means that he really enjoys your friendship... either as sexual or just as friends. I think you should take what you can get. Because if he is really into you, He will eventually tell you :-)


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  • It means you developed a pattern in which you do all the initiating, so he doesn't feel he has to.

    • I tried to wait for him to text me after I last texted him and it's been two weeks and I haven't gotten a single Facebook comment or a text or a like or anything. What do I do?

    • Forget about him. A guy who doesn't initiate in 2 weeks isn't all that interested. You continuing to text him first isn't going to make him change his mind. You'll have better luck if you just keep doing what you're doing.

  • it just means he's shy and nervous about making the first move

  • I'm like that guy then. I never start conversations with anyone. But I'm usually friendly and reciprocating. . .

    Guys think I don't care, but that's not it. I just don't remember because I've got so much to do...

  • Usually mean he knows you going to text him no matter what so he is waiting for you to do so.

    • If we've only texted like 5 times can I still break this chain of me initiating? How do I get this to turn around - he asked for my number because he thought I was fun to talk to, is it time to play hard to get or wait for him to text me? What do I do?

  • Ugh.. I know this feeling. I think vmw2008 is right. I usually text him first..and if I don't he says I don't try to initiate conversation with him.

    • I tried to wait for him to text me for like two weeks after I last texted hi

      and I didn't get a single comment, text or wallpost. What am I supposed to do? I don't wanna be easy but I don't wanna blow him off.

    • Well...I waited for almost a month for this guy to say anything to me.. He was texting/calling a lot before..then it stopped. A few days ago..out of the blue I look at my phone and I have a text from him that says "Lacyyyyy!:)" haha. I texted back, and we were texting for a while. Now it's been 3 days since he's said anything. But, I'm tired of trying..so I just wait for him to say stuff now. :P It's not blowing him off if he didn't answer..You shouldn't always be the one starting the convo