She broke up with me 7 months ago...why is she still calling/texting?

I started dating her in December of last year and she broke up with me in May of this year. On the day of my birthday, no less. I'm not the type of guy that calls and begs for another chance. If you break up with me, cool, Ill leave you alone. But you do the same. I won't call, text, or show up. Ill disappear but I expect you to do the same. Two weeks after the breakup she sent me a text and asked me to meet her over that weekend for coffee. She never called and instead sent me a text about how "it was too soon for coffee." I basically never replied to any of her texts since or her many phone calls. She eventually changed her cell phone number and called me one day. Not recognizing the number, I picked up. I told her I only picked up because I didn't know who it was, and she hung up. Since then she's called and I've never answered. Then she'll stop calling/texting for a month or two and then will call/text at random. 7 months have gone by. I'm not over her and I still miss her. But she's never going to change her way of being which is why we broke up. We clashed. Why is she still calling me after I never once have sought her out?


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  • well my ex boyfriend from 3 years ago still calls me and wants me back. how this is and why I have no idea. we broke up because he cheated and got his ex pregnant. this was when I was 15 now that I'm 18 years old I can't stand to see his number on my phone. I use to be so madly in love with him. one- I was younger and he was older. two- he took advantage once again because I was younger. now I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now and he still calls me, him knowing I have a boyfriend and always asks how I'm doing and how are we doing, and he just says how much he misses me. its weird and I hate it. I use to always go back to him when I just found out he cheated but because I thought I love him. eww was totally wrong.

    trust me you learn to get over them, and it will take a while you don't break up and just stop loving them it does take time. but one day someone will walk into your life and make you forget bout her, and not ever think of going back. your best believe that. just be patient.:D


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  • Well she obviously still wants to either be with you, or friends. Maybe all she wants is to see how your doing? I say you should answer next time she calls or texts. just ask her how she's doing, and what's she's trying to get by calling and such. Be nice, and understanding. I'm sure she's not over you either, if she was she probably wouldn't be calling. But, you never know. Just give her a chance. I know that if it were me I would appreciate it. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the reply. Here's the thing, it'll hurt me like hell to know she's just calling to see how I'm doing. I want her to call me to tell "i want you back and will do anything to make it work." but I'm scared of the possibility that's she's calling just to be friends. if that's the case, I'd rather keep on ignoring her and her calls/texts. the truth is, because I'm not over her, ill be really hurt if all she wants is to be friends. id rather not take that risk.

    • In reply to that antonio, I say its worth a shot. If you do still want her, like really want her back, then you should just plain tell her! Answer her call, answer her text. Ask her exactly what I told you to, then if she replys she only wants to be friends then just say to her "Okay well if that's the case please do not call me anymore, your only making this harder on us." Give it time, Eventually it will all fall into place. :)

  • she still digs you. and maybe all she can have is your friendship, and that's better than not having you at all.

    and maybe she thinks she's showing you that she's still thinking about you and wants to see if you still care. and may want you to ask her back out, even though she should.

  • Listen buddy, she obviously still has some feelings for you! Duh! Maybe she just wants to be friends with you or misses your company. Some people need sapce, time and being with a new person to realise what they have lost. But don't always think that people get in contact to get back with you. Maybe she does want you back. Who knows?

    Youre not over her after 7 months and you still love her, but at the same time you clashed. How comes?

    Is it because you are not over her and that you still miss her that you are being so hostile towards her?

    Some people do change, but as I don't know your background or why she 'wont change', I can't really give you an answer as to wether she could have changed.

    Why don't you text her and tell the the truth. Tell her that you don't want to talk to her because...yadda yadda yadda-BE TRUTHFUL!

    I know you may think that she has got the message but if she really does love you after all of this time then I think it would be decent of you to let her know, from yourself, why you don't want to talk to her. See it as some kind of closure for her.

    Good luck.

  • She's nuts! Stay away! Honestly, it sounds like she doesn't know what she wants. If she broke up with you, she should really stop calling. Maybe she thought she'd find better and hasn't. Maybe she wants to string you along, which is quite cruel. Either way, continue to ignore her. Like I said, she sounds crazy or she really misses you that much and can't let go? Still crazy.

  • well if there truly isn't any reason to be calling you then, she should stop unless you did something wrong.

    Im not too sure. I would only be texting a guy or calling him in an annoying manner if he pissed me off, so I don't know, maybe she's into you or she's very emotional

  • She sees that you are ignoring her, and that is driving her nuts. She is probably like you and hasn't gotten over you and misses you. Also, she is probably worried you have met someone else and doesn't want that to happen. She may be regretting breaking up with you and wants you back, but at the very least she definitely misses you.

    • I don't get it. I could understand how ignoring her for the first week after she broke up with me could drive her nuts. I could see how it could do that one or two months after. but 7 months after? I don't know. I just don't want to get hurt if I let her back in and start talking to her again. when we were together I treated her like gold. I was very caring, attentive and loving. when we broke up, I felt at peace because I felt like I gave it my all.

    • Bro you must be my twin brother. That is my story. I was the same way. Treated her great. Never disrespected her, never hit her or anything. She tells me she doesn't love me. We are going through the same thing. After she has told me she love me for the last 5 years.

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  • hey bingo dude.i broke up with my ex on my bday too.and its also in may.but its different because I told my ex outright that I'm nvr gonna talk to her anymore.i find that ur ex is a bit weird because she calls calls calls for wat?wat exactly is she calling you for?to disturb you issit?or maybe because she has no pride and she wants you back?weird

  • man, welcome abroad.

    My girl broke up with me for 2 months now.

    She still calls and texts. One day I decide to call her back.

    Eventually, we met and hung out.

    Later that night she said she wants me back I told her let's be friend.

    She said she'll make me fall in love with her again.

    I told her please don't. keep it this way.

    She told me that I'm such a jerk and doesn't worth enough for her.

    Now she still calls. You know, to me the friends part's over too.

    I gave her that friendship back after all the pain.

    That's all she can say when I don't take her back.

    You be wise, dude.

    Love someone who loves you.

    Give her a chance but not too many.

  • bro I feel you, my ex of 3 yrs. pulled this same act ... if I don't pick up, she emails, if I don't respond, I get letters ... stay strong bro ... you can put her on the ignore list on your phone, but I'm sure you know this.