How can you tell if you are just a one-time thing?

So guys, help me out. How can you tell if you are just a one night thing at a party. Meaning, you're just a hook up, and you will never see her again? And how can you tell that it's not just gonna end that night, there will be more? As in relationship, or dating? What are some signs, body language, things he would say. HELP PLEASE.


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  • There are some ways you can tell if you are a one night thing. If the person you had a one night thing doesn't contact you back ever especially if you contacted them then you are a one night thing. If there is very little talk between you two especially with getting to know you or them about personality, life style, or dreams then you were a one night stand. If the guy leaves in the middle of the night and doesn't return that is a possible sign of being a one night thing. If he looks at you with confusion after he slept with you and doesn't know why due to alcohol or just plain stupidity then you were a one night stand for him. If he smiles at you in a devilish way then you were a one night stand to him. If he doesn't leave his number or even asks you for yours then you were a one night stand for him. If he isn't taking you seriously or just looks at your body or even just looks at as too easy or disgusting then you were just a one night stand to him.

    Now if he asks for your number, gives you a gift, asks you questions about your plans or your life style, wants to do an activity with you out of his own free will, gives you an angelic pure smile, gets a little jealous when he sees you with another guy, tries to comfort you in some way or even goes out of his way to do something nice for you even if others disagree with it then he likes you and probably wants to have a relationship with you.

    Man this is a long response. I hope that my response can help you out in some way or form and best of luck with your romantic endeavors! Keep me posted okay!

  • You can only know after.


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