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Why does he only want to hang out when he's drunk?

i met this guy a few months ago. he's cool and funny, but I do NOT understand him. he faithfully contacts me every weekend to see if I'm going out or... Show More

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  • A lot of people can only be spontaneous when drunk. Otherwise, they're just too inhibited to interact well. Sad, but true...

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  • usually when I guy wants to hang out with you specifically when he's drunk, it's because he thinks he's going to get laid.

    • Yeah the first time I was about to hang out with him I thought that too and I sent him this huge "i don't think so" text and he was like: you got the wrong idea.

      i never go alone he's never alone it SEEMS like it's just supposed to be a good time with friends.

      i mean I want to be friends with him, but if I'm just a booty call no thanks. I can't imagine why he'd think I'd do anything with him though. I've made it clear enough, and he's really not that type of guy, but whatever. move on?

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