If a girl says she wants a meaningful relationship, what does that mean to you?

If a girl says she wants to hae a meaningful relationship, what does that mean to you

Girls who say this what do you mean by it

Guys when you hear this what do you make of it to mean?

Why do guys want relationships anyway?


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  • I think she is saying she wants a real relationship where each others happiness is the most important thing to both of you. Not just a friends with benefits or a fling but something deeper and long-term. The relationship is based on loving each other emotionally, mentally, and physically. Some guys don't want relationships like this but many do. Most guys want a relationship with connection/love and they want to feel loved and important to her. There are payers out there that don't have much feeling for anything but themselves. I think that is a pitiful minority however. Most guys really want more even if they don't know it.


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  • I'd assume she meant one where there were feelings involved, and we hadn't put a box around where things might lead, and where the goal was good emotional intellectual and physical connection.

    I would not assume it meant friendship first and slow development, if she meant that, I'd be running.


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  • A relationship not based on sex/physical wants. Starts with a foundation based on friendship that way it can develop into an intimate relationship with substance.