Why won't my boyfriend introduce me to his family?

We have been dating for a full year and my boyfriend has yet to bring me to his house (his parents house) to hang out or to meet them. Whenever we hang out its always at my house because he doesn't seem to want me around his family. When I ask him why he just says "That's not how I roll." Did I mention we have been dating over a YEAR? And we are a good couple. I can genuinely tell he cares for me.. I just don't get his weirdness with his family. He has no reason to be mad with them. Or he would have told me.


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  • I have a very similar sit. going on. We just broke up because of it, actually. I waited 1 1/2 years to meet his fam & it just didn't happen. we spoke about marriage, kids, the whole 9... and I just couldn't take being so disconnected.

    You really have to determine what you want. Not necessarily becoming friends/shopping buddies with his mom, but if you're looking into a future together (marriage/kids) - you should at least know the family's history to protect your own future with him

    And also, not to start more worry - you gotta take into consideration that he may just not be at the point where you are in terms of how serious the relationship is (or could get)... or maybe there's something they know about him that he doesn't want to leak out... You gotta be trusting, but smart these days... Best thing to do is talk to him about it & get it ALL out in the open... Best of luck!


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  • i don't know if that is an exciting thing to do. I personally wouldn't introduce someone to my parents unless I was getting married.


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  • maybe he's embaresed about his family and doesn't want you to know. Just show him that you love him no matter what his family is like. Or maybe his family doesn't want to meet you in that case just tell him it doesn't matter what his parents think of you cause you love him.

  • Maybe his parents wouldn't care who he is dating I have dated a guy like that and I wanted to meet his parents and he said they don't care who he dates. I was shocked. I guess all guys don't want their parents to love their dates because that means he has to find someone that they will hate. Its a guy thing.

  • ummm...i think this is a red flag...especially since you have been dating for a year! I guess if you guys are casual then maybe not...but if you guys are serious about each other then that should happen. I mean it is a big step but it means a lot and is usually a good indicator of a guy's feelings and intentions...i hope you have at least met his friends...