10 Tips & Tricks To Take Good Instagram Photos

Try these tips and tricks to capture the #perfect photos and get all the likes.

1. Use The Light

10 Tips & Tricks To Take Good Instagram Photos

Photo Source: bellasugar.com

Let the light hit your "good side" of your face, not only will your hair shine but your photos won't come out dark!

2. Head Tilt

Photo Source: instagram.com

Tilt your head to highlight your cheekbones and emphasize your eyes!

3. Signature Pose

Photo Source: instagram.com

What is your go-to pose? If you need to, stand in front of the mirror and practice to narrow it down.

4. It's All About The Hair

Photo Source: popsuagar.com

Position your hair all to one side and lean with that side towards the camera.

5. Be Silly!

Photo Source: weheartit.com

Playful photos often get more likes than posed photos! Silly photos can be cute and fun.

6. Shoulder Secrets

Photo Source: websta.me

Stand with one shoulder slightly leaning in front of the other. This secret move adds length to your frame, just don't look too stiff.

7. Black and White

Photo Source: yourtango.com

Back in the day photos were black and white and it never went out of style!

8. Soft Filter

Photo Source: yahoo.com

A golden or slightly fuzzy filter will bring just enough warmth to your snapshot.

9. Be Creative!

Photo Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Take fun photos whether it is a silhouette, portrait, candid, etc. You can also use frames, stencils, reflections and more! Think of a clever quote or caption for the cherry on top.

10. Live In The Moment

Photo Source: popsugar.com

Don't overthink or worry too much about capturing the perfect photo. The best moments are often captured unexpectedly.

Are there any other tips or tricks? Of course there is the classic mirror photos or duck lips.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It looks like the answer is to edit the shit out of them. Most of these girls look heavily "enhanced"


Most Helpful Girl

  • Haha I can't do in of those in the moment or silly pose pictures. I have to strategically plan all my moves and poses. Whenever my fiends say let's take a funny pic I just smile like I regularly would, unlike them I don't have one of those goofy face that's still cute... I just look fugly


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What Guys Said 4

  • I really liked point no. #2 & #6.

  • The head picture the girl! WOW!

  • You forgot photogenicity

  • The first photo girl, she's SO pretty. :) As is the blonde underneath her. :) Is either one single?


What Girls Said 2

  • Those are some good points. Like when you need to take a good picture of yourself for your family to have.

  • Why don't you spend your time doing something else? shit.