Girls, Best first date outfit?

Hewwo! Its's your fashion addict Tina, and today I will give a simple question for you girls out there!

which outfit out of theese would you wear on your first date?

Outfit 1: Chic
Girls, Best first date outfit?
A simple and Chic look for every girl... Interesting

Outfit 2:Grunge

Cute, yet dark outfit.

Outfit 3:Comfy

Super warm and comfy.*claps*

Outfit 4: Dark cute

This is my personal favorite, dark but so goddamn cute, skirts are a must.

So which of theese looks would you wear for your first date?

Would love to see your answers,

XOXO, Tina

  • Outfit 1:Chic
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  • Outfit 2:Grunge
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  • Outfit 3:Comfy
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  • Outfit 4:Dark Cute
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