Beauty is a concept that has been hotly debated over history, but in modern America female beauty often seems to mean blond hair and a tan. However, many people still consider dark hair and pale skin to be extremely attractive.

There are many celebrities with dark hair and pale skin that are considered beautiful, even sex symbols. For example, take pop super star Katy Perry. She is known for her jet black hair and pale skin, but she is widely considered one of the most attractive women in the music industry.

Another great example is Zoey Deschanel. She has starred in a number of movies and has a rather large cult following her both for her acting and her stunning beauty.

Katy Perry

Anne Hathaway, Kiera Knightly, Sandra Bullock, and Penelope Cruz all have dark hair and fair skin. This is a just a tiny fraction of the celebrities that look great with dark hair and pale skin. And while many celebrities are famous for their blond tan look, there are plenty that are thriving with dark hair and pale skin.

"Many people still consider dark hair and pale skin to be extremely attractive"

In fact, for much of the history of the English language, dark hair and pale skin have been viewed as the epitome of beauty. Women are often praised for their snow white skin and raven dark hair in the works of Shakespeare, Donne, and Eliot. It seems relatively recently that English-speaking cultures have diverged from this view of beauty.

This brings us to the question: Why is the combination of dark hair and pale skin so attractive? To start, they provide an eye-catching contrast that is not provided by blond or red hair. This sharp contrast of neutral colors also provides a magnificent canvas for other colors that one might choose to wear. There is a historical reason for society to find pale skin attractive. Before the industrial revolution, pale skin was a sign of high social class. The reason for this was that the lower class people generally had to work outside, which caused them to get a tan. Therefore, pale skin was seen as a sign of beauty due to its social implications.

"Dark hair and pale skin provide an eye-catching contrast "
zooey deschanel

Despite American society's current obsession with blond hair and a tan, light skin is becoming more popular among celebrities again. It is often seen as a sign of classiness and a willingness to embrace your own body instead of using fake tanning products or going to a tanning salon. Pale skin and dark hair have always been and probably always will be seen as sexy in American society. For good or for bad, the look is here to stay.