If a guy says he has feelings for you, what is he telling you?

what does this mean


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  • Seriously? You're just being silly now. When a guy says they have feelings for you it means they love/like like you.

    • Thanks somoeone else needed thanks For the advice and why

      dont they say there in love with you nstead off saying they got feelings

    • Because love is a hard word to say. 'Feelings' is easier.. we don't have to specifically say we love you.

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  • Depends what context he used it in, is he a friend who just said it to you out the blue, a guy you are just dating recently but not yet in a relationship, a husband, a long term boyfriend, a guy who lives in a cardboard box in an alley who screamed it at you in a drunken stupor.

    A few extra details may make this vague question answerable.

    • What if it's a guy who you're sleeping with, but aren't dating (because he lives in another city... so you only see him a couple times a month)?

  • This reminds me of a time I told a girl that I had a "thing" for her and her friend ended up obliterating me verbally the next day, good times. Anyway what he is saying, in general, is that he fancies you and probably would want to see where a more one on one relationship goes; however, he could mean that he cares about you as a person and as a friend. It depends on the person and the manner that you interact with them.


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  • He likes you in a more than friends way.

    • So me and my ex are still Friends and we argue about the stubidist things But where still friends to this they well recently he asked me too move too in in with him two where he used to live But he has a new girlfriend and he said that he wants to try and work things out with me what does this mean

    • Sounds like a creep to me.

  • Most times I have found it means he's still sorting out those feelings, it might be lust, love, or in between. Keep your contact to a minimun, don't ask him about his comment, let him come to you.

    It will work itself out. Good luck