I thought he liked me but he forgot my name?

he comes and speaks to me and flirts and he looks like he likes me but he forgot my name and it hurts when he is around me he acts as if he doesn't wanna go but he forgot my name the first time is he int me I also saw him with a much prettier girl on his profile picture is there any chance he might like me


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  • did the name forgeting incident involve drinking. Because at clubs and stuff I almost always forget the name of the girl I'm talking to, regardless of whether I'm interested or not. Most of the time I don't find out until she puts her number in my phone... lol. Its terrible but true. I wouldn't hold it against him. profile picture doesn't mean anything.


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  • My crush forgot my name too, I guess he doesn't care

  • Well...sometimes a guy forgets a girl's name on purpose. It's like a game with them, sad right?. But they don't want to seem too desperate or eager so they'll pretend like they can't remember.