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Is the wink ;) a sign of flirting?

I've been emailing a man for almost 2 months, We see each other every day but just in passing and to say Hi. I've given him hints in my emails that... Show More

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  • It sounds like he likes you, but it also sounds like he thinks the boys have a lot of potential and he feels like a role model as their teacher. It also sounds like your boys respect him, which is cool. But I think his conflict is if anything bad ever happened between you and him while they were in his class, how would that reflect on to them, and inside of the classroom, and stuff like that. That's why when you ask about the wink or something, he doesn't know how to explain what he's feeling and waits it out. Then it sounds like he starts up with the compliments again, because someone has a little crush, lol.

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  • the wink ;) question?

    this means your think too much about it.

    Just ask him out your self. Its 2008 if you want to go out with a guy just ask him out on a date. I know American has some contrived rules on dating, most of which involve telephones and telephone number, but you don't have to follow the rules all the time.

    Why not say there's a movie I really want to see, but none of friends are avaible to go, would you want to go with me?

  • im a boy. but whenever I'm iming/flirting with a girl I definitly use the wink sign (this is the wink sign ;).) I would definitly stay intrested in him, but I would make the first move, like ask him if he wants to go out for dinner one night. but I would watch out! some of these guys could be only looking for one thing. just watch your back and make sure he isn't just going for a sexual reltionship

  • Well yes, it's a sign of flirting, but not one specific to you. Personally, I wink at all the women from time to time.it's not any sort of come-on or invitation, just being friendly.

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