Want him so bad it hurts?

Is it possible to want to be with someone so badly that you can physically feel it?

I'm still haven't worked up the nerve to make a move on this guy that I really like, but when I think about him.that's a whole other story. It drives me crazy knowing that we're s close to being in a relationship, but no one will make a move, and I cannot stop thinking about him all the timee. But I can physically feel myself wanting him. and no I'm not just horny :P.

so I was wondering if it was completely pssoble, and what exactly this feeling is? thanks :)


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  • Yeah, I know what you're feeling. You aren't crazy or horny I don't think, you just truly want to be with him right now and it hurts greatly because you aren't.


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  • Yes it is possible. I used to like this girl so much that I couldn't think of anything else. So what your going threw is part of being human. Try asking hime to do something casual first like study togeather or get lunch. Or ask him if he is into sports and ask to watch the game togeather. Since these are friend type things it will take the preasure off and make it easy to talk to him. Then after a few weeks tell him how you feel. We guys love agirl who tells us how she feels.

  • Its possible... and I've felt that way for a girl too. It's love I believe, and it's one of the ways you find out you're IN love.

    ...but you're not with the person, so just be careful. There's seemingly a lot to lose when you feel this strong for someone, and you WILL feel loss if things don't go they way you're hoping!

    I wish you the best of luck, just be cautious!

  • well of corse it is the brain controls the body and subconcious and concious desires and feeling that are suppressed can make you sick some srry it can cause cancer but I'm skeptical although it can really make you genuinly sick. ever gotten a stomach ach because you were upset or for some reason wanted one point made

    If the relationship is in jeopardy and will fail if you don't make the next move so just go up and initiate things

  • I believe its love .


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  • I know your feeling and it is hard to write down in words. One feeling that I can describe it,. I find that I'm so frustrate with him for no apparent reason and I want to punch him so bad maybe because he doesn't notice me or how much he we match so well and he overlook it. Don't know I'm always angry and he would always ask me why are you so frustrate with me. If you tell me I'll try fix it.

  • yeah its possible. Anxiety about guys can cause physical or mental pain.

  • I'm going through the same thing right now. It sucks, huh? ):

    Is it that feeling where when you think about him, you feel your heart is about to explode right out of your chest?

    When someone mentions him or just says his name (not necessarily talking about him, but just the name) you instantly lose your breath, your heart flutters and your brain gets all fuzzy?

    When you can't focus because of him?

    When you have physical contact with him, you never want to let go... you just want to melt into him?

    When you see him, nobody else exists but him?

    When your tummy hurts because you haven't talked to him for longer than a day?

    When you hug your pillow at night, crying because you wish more than anything it was him?

    When you become best friends with God, because he's the only one you can talk about it to?

    Yeah, this is me now and it's Hell.

    Honestly, I'm trying not to let it ruin my life. I'm trying not to let this control me, but it's SO HARD!

    I feel for you girlie, because no girl should have to go through this! If you can, try to tell him how you feel! As for me, he's in college (two years older than me. We went to HS together and had two classes and became good friends, but now I'm a senior in HS and he's a Sophomore in college) and I never get to see him unless he has a concert or I just happen upon him. I'm afraid that the friendship we have built would be ruined if I say anything, so I'm just trying to wait it out... But if you feel like you COULD be in a relationship right now, GO FOR IT! It's just, in my situation, I feel like it's almost not possible. He MAY like me, but since I haven't seen him in a while, I'm just not sure anymore... :( LIVE YOUR LIFE AND LOVE IT! That's what I do. Even though the pain is sometimes unbearable, you just have to see through it and look at the bigger picture! Do all you can, and if it doesn't work out, then so what? You have plenty more time left! This is what I tell myself, and it works! (: Good luck!

    • Ohh my goodness, I've felt the same way for someone in the past... it most certainly DOES suck lol. but at the same time... it doesn't. it's weird

      ...im just glad I'm past it now. I've made it through the worst parts at least, that's for sure.

  • I think I know how that feels. I suggest that you should try to make a move and see how it goes :)

  • I swear I feel the same way. We talk everyday too and I am so anxious if he thinks about me like that at all. He always says flirty things to me but I can't tell if he's just kidding around. It's so frustrating