What makes a man want to settle down?

And when he does, how do you choose the woman you settle down with? Would you go back with an ex or do you want to discover someone new?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maturity, experience and wisdom acquired from a long painful journey. When all those answers and you didn't realize you had in your head suddenly are answered. The greatest journey is the one within, when you know yourself, truly know yourself, then you are ready to share yourself with someone else. Not everyone is up to the task.

    Its all about trust, you can't love someone you can't trust, trust can only be built up over time and is constantly being tested.

    Unfortunately for most people its that point in their life where they say to themselves, this is as good(hot) as I can get and I probably won't find anyone better(hotter). And those are the ones that end in divorce

    And I now believe some people just aren't wired to ever settle down, they are meant, or are doomed to be alone till they die

    We all have a tendency to look at other "possibilities" from time to time , but some people just can't help themselves, its like they are missing a chromosome or something or their just really stupid