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Why does he flirt with me one day then ignores me the next?

Well I met this boy who is actually 3 years older than me at school. He is 19; I'm 16 about to be 17. One day randomly he just started to flirt... Show More

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  • i am currently having the exact same probem as you. this boy comes to my job everyday to "visit" me...sometimes he flirts and does the touchy thing...he even invited me for an overnight at his beach house. other days he totally ignores me. these are called mind games. I used to stress out and try to understand what his problem was. you need to play the game right back. the next time he's flirty resist the urge to flirt back and give him nothing. he probably is interested in you, but its not good for you to stress out. take charge and show him whos boss!

    • Why resist to flirt back if you like him? What do you expect to gain from this? he will just lose interest.

    • I may not gain anything, but the point is to give him a taste of what he's been doing to me for so long...and now I've lost interest in him because of his actions. which is what you were getting at =]

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  • i think this guy have something wrong in his brains inside really,he needs a doctor to help him raise his self confidence actually after all it's ur fault reallyu know if I did the same to a girl, flirt a lot one day and the few next days ignore herand whenever I feel like flirting with her again I go for it and she responses like I didn't even ignore herand she flirts back, and give me what I expectthen I would think she's an easy one you know, how will he care about you if you don't show up some pride maybe ?he's clearly messing with you, I suggest next time he flirts tell him to fu*k offshow some pride girl ! don't be easy

    • I totally agree with this advice. He's wanting to see what he can get in the beginning and the longer it works to his benefit he'll try for more and more. Do what Virtuales is insisting. Maybe don't tell him to fck off. But if he tries to flirt back away and don't let him. & if he keeps trying just walk away. Don't let him have the upper hand. He's someone who won't be honest and true to a relationship. So notice it now and get away while your still not that hooked.

  • He likes you. But I think you are more blinded by him than he being blinded by you. So have a doubt over this guy at the back of your mind.

  • RULE: If he is still in highschool he doesn't know who he is or what he wants.Ask. Him. I can't guarantee he'll give you a legitimate answer because #1 I don't know who the guy is and #2 he is young.Correct me if I'm wrong but you are more concerned about what HE wants as opposed to what makes YOU happy. Why are you letting him control your emotions?

  • Hmm.. that's a tough question. It seems like he's just flirting with you when he feels like it. Maybe when he's having a bad day and he wants to feel better about himself, he comes to you. But unless you're of use to him, he doesn't come around. Sounds like he's not that into you.

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  • playing hard to get, for sure

  • I think he just likes the attention and is a little retarded and immature. don't waste your time any longer.

  • He is SO playing the game that's why...and you are totally eating it up. As soon as he shows you any attention, you are all over it...Screw him...turn the tables so the ball is in your court...YOU ignore HIM...even when he flirts...He will taste his own medicine and it will taste bad! Trust me...! I would even flirt a bit with his buddies in a very non obvious way. He will be all over you because he isn't getting the attention he once got. Even if he called you, I wouldn't answer the first call because you are busy...You always want what you can't have and the chase is more thrilling then the catch...Remember that...! You are WAY too cute to waste your time chasing...You don't chase, you REPLACE! NEXT!

  • the same thing happened to, I don't get it, they flirt and then leave, except my crush flirted really really hard and then the next thing I know he got another gf, why, he even asked my friend to ask me if I like him, ughhhh, guys are to complicated

  • He wants to use you as one of his girls to flirt with. He thinks of you as a doll he can take off the shelf, play with her a lil, and put her back when he's done, let it collect dust, and pick it up again.! You should let guys use you. Yea you can say he acts or seems like a nice guy, but him flirting with you on and off, and ignoring you, that's called being led on.YOu shouldnt waste your time on him. Don't try to do extra things to try to get him to hold on to you. It should be the other way around.! He should be trying to get your attention EVERYDAY.! Not when he feels like it.!Kick his ass to the curb and find a guy who will give you his undivided attention everyday that way the feelings are mutual, and you won't have to be confused about this jack nut you found yourself flirting with.! YOu're so much better than that, and I think that the sooner you realize that the better.! Hope things work out, and you find the guy who will adore you like no other.!Good Luck.!

    • Oops I meant you shouldnt let guys use you. Sorry.!

    • Good advice!

  • I know I'm no guy, but I'll take a shot at it. I'd be careful if I were you, I think this guy is messing with you. If he really liked you I think he would have taken a shot and really showed you that he did. Some guys love to fool around with girls feelings and remember he is quite a bit older than you, could be another thing on his mind (if you know what I mean). On the other hand by flirting with your friend he could be making you jealous (this to me is unlikely though). Just be careful, a lot of heartbreakers out there and this guy, to me, sounds like bad news. Just my opinion.

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