Why does he flirt with me one day then ignores me the next?

Well I met this boy who is actually 3 years older than me at school. He is 19; I'm 16 about to be 17.

One day randomly he just started to flirt with me. He would make excuses to touch me, we would stare at each other, and talk & now I have the biggest crush on him. But then the next day he ignored me, its not even like we didn't see each other we have mostly the same classes everyday. We both came in early everyday, I was the only person in class and he walked in didn't say anything, just looked right pass me & that whole day we did'nt talk. It was like that the next day and then the day after. But after all them ignored days he finally started flirting again I even trIed to flirt a little harder to show him I liked him. I'd touch him more, do little flirty things like having him carry me to class. But as you probably guessed the next day he ignored me again, and again. & the days he ignoring me he just pops up right next to me while I'm talking to my friends and start to flirt with one of them, and doesn't even recognize I'm standing there.

Why does he do this? do you think he likes me?How can I show him I really like him?


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  • i am currently having the exact same probem as you. this boy comes to my job everyday to "visit" me...sometimes he flirts and does the touchy thing...he even invited me for an overnight at his beach house. other days he totally ignores me. these are called mind games. I used to stress out and try to understand what his problem was. you need to play the game right back. the next time he's flirty resist the urge to flirt back and give him nothing. he probably is interested in you, but its not good for you to stress out. take charge and show him whos boss!

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      Why resist to flirt back if you like him? What do you expect to gain from this? he will just lose interest.

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      I may not gain anything, but the point is to give him a taste of what he's been doing to me for so long...and now I've lost interest in him because of his actions. which is what you were getting at =]