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Why is she all of a sudden ignoring me?

Ok I have been seeing this girl for like 2 and a half months and like 2 weeks ago I texted her on a Saturday she texted me back so I asked her a question but never got a response so 2 days pass and Monday while she's at work I IM her asking why she hasn't been ever texting me back lately? And she kinda got mad and said "ever" so I said sorry and went to work we texted back and forth later that day. Then Tuesday rolls around I IM her while she's at work again and finally answers me like 3 hours later and says she's busy so I say I will call her later when she gets out of work. She IM's me back asking why I don't "ever" call her any more? So I say I am sorry I haven't called very often and wish her a good day at work and I go to work. So later in the night I call her like 9pm and no answer so I leave a message the next day I try to IM her and text her no response and then I called her at 8pm she didn't answer so I left a message. I do the same thing on the next day no answer to any thing. On that Friday I finally get a text from her saying she's in a sh*tty ass mood so I ask her why she doesn't answer so I ask her if I can do any thing to help she replies nope and that's the last time I have heard from her over the last 4 days I have sent a e-mail, tried IM, text and called but no answer...At this point I am just trying to find out what I did wrong and why she is all of a sudden not talking to me. Well what does every one think I should do?

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  • It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, it sounds like she has something going on. and maybe doesn't have time to talk or anything. maybe she has been having a crappy couple weeks? maybe he phone didn't have service or something. or maybe she isn't interested? I'd give it some time, then maybe ask what's going on? good luck! (:

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  • i don't know about other girls but that sounds a bit over with all the texting/calling I like a guy to be independent, and busy :) I say, best bet is leave her alone and if she likes you she will come to you.

  • I think you should break up and its not your problem its hers..you did nothing wrong. Also it could be pms haha idk

    • Yeah I think I am just going to move on...but thanks for the reply

  • Its probably not your fault. I know I do that when I'm just not interested in a guy anymore and I don,t want to break up and hurt his feelings

    • Yeah that might be it IDK

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  • I don't know if this is the same situation. But this is starting to sound like my last relationship. My ex would text me back whenever I texted her, but she always seemed distant. This was the last two weeks of school. She avoided me at school...and didn't even make an effort to talk to me. Finally the last day comes and I finally ask, "You don't want to go out with me anymore..I can tell...Am I right?And the answer was yes, so I got dumped. Basicly sounds like what I went through. I'm sorry dude but it sounds like she's gonna dump you, you should probably move on.