Why is she all of a sudden ignoring me?

Ok I have been seeing this girl for like 2 and a half months and like 2 weeks ago I texted her on a Saturday she texted me back so I asked her a question but never got a response so 2 days pass and Monday while she's at work I IM her asking why she hasn't been ever texting me back lately? And she kinda got mad and said "ever" so I said sorry and went to work we texted back and forth later that day. Then Tuesday rolls around I IM her while she's at work again and finally answers me like 3 hours later and says she's busy so I say I will call her later when she gets out of work. She IM's me back asking why I don't "ever" call her any more? So I say I am sorry I haven't called very often and wish her a good day at work and I go to work. So later in the night I call her like 9pm and no answer so I leave a message the next day I try to IM her and text her no response and then I called her at 8pm she didn't answer so I left a message. I do the same thing on the next day no answer to any thing. On that Friday I finally get a text from her saying she's in a sh*tty ass mood so I ask her why she doesn't answer so I ask her if I can do any thing to help she replies nope and that's the last time I have heard from her over the last 4 days I have sent a e-mail, tried IM, text and called but no answer...At this point I am just trying to find out what I did wrong and why she is all of a sudden not talking to me. Well what does every one think I should do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, it sounds like she has something going on. and maybe doesn't have time to talk or anything. maybe she has been having a crappy couple weeks? maybe he phone didn't have service or something. or maybe she isn't interested? I'd give it some time, then maybe ask what's going on? good luck! (: