Why do a lot of guys think Asian girls are hotter than other girls?

Why is that? I heard a lot of guys say this... what's with that? not because I am Asian but just curious. THANKS!

ok let me rephrase the question. every1 has a preference for what type of girl they want - race, hair color, etc. but there are a lot of guys who prefer Asian girls over black or white. why is that?


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  • "Hotter" isn't the right term. The Asian women speak from their Buddhist-based outlook, focused on eternity, so often. Therefore they aren't grabbing for the Porsche or the next promotion nearly as much as the corporate women we have in the United States, and they're just a LOT more personable, interesting, and therefore attractive.

    • Awwwww very well thought answer. but you will be surprised there are gold diggerrs too disguised as angels.

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    • I'm not.. I can deal with or whithout a designer bag or sunglasses.. it goes to all races

    • Speaking generally, of course!

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  • I think it's because Asian girls are mostly smaller than all the rest, and this makes it easier for us guys to tote em around, and also it's cheaper to feed em. I had me a big ol' Russian girl fer awhile and I could barely heft her into the trunk! And talk about eatin'. I pity the guy that has to keep that ol' gal in oats!

  • My personal opinion is rather the opposite. I have nothing against asians at all, I just don't find most attractive. I'd say my preference would be white, latina, black, asian in that order. White & Latina are a very very close favorite.

  • It is because they look innocent and cute and generally are very feminine and respectful of the role a man plays in their lives. They seem so polite and submissive outside the bedroom and are the opposite when one on one intimately which is very appealing !

  • I don't.

    • Your opinion... tnx anyways

  • We don't its about personal preference.

    • You don't for now. lol

  • i don't think that is strictly true, its almost like saying every guy has only one ideal standard of beauty and anything else only comes second. I can find one girl from one race really attractive and another girl from the same race just as attractive but she may look completely different. so this would also apply to most guys.so really I don't find asian girls any hotter than any other race of women but they are just as beautiful as any. =)

    • Ur such a good guy.. ur answer is good too.

    • Thank you =)

    • You're always welcome..

  • I can tell you my perspective but that's about it :). I wasn't really into Asian girls when I was younger mainly because the only ones I saw were tourists who were 3 times my age and half my size. At that time because I was really into movies and tv shows, I loved actresses like Emma Stone, Rachel Bilson etc. But when I got into Kpop I discovered extremely beautiful girls. I am still atracted to white girls but I definitely also like Asian girls. On Youtube I've seen some videos that have talked about white guys liking Asian girls because they think they're submissive, or white guys likeing every single Asian girl just because they're Asian. For me neither one of these is the case although I don't doubt that there are some guys out there who are like that. I don't like Asian girls because I think they're submissive. But I think there might be something else that could be a reason. Asian girls in general are proud of their femininity and maximize it instead of combating it. I'm not saying all western women are trying to become more masculin but there is a certain number that are. Their femininity is very attractive but I wouldn't equate that with sumbissiveness. I'm also not attracted to every Asian girl in fact I've seen plenty that I don't like. Even among the celebrities there's a lot I don't like, some have starved themselves and look unhealthy, some have had too many plastic surgeries and look weird, some don't have wide hips, with some I just don't like the way they look. But there is still a good number that I think are super beautiful. I would say I have a affinity for Asian girls, as for the explanation I don't really have one. I just like the way some of them look. In the end can we really explain why we're attracted to something or not? I'm less attracted to black girls than white girls, why? Is it because I'm racist? No. Can I explain it? No. But it's just the way it is. Can't do anything about it. I didn't decide who I was gonna be attracted to all I can do is go after a girl I like and make the best of it ;).

  • I think its the innocent cute look, of course I am not saying other races, ethnics can't pull it off I just think you see more of the asian population because of being innnocent and or cute.

  • because they are cute? I am more attracted to white girls tho

  • I dont think im that much into Asian chix eventho im Asian myself x)

  • Because they are. I love living in Asia, moved here from Canada. Wouldn't want it any other way. If there is a heaven then this must be it.

  • because they are beautiful :)

    • Me batting my eyelashes. lol Thanks...:)

    • Your welcome! your gorgeous wow

    • :P

  • DAvid says that Most of the asian girls hav a really gud figure. I currently live in Thailand and I see endless number of hot well toned fair and exotic asian women everyday. They are in many ways different from the rest, and I'v been with many asian and some white girls, but sexually, asians are more preferable in my opinion.

  • They seemingly tend to be more exotic than others from what I've gathered, but I'm not saying or putting any other race down, because there are beautiful women in every race.

  • I use to think asian girls are hotter then others because how they look. I kind of like having sex with them.

    • What's that look that turns you on about us?

  • I've lived in North America, Europe and Asia and can say that I prefer Caucasian women over Asian. Mainly because they usually have longer legs and larger breasts. Also, I looove blue eyes.

  • I don't. But what it is is that there are less of them around, and maybe they are typically healthy or youthful looking, but all that stuff fades with time.

    Besides I haven't seen many Asian women who look good over say 35-40. Some other nationalities can.

  • i honestly can't say. I never used to be particularly attracted to asian girls until I started college. now...O M G.

    • LOL. once you go asian there is no turning back. lol

  • I think Asian girls are usually crazier than most other girls...

    • There we go with the crazy word. lol. I always get called that.lmao when you say crazy in what sense

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    • Sometimes...all races are crazy in some way

    • Your are right. humans are crazy./

  • Thinner perhaps, smaller, presonality might be more demure, affable, feminite compared to other girls, but it really depends on the individual, what ever the reasons, some people have a type that they find attractive that they respond to physically or mentally.


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  • i think its all about preference.

  • all about preference!

  • Just a matter of preference

  • I think it really depends on the guy.

  • cause they're really pretty and kinky!

  • man, whatever, asian all look the same. its funny watchin a travel show when they show an arial view over asian pedestrians. and they literally all look the same. I would be getting people confused constantly!

  • To the person who got offended by my comment. There is a BIG different between Preference to certain features between liking them basic on stereotypes and generalization of a race of people. People get Asian fetish mixed up with a preference. First off people are not fetishes, and if one thinks they are, they are seriously broken in the head. No matter where that person comes from, they are still human and shouldn't be treated like an object.

    Men who have an Asian fetish ONLY like Asians because they are Asians, it has nothing to do with their personality. And these people believe strongly on the stereotype and believe the person should act certain way and look a certain way. These people have an unhealthy obsession with Asian women. When Asian woman do not fit the mold they think they should these men get angry, shock and even say you are not Asian enough. These men have no idea what Asian woman are. They have narrow view of an Asian woman. These men believe that ALL Asian woman are better than the native women they know, in reality Asian women are no different from their women that they seem to hate.

    Some of these stereotype are:

    Asian women make better wives than western women (Fact is, no they don't. If the two people can't work together to make the marriage work the marriage will not work. Just because you married an Asian she isn't better she can cheat on you, treat you badly and so on.)

    Asian women have long black hair: (Fact: Not true. Not all Asian women have black hair, or long hair, or silky hair.)

    Asian women are submissive: (Fact: This is bullsh*t, yes their some, but Asian women won't do what you tell them to do. They have their own mind.)

    Asian women are perfect (Fact: Not true, they make mistakes like everyone else.)

    Asian women are short (Fact: Not all Asian women are short)

    Asian women are more feminine: (Fact: Not true)

    Asian women can't get fat (Fact: Not true, if she doesn't take care of herself she can get fat)

    Asian women are quite (Fact: Not true. Some are, but there are many that will speak their mind and let you know what they think)

    And the list of stereotypes goes on and on

    When someone has a preference to the Asian look, they know the woman is woman, and doesn't expect her to act, or behave certain way. She going to act how she is going to act. These people who prefer the Asian looks than western looks, do not have hated for white women, they just simply don't find them attractive. Nor do they believe Asian women are better. Nor do they believe in the stereotype of Asian women. And these men don't find all Asian attractive and understand there are Asian who are ugly. A man with Asian fetish will go after any Asian wither she is ugly or not, they only like her because her race.

    I never said white men had Asian fetish, that is simply not true. I said some men have Asian fetish. Any man no matter their color can have an Asian fetish.

    • Wow you are going wayyyyy too deep into this. all I wanna know is why some guys think they are hotter in looks. yea its preference but not all guys who prefer or type asian girls are creeps. that's all. anyways thanks for sharing your opinion

    • To the Answer-er down below: That was for the person that got offended. I already explain answered your question. Basically people have different reasons why they like Asians.

    • I didn't say all men. I said some.

  • It really depends on the guy.

    Some guys (the creepy ones) have an Asian fetish and only like us basic on stereotypes. These ones are losers and not happy and hate their own race of women and think an Asian woman will make it better for them.

    Some of them like how we look and are attracted to that.

    Some think it different and they like it.

    I don't know why there is more Asian/White couples.

    But I have seen Black/Whites couples too and others.

    • Excuse me my man is not creepy and he loves me. and not all men who like asian girls or married them are not creepy either. its just what you call their type of girls. they are not losers or haters. as a matter of fact, most foreigners who marry asian girls are successful and happy with their wives because most asian women take care of their husbands who come home tired from work, prepare them a home cooked meal, take care of the babies and make love at the end of the day. now you know y

    • The Answer below me funny, she didn't read my comment correctly. I am Asian woman too and I wasn't stereotyping.

  • Some Asians think all White people look the same, too (except for their hair color)

  • Because Asian women are stereotyped to be submissive and small, which means guys can control them much more easily. Creepy guys like that:/

    Remember, most White men marry White women and more Black men marry White women than Asian women. And most supermodels and famous actresses are White women, not Asian. List the countries with most beautiful women on the Internet, you will see mostly European countries.

  • See, I wonder the same thing.. No offense.. Lol.. The thing is, my boyfriend told me he found Asian girls more attractive than white girls. And I'm a white girl. I don't think I'm ugly or anything, so it hurt my feelings a lot.. It makes me feel insecure.. I know he loves me for me, and finds me attractive in his own way.. I don't really know what to do. I can't forget that he said that, and it really bothers me.. D: I think some Asian girls are really pretty, I just don't understand why men think they're BETTER than us white girls?

    • Asian women are not better than White women, that is crazy. I think White women are the most beautiful because they are so diverse.

      Remember, most supermodels and actresses in the West such as USA and Europe are White and men go crazy for these women. Even in Asian countries, White features such as yours is admired! Even White women grace Asian magazines but I don't see many Asian models in magazines, even in men's magazines! Men's magazines feature mostly White women!

  • because Asian girls are hot.

  • I've never heard a guy say one particular race is hotter than another

    • The day God created the first black woman, He was just showin off. Now you've heard it. ; - )

    • :)

    • I have and it's annoying. One might find certain features on person another country attractive more than another, but there are people who will just like you for your race. Being an Asian women I heard it all the time.