Why do a lot of guys think Asian girls are hotter than other girls?

Why is that? I heard a lot of guys say this... what's with that? not because I am Asian but just curious. THANKS!

ok let me rephrase the question. every1 has a preference for what type of girl they want - race, hair color, etc. but there are a lot of guys who prefer Asian girls over black or white. why is that?


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  • "Hotter" isn't the right term. The Asian women speak from their Buddhist-based outlook, focused on eternity, so often. Therefore they aren't grabbing for the Porsche or the next promotion nearly as much as the corporate women we have in the United States, and they're just a LOT more personable, interesting, and therefore attractive.

    • Awwwww very well thought answer. but you will be surprised there are gold diggerrs too disguised as angels.

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    • I'm not.. I can deal with or whithout a designer bag or sunglasses.. it goes to all races

    • Speaking generally, of course!

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  • I think it's because Asian girls are mostly smaller than all the rest, and this makes it easier for us guys to tote em around, and also it's cheaper to feed em. I had me a big ol' Russian girl fer awhile and I could barely heft her into the trunk! And talk about eatin'. I pity the guy that has to keep that ol' gal in oats!

  • My personal opinion is rather the opposite. I have nothing against asians at all, I just don't find most attractive. I'd say my preference would be white, latina, black, asian in that order. White & Latina are a very very close favorite.

  • It is because they look innocent and cute and generally are very feminine and respectful of the role a man plays in their lives. They seem so polite and submissive outside the bedroom and are the opposite when one on one intimately which is very appealing !

  • I don't.

    • Your opinion... tnx anyways

  • We don't its about personal preference.

    • You don't for now. lol

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  • i think its all about preference.

  • all about preference!

  • Just a matter of preference

  • I think it really depends on the guy.

  • cause they're really pretty and kinky!

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