Why do people hate on black women?

i am a 23 year old black woman in America. I am proud to be black but to be honest if I had a choice I would have never chosen to be a black woman...it sucks. it seems like everyone has something against black women. people say its because black women are loud and ghetto etc. but what people don't realize is that black women have been treated like sh*t every since we came to this country as slaves. we were never treated like women or even humans for that matter. but yet people blame it on us for others not liking us. Every time I turn around black women are being called ugly. Everything that is considered beautiful is opposite of black women. blue eyes, blonded hair, silky hair, white skin ...etc. Well black women don't have any of that! does that make us ugly? white people claim to be the smartest people in the world but it looks like they can't figure out something as simple as cause and effect. for example people say black women in America are over weight.

Cause: back then slaves were given unhealthy scraps like chitlins, pig feet, and neck bones which slaves made it apart of an everyday meal. black people have adapted this type of unhealthy eating from slavery.(if there wasn't any slavery from the begining I think there wouldn't be any unhealthy eating habbits for black people)

black women I think have been delt in unlucky hand. but why us?

i think I would feel better if white women would have a harder life but it looks like that's not happening anytime soon. I feel most of the hate from white men. white men every since the beginging seems like he has something bad towards black women. I feel like white men don't give two flying freaks about black women. Why is that? what have black women ever done to white men. the way white men described black women through out history have been vulgar, dehumanized, and sexualized in a "jezebel" sort of way. I thought that race relationships were getting better in America. but it looks like to me black women are being left out. people are always saying "yeah black women need to date outside of there race more" how can we do that when white men usually see black women as unhuman and undesireable? yeah I know that there are a few white men that like black women but even if he does they usually don't marry a black women. there's a difference between having a black girlfriend or f*** buddy and having a black wife. you can screw anybody. so if people think that black women can solve there problem by dating outside of there race...i doubt it. if white men are not willing to have a black wife, at the end of the day black women are back to square 1. SINGLE! except this time we have slept with a white boy!

idk what are your thoughts on this situation?


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  • I can understand where you are coming from but the fact that you brought up slavery is a little irritating, the fact that I belong to a race that I had absolutely no control over being doesn't signify I am responsible for things people within it have caused, neither to you. As far as I'm aware (i'v checked out my family tree) my family were not slave owners. It really annoys me when people attach themselves to race and feel they have enough reason to hate others or side themselves with one side rather than the other just because you were born into something you never had control over. Just because you're the same race does not give you any further relation with someone else within the same race (its a product of social construct).

    Anyway I'm straying of the subject too much, despite the US being one of the most racially diverse countries in the world, it seems like it also has the msot problems. Kinda ironic... I think it does relate to what I talked about above, people attach themselves to races and devide themselves into "communities" omg the amount of communities iv heard existing in the US, everything from the "black community, white community, Asian community, Hispanic community (even though Hispanic originates from the white spaniards its now become a race in the US) irish community... it really doesn't stop. So people are associating into groups to hate against one another, I believe this is the main cause since the idea of communities really isn't as strong outside the US and they have less problems. I personally find black women very attractive, they are gorgeous :P and would happily date AND marry one. I'm sorry for how you feel though

    • uggh that's a lot to read

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      @sweetshelley0101 First of all, they are African Americans not the Blacks? I like how cowardly asses like you come on here and spew your racist views behind fake profiles knowing. Not! You go get a fucking grip!

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      @sweetshelley0101 get a life you fucking coward!

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  • It is not black or white or even aliens if they exist lol. It is a society as a whole that matters and effects people like you and my self ( Russian ). Historically speaking, it was is and will ( not for long ) be 1% of entire population consisting of white men and women ( richest on the planet) who decided looooooooong time ago, that all races except white are considered to be defected and that's where all this sh*t comes from. Romans were tried to purify their race, Nazis were trying on a massive scale, now it is UN and US turn, but with a more gentle approach, where different cultures and races eat each other up instead of government doing it's dirty job. All races have something hot and sexy that other races don't have. I live in NYC and I can CLEARLY see that only majority of black slim girls, have natural big perfect bubble butts ( LOVE IT) compare to white girls who do have it too, but they just fat. Society to blame not an individual identity.

  • I'm white, so yeah I can't talk out of my own experience. But you really can't deny it's better to be black than brown in the US right now.

    • Yes and no, it all depends where you are living and the people there, so its hard to make a blanket statement like that.

    • Sixstring, you are correct. Browns have a hard tow coming their way in the next little bit. This might be why so many of their woman don't want brown men, perhaps.

  • Oh and by the way, arabs have much more sh*t to go through nowadays than black people.

    • says the non black person...

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      Right! The non black person with no black friends but swear they're an expert on black people because of Fox News!

  • To be totally honest, so far in my life I've met one black person I didn't like. I certainly don't hate black women, but I find them less attractive. Most women of subsahara-africa/carribean descent have very distinct facial features. I can't really explain what these facial features are, but they're there. And when I look at african-American girls, I almost always see this hideous style in clothes and hair. It really doesn't have anything to do with skin colour.

    Girls who have one black and one white parent can be extremely hot though.

    • black people in American are mixed thanks to slavery. so if you hate our features...thank the white side of our family.

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    • For you to say such absurd statements you would have to see every black woman in the world Which you haven't. You are a disgusting and a racist. You should be ashamed of yourself. Those aren't preferences your just bashing black woman.


  • I actually find black women more attractive than all others, but I don't go around shouting it or anything its just not the done thing I guess, oh and I may be biased in my love of darker skin, I've had sun stroke :(

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  • Black people have been hated on in America since the first slave ship was brought to shores. Black people in general really only recieved civil rights about 50 years ago. That means anytime before the 1960s a white man could rape, kill a black person and get away with it and it happened A LOT. Never forget history because the same people you are trying to gain acceptance from were raised in environments that bred that type of behavior. blacks were, and still are seen as lesser. maybe good enough to F but not good enough to wife. Don't be surprised by any type of racism you notice from people, just be aware of it and don't try to chase behind white boys. Racism has gotten better but it is still there, its just subtle and covert now. There are people who still think negative thoughts about you but they just won't say it to your face like they did in our grandparents day. Date brothas, there are still some good ones left, they just don't get that much attention

  • Once I saw this, I had to shake my head because I'm african American, and American italian & german, I don't see how people can be so discriminant. We are all human, with different color skin. Lets put it this way, crayons are all different colors, but they are still crayons right?, you don't see them discriminating each other. Why can't this world be more like a crayon box? Lol sheesh.

  • About the unattractive part...I seen a lot recently about that in the news, like some pseudo scientist writing an article "proving" that Black Women are ugly. BUT my view on that is, if that's the case, why are other races baking their skin making themselves as dark as I am? Why are other races worrying about their "bootys"? they never worried about that before! Why are they always trying to find tips/injections to make their lips look fuller? Why, what's their inspiration? Just saying :)

    I love myself, my body, my facial features, and my skin color(so do guys of different races)... you should try doing the same :)

    • thats what I'm kinda saying. why would that Asian guy write something like that. black women only make up 7%-8% of America's population but everyone has come to the conclusion that we are ugly. I was just stating that black women have been treated like crap for hundreds of years I just want to know why?

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    • lol because black is beautiful(it's true btw)

    • I don't know how many females of any race are beautiful or ugly...but YOU are NOT ugly...:D <3

  • Seriously, black woman to black woman SHUT THE F*CK UP!

    You know what I'm sick of hearing about? Black people who claim they've been dealt this horrible hand in life. I have never wanted to be white, I am happy the way I am. I know that I have to go out and battle stereotypes everyday and I think I'm doing a pretty good job. I have black friends, white friends, Asian friends, Hispanic friends none of them have ever judged me for the way I look.

    I have never been treated like sh*t. I grew up in the suburbs, went to private school where most of my friends and teachers were white. My teachers never treated me badly and my friends parents welcomed me into their homes with open arms whenever I came over.

    White men don't think black women are ugly. The two guys I have slept with have been white and it wasn't like I forced them into bed or anything! I git hit on by white guys and get told I'm cute by white guys all the time. They treat me the same as they treat any white woman.

    As far as being fat, I'm not fat, if black women (and men) are fat it's their own fault! Yes, in some poorer neighborhoods it's harder to find healthy foods but that is a societal problem not a black people problem. No one's making black women eat deep fried fatty foods. I get a sandwich or a salad for lunch everyday, I was raised eating dinner that consisted of starch, protein, and veggies. I was taught from a young age the importance of staying physically active. As a result I'm in better shape than most women no matter what they look like.

    And as far as being dealt the short straw and it's not fair and woe is me, my Mom grew up in the ghetto, put herself through college and grad school and now she has her own business and drives a benz. My dad grew up in the south and moved up north as a teenager, he went to college and grad school and is an engineer and works with people of all races who respect his opinions and ideas. You know what they don't do, b*tch about how hard life is being black and white people just don't understand. In this sh*tty economy even I got a job, a real job, in an office, with a salary in benefits!

    So please, stop blaming white people for your problems. It's not their fault. Stop playing the victim, if you don't like something change it. If you know that you're gonna be battling a stereotype be aware of that and don't act ghetto and people will respect you as a person and be your friend, employ you, and date you and not care what the color of your skin is! So my thought on the situation is the black people need to stop playing the victim, shut up, and go about their lives and stop blaming white people and saying they're always discriminated against! And as for the slave thing, how do you think all those slaves would feel knowing that you're sitting around b*tching about how hard your life is now that you have every opportunity in the world available to you.

    • I totally agree with what you are saying, 100%.

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    • your responsibilities, a constant feeling of victimization, and an overwhelming willingness to give up and complain about it and expect a lifetime of government handouts to make up for slavery. In the mean time black people like me who aren't complaining and are out there doing something with their lives and get called whitewashed because we have more ambitions than popping out babies and living on welfare. That's the truth, deal with it. You opened the door to be insulted because all you did

    • was b*tch about things that you could change, you didn't as a question so there was no question to answer, and then you blamed white people for everything wrong in your life. You don't deserve anything for slavery because you were never a slave. So stop b*tching, better yet, just stop talking because you're embarrassing yourself and you don't even know it.

  • It's not just because you're black.

    Look -- I'm Indian. I'm brown, I'm tubby/curvy (not thin), I have black hair, and brown eyes. People treat me bad because I am dark (especially since I live in Texas.. with a LOT LOT LOT of rednecks and racists). I have been through hell and back myself because of what people put me through over here. I am afraid because I get along with guys from all over the world, but guys where I live won't look at me twice because I'm not "blonde, white, and skinny" -- the type of girls that's the popularity here.

    But.. Do you see me complaining? No. Do you see me posting blogs about how I feel like I'll never find people who'll love me and treat me right because of my skin color? No. Do you see me caring about what people think about me when it comes to my outer appearance? No.


    "The people who matter do not care, the people who care do not matter" -- it's as simple as that. I don't go around complaining about things I cannot and will not change about other people. It's how I can be with myself that matters. If you're happy with yourself, then you will find others who will be happy with yourself as well.

    So in summary: sure there are people out there who hate me the moment they see me because of how I look.. but why worry about them when it's their loss for not getting to know a person like me (a person who gives people her best and cares for them genuinely, who is loving, honest, and loyal).

    You need to be the best you can be and stop worrying about what other people think. To hell with them if they're going to judge -- it does not matter.

    So if you want to blame this whole issue on just the fact that you're "Black" -- you can. But don't forget that it's not just blacks who go through this mess. I don't go around saying "Oh -- they just hate me because I'm brown" lol I'd slap myself if I ever said that.

    • beautiful answer-best answer

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    • no need to -- the question said it all.

      "why do people hate on black women" -- that's enough in itself

      you missed my whole point.

    • Best answer!

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