Why do people hate on black women?

i am a 23 year old black woman in America. I am proud to be black but to be honest if I had a choice I would have never chosen to be a black woman...it sucks. it seems like everyone has something against black women. people say its because black women are loud and ghetto etc. but what people don't realize is that black women have been treated like sh*t every since we came to this country as slaves. we were never treated like women or even humans for that matter. but yet people blame it on us for others not liking us. Every time I turn around black women are being called ugly. Everything that is considered beautiful is opposite of black women. blue eyes, blonded hair, silky hair, white skin ...etc. Well black women don't have any of that! does that make us ugly? white people claim to be the smartest people in the world but it looks like they can't figure out something as simple as cause and effect. for example people say black women in America are over weight.

Cause: back then slaves were given unhealthy scraps like chitlins, pig feet, and neck bones which slaves made it apart of an everyday meal. black people have adapted this type of unhealthy eating from slavery.(if there wasn't any slavery from the begining I think there wouldn't be any unhealthy eating habbits for black people)

black women I think have been delt in unlucky hand. but why us?

i think I would feel better if white women would have a harder life but it looks like that's not happening anytime soon. I feel most of the hate from white men. white men every since the beginging seems like he has something bad towards black women. I feel like white men don't give two flying freaks about black women. Why is that? what have black women ever done to white men. the way white men described black women through out history have been vulgar, dehumanized, and sexualized in a "jezebel" sort of way. I thought that race relationships were getting better in America. but it looks like to me black women are being left out. people are always saying "yeah black women need to date outside of there race more" how can we do that when white men usually see black women as unhuman and undesireable? yeah I know that there are a few white men that like black women but even if he does they usually don't marry a black women. there's a difference between having a black girlfriend or f*** buddy and having a black wife. you can screw anybody. so if people think that black women can solve there problem by dating outside of there race...i doubt it. if white men are not willing to have a black wife, at the end of the day black women are back to square 1. SINGLE! except this time we have slept with a white boy!

idk what are your thoughts on this situation?


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  • I can understand where you are coming from but the fact that you brought up slavery is a little irritating, the fact that I belong to a race that I had absolutely no control over being doesn't signify I am responsible for things people within it have caused, neither to you. As far as I'm aware (i'v checked out my family tree) my family were not slave owners. It really annoys me when people attach themselves to race and feel they have enough reason to hate others or side themselves with one side rather than the other just because you were born into something you never had control over. Just because you're the same race does not give you any further relation with someone else within the same race (its a product of social construct).

    Anyway I'm straying of the subject too much, despite the US being one of the most racially diverse countries in the world, it seems like it also has the msot problems. Kinda ironic... I think it does relate to what I talked about above, people attach themselves to races and devide themselves into "communities" omg the amount of communities iv heard existing in the US, everything from the "black community, white community, Asian community, Hispanic community (even though Hispanic originates from the white spaniards its now become a race in the US) irish community... it really doesn't stop. So people are associating into groups to hate against one another, I believe this is the main cause since the idea of communities really isn't as strong outside the US and they have less problems. I personally find black women very attractive, they are gorgeous :P and would happily date AND marry one. I'm sorry for how you feel though