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Guys, why do you all like yoga pants so much?

Those pants you see a lot of girls wearing now days, what makes you men like them so much? Here's what they look like.. link

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What Guys Said 20

  • They tend to fill out a skinny girl and mae her look curvy. Even a slightly overweight woman looks good in them, they sort of have a slimming effect.

  • In short......the girl's shape around her waist/hips area is shown off so welll......that she looks like she's not wearing anything. We see all of the delicious curviness of the female figure. :) :) :) :) :)

  • I like the way it shows all the curves of the ass...yum.

  • Come on, wha d'ya think!?

  • They show off the girls curves! :D

  • because they show a lot of the cruvings underneath it :D

  • A pair of pants that make it look almost like there is nothing there at all and are skin tight around the butt, what's hot about that

  • It's a turn on because it accentuates the legs and ass. It's also a distraction when girls wear it to gym class for that same reason.

  • theres just something flirty and cute bout them haha

  • those pants make the girls butt look so perfect, its just, magic

  • Bring back the see through Lulu's!

  • They make the butt pop off of the girl, it's really eye catching and it's hard not to drool.

  • As long as she doesn't war them as pants Wearing them under long top is best

    • Agreed if they are leggings.

  • It shows off your ass and legs. Isn't it obvious why a guy would like them?

  • They are soft, they fit well in all the right places, and they have an elastic wasteband to help when we fool around. :D

    • Fair enough haha

  • Because it makes a girl that is skinny and with no ass suddenly sexually attractive.

  • If a girl's got a great ass yoga pants are a fine way to display that. Leggings are great too!

  • Is this a serious question?I heard this quote one time, it best sums it up:"Yoga pants are the push-up bra for your butt"Seriously, it shapes and shows off a girl's butt. What's so hard to understand?

  • It accentuates your butt and legs. It can also sort of give you camel toe. Why else would we like them?

What Girls Said 5

  • This is a very obvious question. Tight pants + girl in them = a guy's party in his pants.

  • link If a girl has a nice ass then it it can accentuate the shape and curves of her lower half

    • holy crap.

  • Because it's more fitted then sweats. It's an alternative to sweats. It brings out the shape of a girl rather than making them look like they have no shape in sweats, aka the butt. It's casual but in a more classy way. If you are looking for some, lululemon makes the best yoga pants, but they are quite pricey. But they give you such a great shape and makes you look super sexy. They are super popular where I live.

  • Like you have to ask?They can clearly see your butt/thighs/legs. -_-

  • Because they show off the ass! Where do you find them by the way?

    • Victoria Secret's Pink line has many cute pairs. If you want cheaper ones you can find them at walkmart and target, too. :)

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