How can I become more of a jerk?

All the jerks are getting the girls. I am pretty confident and assertive and seems like that jerk quality is what I need. How can I be more of a jerk and less of a sweet guy? I need to turn sour.


Most Helpful Guy

  • -Act like you're not into her

    -Disagree with her for the sake of conversation

    -When she asks you a question about yourself, respond with the same question with answering her question. Chances are, she'll proceed with answering your question prior to realizing or caring that you never answered.

    -Find new and creative ways to be a Hypocrite.

    -Never sugarcoat your opinion on something because you think the way you feel with offend her standpoint. You're the devil's advocate.

    -When she starts talking about her morals, it's a good time to make her feel guilty.

    -She should never have any reason to believe she's number one in your mind

    -She should never have any reason to believe she's not easily replaced.

    -Condescend whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    -Don't do any "favors"