How can I become more of a jerk?

All the jerks are getting the girls. I am pretty confident and assertive and seems like that jerk quality is what I need. How can I be more of a jerk and less of a sweet guy? I need to turn sour.


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  • -Act like you're not into her

    -Disagree with her for the sake of conversation

    -When she asks you a question about yourself, respond with the same question with answering her question. Chances are, she'll proceed with answering your question prior to realizing or caring that you never answered.

    -Find new and creative ways to be a Hypocrite.

    -Never sugarcoat your opinion on something because you think the way you feel with offend her standpoint. You're the devil's advocate.

    -When she starts talking about her morals, it's a good time to make her feel guilty.

    -She should never have any reason to believe she's number one in your mind

    -She should never have any reason to believe she's not easily replaced.

    -Condescend whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    -Don't do any "favors"


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  • I'm gonna be perfectly honest...

    I LOVE jerks. Maybe it's because I'm young, I dunno. I just do. But being a jerk is NOT the same thing as being an asshole. I think it kind of stems from the idea that males are supposed to be the most raw of the sexes, and being a jerk sometimes gives a man the air of dominance. Girls get asked out SO often, every day, by men who try way too hard. It's sickly sweet, and it's boring. Being a bit of a jerk sometimes adds spice. It brings out the catty determination of women and that can cause a lot of sparks to fly. Girls enjoy a bit of a chase too. Like once, I was out with a group of friends and two pretty good looking guys came over. Guy 1 looks at my girlfriend and says something along the lines of; "That's a hot dress. You look amazing.", Guy 2 looked her up and down, obviously liked what he saw, smirked, and then said; "It would have looked hotter in red." That was it.

    Guess which guy she went for. Yeah. A lot of girls have very extroverted and outgoing personalities. They can pretty much get their way with anything, anyone, and not really have to try too hard to do it. So it's really thrilling when someone comes around and isn't afraid to roll his eyes at you and ignore you.

    What to do? When/if she tries to kiss you, pull away. That almost NEVER happens that a guy pulls away, and it will make her want to kiss you more. Poke fun at her intelligence. Women have a tendency to let their IQ drop a few points while flirting. If she says something silly, call her out on it. Don't ask. Just do. If you want to dance, don't ask her. Just take her hand and lead the way. She will follow. Be disinterested for a while. Allow yourself to notice other women while in her presence "discretely". It'll make her work even harder for your undivided attention. Basically, just turn it around so that she will end up doing most of the work to get you, that you would have done to get her.

    Now, the line is drawn when cocky or jerk becomes downright abuse or disrespect. Name calling of any kind, or touching a girl inappropriately is where the hotness becomes rude and intolerable.

    • I like this alot. So how does it work if I want to approach a girl in public? I guess I'm confused about showing interest and acting "catty" as you said. And with your example, those guys were pretty good looking and knew you girls would give them attention. I'm not the best looking guy in the world, so I can't win in that department.

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    • Well put answer.

    • Thanks very much :)

      And Anonymous, you missed my point entirely! They were "pretty good looking". Like, not hideous. Average. I never said they were hot :p

      And anyhow, they were both about the same level of attractiveness, but Guy 2 MADE himself the most attractive just by what came out of his mouth. A guy can get any girl he wants if he says the right things, I swear it. Just put your cocky suit on and keep thinking to yourself; "I'm hot sh*t" haha.

  • trust me I know what you mean. Jerks act like they don't care and girls flock to them. they want what they can't have and that asshole quality makes the guy ;hot;...but wanna know a secret? They DONT marry or end up with the girls, nice guys do. If you want to be a bit more jerkish without being too nice cause you don't want anyone to take advantage, just don't seem to care sooo much in the beginning of a relationship to get the girl to come to you...but after that you can let go and be yourself. Don't be too mean or too nice, that's the way to go.

    • Why do girls assume nice guys let people take advantage of them? There is a huge difference between a nice guy and a pushover.

  • We don't like jerks, we like aggressive guys. We like guys who will walk right up to us and start a conversation, guys who carry themselves with confidence and have opinions and beliefs. The problem with the typical "nice guy" is that he isn't stubborn in his beliefs at all. He will do anything for a girl he likes (such as change his opinions, passions, or beliefs to match hers). I am not saying to purposely disagree with a girl, but don't just change your mind because of what we think. And if you eventually come to share our opinions, that is fine, we can tell the difference.

    The problem with nice guys is that their biggest passion is the girl. How boring is that? Yes, it is flattering at first, but after a while it is just way to predictable. It is possible to love a girl without becoming obsessed. Girls tend to like guys who make us a part of their life, not the whole thing. Think about it, would you want to date a girl who was obsessed with you? A girl who just did everything you wanted her to without having her own thoughts? It would get boring after a while, and you would crave a real relationship.

    It isn't about being a jerk. It is about being yourself, always. Have your own life, be confident in yourself, and don't worry if girls like you or not. Just live your life. Have your own values, opinions, and passions. When you meet a girl you like, talk to her, flirt with her, make her feel like she is special. If you start to really like her, ask her out. Just do what you want to do and be confident that you can do it.

    • This girl just said all that needs to be said. 100% right except the sad fact is some girl do like the druggy jerks and always will but for the most part right on

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    • So are you saying that you'd rather have some jerk who treats you like sh*t than a guy who will love you and give you whatever you want. That's screwed up. I mean what would you rather have, a guy who beats you and verbally abuses you and is unpredictable, or would you want a nice guy who won't cheat or abuse you and treat you like you should. I guess you'd want the abuser. Well I ain't like that and I never will even if I'm single until I'm old

    • No, I would rather be single than have a doormat. "Give you whatever you want" isn't love, it's being whipped and putting the person on a pedestal. Flattering, at first, but after a while you start to crave a real relationship, with a person who can think for themselves. Not a desperate wimp.

  • Stay a nice guy. Jerks get the girls faster, but they lose them when the girls get a clue. It may take nice guys longer to get girls, but the nice boys are always the keepers.

    • may I ask if it's offensive I'm sorry I'm just wondering until when when she have a baby or until she hits her mid 20's and older and she is abuse by her ex oh wait she goes to another jerk I ask because notice some crazy and stupid stuff a woman get abuse then nice guy help her or she comes to nice guy for recovery then she left him for another jerk what's up with that

    • i mean may I ask if it's offensive I'm sorry I'm just wondering until when when she have a baby or until she hits her mid 20's and older and she is abuse by her ex oh wait she goes to another jerk I ask because I notice some crazy and stupid stuff a woman get abuse then nice guy help her or she comes to nice guy for recovery then she left him for another jerk what's up with that

  • dont be a jerk. seriously. I'm just saying the same thing all of these other people have but ill reiterate it again just to get the point across. the girls who go for jerks are girls, not women. you don't want to attract that type and you don't want to be someone you're not.

    as a rule of thumb, don't make anybody a priority until they show you they'll return it & apreciate it. otherwise you just come off as needy. keep yourself busy, spend time with your friends & family, do things you enjoy, and find actvities that would be catalysts for meeting women.

    and I hope I don't insult you by saying that everybody needs to work on their physical appearance so hitting the gym, and taking care of yourself would help also. physical attraction is the first step to sparking interest, although it doesn't keep the interest if the person is an idiot

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  • Dude, don't be a jerk. Sorry some dude burned you recently, but don't sink because of it. You don't need to be a jerk to get more, you just be assertive about what you want and take more initiative at getting it.

  • Just express how you feel about everything and don't think about how it effects people around you. Everything you do must benefit you in some sort of way, otherwise it's a waste of time. Constantly make crude, vulgar and sexual innuendo jokes to women and be very persistant on trying to get them to have sex with you.

    Also you'll have to lie to them about how you feel. Say stuff like "i've never met someone like you before, you are so gorgeous and sexy," But as soon as you have sex with them. You have to go after their best friend. After sleeping with her, make sure they both know so that they lose a friendship over a jerky guy.

    i think I just described the super douche..

  • i know what you mean dude but please don't let the so call bitches and hos to destroy us nice guys and good decent men and our reputations for being nice and good men let them be single mothers it's their fault not yours keep trying and if they reject you just once because you are nice then forget them let them get pregnant with jerks you are better then this.While those bitches and hos pardon my french date jerks and she lives on the street being single mothers with nothing at all no money no house no thing if you know what I mean and you get a life,a wife loves you for who you are and you have a job and a nice car and a nice house/a nice apartment I hope this helps a fellow nice guy/a good decent man and good luck dude and let's see who have the last laughs and if you got anything to ask me or if you got any questions you like to ask me feel free to ask me and I will see if I can answer your question.

  • You don't need to be a jerk I am not a jerk and I get pretty much any girl I want. Be the edgy guy that treats women well. It maybe something you are doing even though being confident. Are you self defeating yourself instantly assuming girls like jerks so putting it in the back of your head when going after a girl? Check out the they are friends of mine and the free stuff they have on there site is more then enough to help a confident guy figure out what he might be doing wrong.

  • You Don't Need To Be A Jerk, Its Only The Confidence Girls Like.

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