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What is the most painless way to kill yourself?

I'm really strongly considering killing myself right now at this moment. I need to know the quickest painless way to do I'm don't with life I... Show More

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  • Wow what a terrible excuse for killing yourself. Oh no he doesn't love me anymore! Boo hoo *tear*. I've wanted to kill myself because I work three jobs since I was 15, come home to a mother that weeps about how no love in her life ever lasted, I'm going in surgery at 5:00 P.M tomorrow to hopefully fix the damage my body has gone through, I was sexually assaulted by my stepmother when I was 10, beaten by my father because I told him she sexually assaulted me, and I've watched as every female role model in my entire life proved to me they should burn in hell. Now despite all those lovely memories and happy smileys :D :D :D. I still don't kill myself, because if anything I'm gonna f*** over anyone in my way before I die. So stop crying about some boy who doesn't love you anymore and get on with your life.

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  • u know what? I've been feeling this way since I was 8 add me and message me and we might be able to talk our way through this

  • The fact that you're asking how to kill yourself but more than two thirds of your post consists of explaining how your boyfriend is awful indicates that you don't actually want suicide advice, you just want some attention.

  • At this moment, you may be. But what about the next? Take things one step at a time my dear. There is no point in depriving ones self of a life full of wonderful moments just because of a few bad ones. Break ups are hard to deal with at times, especially when you've made the other person your whole world, which I highly recommend not doing in the future. If this guy loved you and made you feel in such a way, why on earth would you think it couldn't happen again? It may be true that nothing will get through to him, but it sounds like he just isn't worth the hassle at this point. People change, whom you loved at one time, is no longer. You need to give yourself time to be happy with yourself. Then you can work on finding someone who will love you the way he used to. You found it once, if you're willing to try, you'll find it again. And next time, who knows, it may be for keeps. End it now, don't find out, but isn't the possibility of such things worth keeping on?

  • Oh Stop it. Your not going to kill self.

    • Yourself*

  • DONT DO IT! Message me and I'll talk through your situation. There's no need to resort to killing yourself. EVER.

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  • i agree with anyone else that says you just want attention. shut up, you're not going to kill yourself. idiot.

  • Wow...look, I'm going to be honest. Your life is a blessing, a blessing that other people don't always have or get to keep. I know you are going through a hard time right now but don't let yourself give up. Just wait and see what happens next...you may feel like you are never going to be loved again but if you find strength in being alone for the moment then you will attract people to you either as friends or as a boyfriend. I have definitely felt the way you feel right now in the past, so has everybody at one point...so please don't give up!

  • There is nothing worth killing yourself over, especially a guy. You are young and there are plenty of guys out there. Just think about all the people in your life that will be hurt if you harm yourself. Give yourself time becuase time heals all wounds! You will find someone else and please don't hurt yourself!

  • most people who kill themselves do not tell anyone. In fact, they don't even show signs of being suicidal.

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