What is the most painless way to kill yourself?

I'm really strongly considering killing myself right now at this moment. I need to know the quickest painless way to do I'm don't with life I cannot take this any longer I'm sick! Reason: my boyfriend used to be best described as my dream guy Now : he said he doesn't want to marry me love again... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Wow what a terrible excuse for killing yourself. Oh no he doesn't love me anymore! Boo hoo *tear*. I've wanted to kill myself because I work three jobs since I was 15, come home to a mother that weeps about how no love in her life ever lasted, I'm going in surgery at 5:00 P.M tomorrow to hopefully fix the damage my body has gone through, I was sexually assaulted by my stepmother when I was 10, beaten by my father because I told him she sexually assaulted me, and I've watched as every female role model in my entire life proved to me they should burn in hell. Now despite all those lovely memories and happy smileys :D :D :D. I still don't kill myself, because if anything I'm gonna f*** over anyone in my way before I die. So stop crying about some boy who doesn't love you anymore and get on with your life.