Why does he freak out when I touch him??

I know he does not hate me, & he is attracted to me, so why does he freak out so much... I do not mean groping him or anything, just if touch his elbow by accident, or accidentally kick his foot, or brush by him as we pass... The tiniest touch & he gets Really tense?

Maybe he thinks i MEAN something by it- but I do not I just happens y accident, tho I do not MIND of course, but I do not go out of my way to DO it... The more relaxed I am & do not worry about it, the more it HAPPEN lol

GUYS, anyone have a being touched problem?

Help, advice, insight?


btw He does not seem to mind OTHER people touching him, OR him touching OTHER people- apparently just me - so far ^ ^


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  • may be he is like me, and everywhere that is possible to touch tickles him O.O

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      i'm like that actually. hmm maybe , he usedto get annoyed tho when we were making out if I got ticklish I guess because it would ruin the mood. maybe he is and he does not say anything because its not manly to be ticklish- omg mabe you are right. I asked this quetion a while and weve been together since, but he stil holds me kind of away while we are 'together; its very strsange. but like he won't shake hands either- hell have sex but he won't shake my hand. I meant he's willing to , not that we did

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      Maybe that's why he holds me away from his stomach when we kiss & uses harder pressure rather than gentle, so I'll do the same & MAYBE that's why he pushed my hand away even tho he said it felt good lol

      itd be good if you are correct. what do you do if people touch you?

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      Most times when people touch me I jump up in the air!

      other times I just sort of spaz out :D