What is it about "cute" "innocent" "wholesome" type girls that some guys like?

what is the appeal with these kind of girls? why would a man be drawn to this type?

and what type of guy is typically attracted to girls like this?


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  • Simple, a man who wants to settle down AND/OR cares about more than sex in a relationship will be attracted to this type of girl.

    I think every guy has a different definition for cute vs hot. Maybe it was never clearly explained. I think "cute" has more to do with the way a girl acts, and "hot" has to do with how a girl looks. I'd rather describe more specifically if someone really wanted to know. Personally, I'm more inclined to go for a girl with a subtle attractiveness. Something special about her that I can't immediately pinpoint or describe that makes me melt and gives me butterflies to the stomach. Maybe I'm curious, but that's what attracts me.

    As for innocence, maybe some people like innocent girls because they can easily influence her. It's like a block of clay. You sculpt her the way you want to, or leave it the way it is. However, you can't reverse it once it dries. Perhaps these guys are freaks that want a utopian girlfriend for himself... I'd probably stay away from those 'innocence seekers.' Give me a natural, down to earth girl and I'd be happy with that.

    I don't need some hoe that will cheat. And to the guy who was talking about low self-esteem: you do know that she mentioned "wholesome," right? That means a girl with morals. Girls with morals won't cheat. If anything, you're getting dumped if you're a sh*tty mate, but she won't cheat on you. Nobody in his right mind wants a girl that'll cheat... unless you don't care and are just in for the temporary sex.

    • Just cause a girl cheats doesn't mean that she doesn't have morals. It just means that having that kind of moral isn't important to her. Your answer implies that guys can be sh*tty and girls can't.

    • Tht is like the nicest thing I've ever heard any guy say

    • This is a comment to katrina sanchez's comment to this answer. That is stupid, sorry. Cheating in a commited relationship is immoral. I agree that you can have other morals, but you can't pick and choose what a moral is for the most part. Morals are another name for "social mores", meaning what society as a whole says is right and wrong. Cheating is lying, and one bad choice might not make you an overall bad person, but it's still wrong.

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  • These are the ones you can TRUST. At least sometimes That's getting pretty rare these days!

  • I dunno, low self-esteem?

    Normal guys like normal girls.

    And things that are normally attractive is a girl that's hot, a girl that has her normal girly behaviors like attention-seeking, competing with other girls, trying to be clever & manipulative, playing games; and her normal human behaviors, getting into trouble, not being perfect, and having a normal healthy sex drive & desire.

    A guy with low self-esteem is intimidated by this.

    First he thinks, there's no way a girl that hot would ever want me, when all these other guys (better than me) want her too. Plus, even if she did somehow want me, she would eat me alive. I'm so emotionally and sexually weak next to her; that I would basically be her little puppy & slave. That wouldn't be a relationship at all. Plus she's had sex before, and isn't afraid to show it or admit it; which means there's a better chance that I probably won't be able to give her what she wants sexually; and when I don't; she's not the type to be afraid to turn around and tell me how much I suck, or just strait up cheat on me or dump me.

    But guys with low self-esteem need lovin' too.

    That's where the "cute, innocent, wholesome" types come in.

    First he thinks, while all the other guys are busy with the more attractive & more sexual girls; there's a market that's being ignored! These girls are cute (not ugly), which means there's a better chance that she'll want me over guys (better than me). She's innocent, so it won't matter as much that I'm so emotionally and sexually weak; since her own morality will prevent her from using me or taking advantage of me; because I have no backbone, so girls like this are my only hope for not being a complete carpet & doormat. She's wholesome, so my lack of sexual confidence or skill won't be an issue. Since if she wouldn't say anything even if she wasn't happy, out of fear of appearing or sounding like a slut/whore; or tainting her "wholesome" image.

    So I guess the moral of the story is, every type of person has their place in the dating market.

    • U sound like a douche, jus sayin

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    • I really like this answer. Ill admit that I'm the type who is the description of the first paragraph. It's all phsycology, since a sweet guy can't get the hot sexy type, he is automatically only attracted to the girl next door type because he was lead to believe he can't get the other type.

    • Maybe that's it for a lot of guys, but that's certainly not it for all guys. Myself, I'm former marine, gym rate, graduate degree holding a-typical alpha male, and I prefer the wholesome girls. No, this isn't based on physical looks for me, but on general behavior and upholding. I like girls that I could take home that my mother would approve. At the same time, she can't be a pushover and have no sense of ambition or mind of her own, else I'll get bored of her just as quickly as I would of the hot airhead types after a shag or two.

      At the end of the day, it's about class. I want a girl that's attractive, but also some one that I can take out to a upscale dinner party. I want a girl that I can dance with, not get a lap dance on the dance floor. I want a girl that can speak her mind and hold her own opinions, but is articulate and respectful of others. I want a wholesome woman, not a run of the mill pleb.

      That explain it?

  • There's stories from both sides...jerks will just want to take advantage of sweet innocent gals, and nice guys will want to get with someone like that because she's less likely to have drama, cheat, etc. therefore more likely to be a very faithful, down-to-earth partner.

    • Jerks are attracted to the sexy hot girl because she knows exactly how to keep that type interested. Whereas the cute girl will call and text him everyday, the hot sexy girl will not which in short.. Keeps them interested longer because the hot sexy girl isn't showing as much interest as he is and he wants to change that. I guess it depends on how much of a challenge people want to put up with to get someones affection

  • I can honeslty say that I am a bit disappointed of some of the girl's answers.

    But perhabs its from the past experiences they've had, so I can't really take it too seriously. Their opinions...

    Believe it or not, in some cases, the kind of guys that go for "Cute, Innocent and wholsome" type of girls are guys who have had success at playing the field. These guys usally have great confidence in themselves and isn't afraid to pass a dime if he isn't happy (hopefully you know what that means).

    A guy might get tired of playing around and wants to spend his time on a girl who is down to earth and mature. Someone to where he'd want to let down his gaurd and just be happy with. A girl that doesn't play head games so he can take her seriously. A Girl that will look out for him and take care of him.

    That's something no "fling" can do...

  • They are just what I find attractive, and have always been what I find attractive. The "sexy/hot" look never did much for me. I always preferred a more modest, less attention seeking look, but yet still cute. As far as personality goes, these are the girls I tend to click with more and enjoy being around. They are typically down to earth, very nice, and are more mature. Lastly they seem to value sex more, which is a big plus for me since I also like to value sex as more of an expression of love than it is just a fun act.

    As far as the type of guy, it has nothing to do with self-esteem, me having to "settle" with them, or anything like that, that's ridiculous. I don't see why I'd have to settle when it seems as though "innocence" or "cute" seems to be becoming more rare (sadly). I consider myself a regular, average, nice person. I also like to be romantic, as to me that's one of the most wonderful parts of a relationship.

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  • These answers are really surprising.

  • guys want someone to trust. a wholesome girl most likely won't be a lieing, cheating how. evolution. but also-- they arnt exactly the girls that get f***ed and pregnant at a young age.

  • Wow. Guys, I don't think we're talking about a submissive, dependent little yes-woman here. It could mean she's just NOT a bitch and has some principles, is that really such a turn-off?

    • I smell a question-asker bias.

  • Apparently guys don't like that

    They want the "hot" "sexy" party girl,but settle for that,which to guys,"cute" "innocent" and "wholesome" translates into "ugly","prudish" and "boring"

    • It isn't about settling!! some of us are drawn to this type of girl.... usually I would find such a shy girl as a mariage material . Again.... may be because I am a calm guy myself. I don't like vain and high maintenance girls... .

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    • Dragonblood you have to realize that you are not the typical guy. there are not many guys like you so what you like, does not hold true for what most guys like and end up with.

    • I'm gonna have to agree with her on this cause I literally got told last night that I should be more slutty and sexy and not so shy and innocent... I told him I'm not going to change who I am for the type of guys I don't want. He even told me that he would like me more if I was the slutty chick instead of cute innocent one... I wanted to slap him right then and there just for saying that. Seriously though, wtf guys?! Grow up!

  • I feel like guys don't want us because we're too much work. Or the bad guys want us so they can corrupt us

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