What is it about "cute" "innocent" "wholesome" type girls that some guys like?

what is the appeal with these kind of girls? why would a man be drawn to this type?

and what type of guy is typically attracted to girls like this?


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  • Simple, a man who wants to settle down AND/OR cares about more than sex in a relationship will be attracted to this type of girl.

    I think every guy has a different definition for cute vs hot. Maybe it was never clearly explained. I think "cute" has more to do with the way a girl acts, and "hot" has to do with how a girl looks. I'd rather describe more specifically if someone really wanted to know. Personally, I'm more inclined to go for a girl with a subtle attractiveness. Something special about her that I can't immediately pinpoint or describe that makes me melt and gives me butterflies to the stomach. Maybe I'm curious, but that's what attracts me.

    As for innocence, maybe some people like innocent girls because they can easily influence her. It's like a block of clay. You sculpt her the way you want to, or leave it the way it is. However, you can't reverse it once it dries. Perhaps these guys are freaks that want a utopian girlfriend for himself... I'd probably stay away from those 'innocence seekers.' Give me a natural, down to earth girl and I'd be happy with that.

    I don't need some hoe that will cheat. And to the guy who was talking about low self-esteem: you do know that she mentioned "wholesome," right? That means a girl with morals. Girls with morals won't cheat. If anything, you're getting dumped if you're a sh*tty mate, but she won't cheat on you. Nobody in his right mind wants a girl that'll cheat... unless you don't care and are just in for the temporary sex.

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      Just cause a girl cheats doesn't mean that she doesn't have morals. It just means that having that kind of moral isn't important to her. Your answer implies that guys can be sh*tty and girls can't.

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      Tht is like the nicest thing I've ever heard any guy say

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      This is a comment to katrina sanchez's comment to this answer. That is stupid, sorry. Cheating in a commited relationship is immoral. I agree that you can have other morals, but you can't pick and choose what a moral is for the most part. Morals are another name for "social mores", meaning what society as a whole says is right and wrong. Cheating is lying, and one bad choice might not make you an overall bad person, but it's still wrong.