My boyfriend tells me I'm annoying, is relationship doomed?

My boyfriend recently started telling me I am annoying when I talk too much (even though I've talked the same amount our entire relationship) and now his reason I am annoying because I ask obvious questions. He's always enjoyed my bubbly personality, but now he keeps telling me I'm annoying. Our schedules recently changed and we only have time to hang out two nights a week, so it makes me sad and shut down when he's annoyed at me even after 5 days apart. Then he gets mad that he can't be annoyed at me without me getting upset. I'm a confident person, but it makes me self-conscious now. He says he still loves me, but doesn't ever try to change the things I bring up about him, so I'm not going to try and change my 'annoying' habit that has never annoyed anyone else to my knowledge. Is our relationship doomed? He says he can't put up with it for the next 60 years, but I think there are so many more annoying traits in people, if I ask too many questions, it should be bearable if he changes his outlook about it. I say it's indicative of deeper issues, but he says I am over exaggerating and being dramatic and won't talk about it. Is he just a self-centered jerk? He means a lot to me, but I know there are dudes out there that would appreciate me for all of me and not tell me to stop talking. I guess my main question was, is our relationship over or has he already semi-checked out? We've been dating about a year. Thank you.