Why do some people have it so much easier in life than others?

Why are some people born rich, good looking, have all the success in life with women, money, relationships and satisfaction while others are doomed to a life of suffering and misfortune?


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  • I have asked myself this question many times, and the best answer I have been able to come up with is

    1. Somebody has to be on top, we can't all be equally rich/attractive/intelligent


    2. It doesn't really matter. Think of it using this analogy. Life is a marathon, but we don't all have the same starting line. Some of us start a little farther up, and some of us start farther back, but nobody is really more than a mile from real starting line.

    Now somebody who has everything going for them, born with all the right genes, born into a loving, nurturing and wealthy family, and born in and industrialized nation with good education and health care. That guy who was dealt the perfect hand starts out a full mile ahead of the staring line.

    Now on the other end of the spectrum you have someone who wasn't handed everything on a silver platter, he isn't as smart, he is born in a third world country, and let's say he lives in an orphanage. It doesn't get much worse than that, so he would be like a guy starting a mile behind the starting line.

    Now we have these two racers they are a full two miles apart, can't even see each other, but they both have the same finish line, the same goal that they are working towards. Who is gonna win? Odds are the guy in front, yes, that is true, but the guy in the back has a chance, a very good chance, especially if he is willing to try just a little harder than Mr silver spoon.

    The point is that all the advantages or disadvantages in the world pale in comparison to the power of human spirit. And someone with dedication and drive will always be more successful than someone without those qualities, regardless of the starting point.

    Maybe that analogy is kinda weird to you, but it makes sense to me and that is how I rationalize it.


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  • some girls and boys have all the money coming from their mommy and daddy I suppose

    some are just spoiled at the beginning and for the rest of their life

    some actually work hard to get even if their folks are rich

    and some of us who are poor and got to struggle have to work even harder.

    it's definitely not fair but you always got to find ways to rise up I suppose

  • It's like a card game. The universe shuffles the deck then deals them out. But it's how you play the hand you're dealt that matters.

  • because without the negative there is no positive, without poor there is no rich, without ugly there is no beautiful, without loneliness there is no company, with out suffering there is no pleasure

  • Sometimes when you think someone has the best life... They don't... Someone may be poor but have a lot of love and the rich people might trade all their money and beauty for love... just might opinion

  • I think it's just on how hard you want to work to get the good and rich life. Learn to be happy with what you have. Remember that there's always someone worse off then you are.

  • coz nothing is fair. you ask why you have bad luck having to beg on the street, the begger in Ethiopia would be asking why you're better off than him.

    no point in comparing.

  • because some people are just lucky..

    my family wasn't broke but my dad put his money into a bank and only buys necessities.

    so all I got out of it was a roof over my head, 5 pairs of clothes a year (for school) and food..

    BUT you can always go to collage and get lots of money rollin in and give your kids everything you wanted as a child.. that's what I was gonna do lol

  • life is unfair. the sooner you realize that, the better


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  • I think anyone can make their own success. Sure some people have it easier than others, but I think everyone has an opportunity to become successful. Just look around there are tons of rags to riches stories of people, there are people who are not as good looking with very beautiful women, and there are people who have been handed everything and act stupid and blow all their money. The situation you were born into is just one single factor of your life, the rest is how you make it.

  • Life is a gamble - part of it is what we're given, most of it is the life we make for ourselves.

  • As much as we are told otherwise, all people are NOT born equal. Some people live in better conditions, or have more opportunities just through luck of birth. Some people are born in places with terrible conditions and only one path available for them to take for life. All it really is is luck of the draw.

  • Some just happened to roll a natural 20.

  • In my opinion, it's easier for Women to succeed in life, Women can get anything they want in life with their body, us Men have to gain that success with the way we talk to people, the words and sentences that come out of our mouth

  • Luck.