She says she misses talking everyday, but she says she's happy, so why does she need me in her life anymore?

This girl I almost went out with ended up being with another guy. We were supposedly in love, but now she says her feelings for me are no more, so I told her to just stop talking to me, there is no point in talking, we want different things. But every once in a while, she will try to talk to me. Why is she doing this? We were good friends for a long time, but I told her that is not a possibility anymore because she screwed me over (long story). I've told her I would never be opposed to being together in the future. We can carry on conversations, but its hard for me because I still think about her all the time, its been two months. I really thought she was the one. She says she misses talking everyday, but she says she's happy, so why does she need me in her life anymore.

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  • Just ignore it.. If you got back with her, chances are it wouldn't be the same as you remember it anyway. I was with my ex for 3 years and she broke up with me last month and played the "I need you in my life" card back then - A month later, she's got a new guy already and I'm still left in the dust thinking about how much I love her.

    Cut all connections, don't even talk to her on Facebook, it will make it easier for you at least (and don't be surprised if she moves on quickly either... I didn't think it could happen, but it did..) If she is the one, she'll come back in the future.. whether it's 5 years from now or 40 years, and by then you'll have the experience and the knowledge to determine whether she actually was "the one" for you.

    If she's stupid enough to let you go now, she'll realize her mistake soon.

    • Some of my best friends, which are girls, know the story and they say something along those lines too. They tell me how great I was with her, how great of a person I am, and that she will regret letting me go one day.

    • Exactly. That's how I like to look at it too. If you've treated her right, better than you would anybody else, she'll realize that nobody can get close and it was a mistake to let you go. Course you might get unlucky and she might get with a guy who's pretty much identical to you in his motives? Just think positive and we'll get through it.

    • Couldn't have said it better. And I did, she was everything to me and all the stuff I did was for her. I ended up putting her before myself