She says she misses talking everyday, but she says she's happy, so why does she need me in her life anymore?

This girl I almost went out with ended up being with another guy. We were supposedly in love, but now she says her feelings for me are no more, so I told her to just stop talking to me, there is no point in talking, we want different things. But every once in a while, she will try to talk to me. Why is she doing this? We were good friends for a long time, but I told her that is not a possibility anymore because she screwed me over (long story). I've told her I would never be opposed to being together in the future. We can carry on conversations, but its hard for me because I still think about her all the time, its been two months. I really thought she was the one. She says she misses talking everyday, but she says she's happy, so why does she need me in her life anymore.


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  • Just ignore it.. If you got back with her, chances are it wouldn't be the same as you remember it anyway. I was with my ex for 3 years and she broke up with me last month and played the "I need you in my life" card back then - A month later, she's got a new guy already and I'm still left in the dust thinking about how much I love her.

    Cut all connections, don't even talk to her on Facebook, it will make it easier for you at least (and don't be surprised if she moves on quickly either... I didn't think it could happen, but it did..) If she is the one, she'll come back in the future.. whether it's 5 years from now or 40 years, and by then you'll have the experience and the knowledge to determine whether she actually was "the one" for you.

    If she's stupid enough to let you go now, she'll realize her mistake soon.

    • Some of my best friends, which are girls, know the story and they say something along those lines too. They tell me how great I was with her, how great of a person I am, and that she will regret letting me go one day.

    • Exactly. That's how I like to look at it too. If you've treated her right, better than you would anybody else, she'll realize that nobody can get close and it was a mistake to let you go. Course you might get unlucky and she might get with a guy who's pretty much identical to you in his motives? Just think positive and we'll get through it.

    • Couldn't have said it better. And I did, she was everything to me and all the stuff I did was for her. I ended up putting her before myself

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  • thats bad! she's stupid for doing that! I would never do that to a guy like that. how bout you hit me up and well talk ;)

  • she still likes you.

    shes just trying to persuade herself and you, that she's happy with the other person.

    girls are complicated like that, and they feel that if they say their happy, you guys will come after them, and explain why you want them, to try to win them over.

    she still has those feelings for you, and still wants you in her life.

    be in her life, it'll make her crave you.

    because she'll see your fine with it, and will make her curious.

    • Its just so weird, like I get the vibe that she isn't truly happy with this guy, even though she says she's the happiest she's ever been. She says she's over me, but its like you were saying. Why does she bother to talk to me if she's really done with me. What you say makes sense, its just like she doesn't want to say it

  • Girls like knowing that men want/think about them. That's not the case for all girls but from what it sounds like she is talking to you every once and a while because she still wants you to think about her. As hard as it is just don't respond when she talks to you. You're leading yourself on and giving her the satisfaction she is looking for.

    • Yeah exactly its very very hard. I just don't understand why she would do this. She says she is happy with the guy she is with, so why does she need me though?

    • Sorry, forgot to add. She always brings up the fact we use to talk everyday and she miss talking and all that too

  • She still has a soft spot for you then. She still likes you! Even though she says she happy, its probably what she wants to think. If she says she misses talking to you...she misses talking to you! Duh! She likes you still! :D

    • Well that's what I thought, then she went on some kick, that we will never be together and my feelings for you are done. But she still wants to talk to me. I don't get it. I'd be with her in a second if I had the chance

  • You can enjoy someone's company without wanting to be their f*ckbuddy. This reeks of you being the whiny one, not her, and frankly, I think half of all long stories just don't want to be told because the teller doesn't want to come out in a bad light. =/

    • Trust me, I have nothing to hide from that story, I wasn't the one inviting my ex over to an empty house, nor was I the one talking to other people when we are supposidly exclusive. I could go on and on but I think you get the point

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    • "we agreed we would be exclusive"

      "never officially asked her to be my girlfriend."

      Contradictions, please.

      I'm assuming that if she was talking to her ex, they split on friendly terms? So before you two were even dating, you were telling her she wasn't allowed to talk to her friend. =/

    • No, they had just broken up. I asked if she could just stop talking to him for a while. I told her I don't care if your friends in the future, that is cool with me. So its OK for a guy to talk to his ex the whole time while you take her out on dates? Give me a break, you'd be p*ssed. All she did was talk to him, and they even hooked up once while she was dating me. After that happened, I told her if you want to be together, then stop talking to him. I don't think that is too much to ask.

  • She's with another guy, right? Cut her off. Don't reply back when she calls/texts/emails. She screwed you over, so you don't have to be nice to her anymore. Stop carrying conversations. It's hard to get over a person when you either still see them or talk to them. She left you for another guy. Her loss. She misses talking to you everyday? Give me a break. Then, she shouldn't have left you for a guy. Common sense. Sheesh, she sounds like a guy I dated last year. I hate that kind of behavior.

    • I know, I did everything your not suppose to do for her, I left the job I loved so I could spend more time with her, I mean this new job helps with my future career so its not a total loss. But I also was looking at places so I could ask her to live with me. Stupid I know

    • It's romantic of you, not stupid. I'm just sorry you had to run into this girl in the first place. Girls like her ruin it for girls like me. #@*&$

    • Well that makes me feel a bit better, all I wanted was this girl to stop hanging out and talking to her ex all the time, I guess because she wouldn't do that, I never officially asked her to be my girlfriend. But I told her she could be friends with him in the future just not now. Like I wanted to be with her when she was over him, not to get over him

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  • She doesn't want to give you up because she is used to you being there, nothing more. Girls do this selfish crap all the time. They want to keep you in their life for convience, get your advice, and for you to give them attention that they crave. STOP communicating with her in all ways. No calls, no emails, no texts, no seeing her during the day, nothing. She doesn't like you, she just wants to have her cake and eat it too, and right in front of you with this other guy I might add. Stop giving her reasons not to talk to her and just stop talking to her. You giving her time is still showing that you care, and she is getting a kick out of that. By even staying civil with her, you have put her on a pedistal without even knowing it and that has boosted her ego. She thinks no matter what you will always want her and never leave her behind. Her being with the other guy is all the "closure" you need. Move on, move forward, NEVER talk to her again, date other girls asap.

  • Girls do this all the time. She wants to keep you in her life because she was used to you being there. She is selfish and she wants to keep you in the friend zone in case she "needs" you down the line. You have already left the door open for her to be together in the future, big mistake. You have basically given her all the power. She KNOWS that you have feelings for her, so she thinks deep down that no matter what you are always going to be there. You have given her the "comfort" that she wants from you, while she is boning someone else. She gets everything, you get nothing except to sit back in the front row and watch while she and this other guy are happy. You have to stop talking to her completely, move on to other girls, and don't be friends with her. Don't wait for her, never talk to her again and move forward.

  • i know it will be hard but you need to ignore this girl man. its bringing you down and if she does care about you then she needs to understand that. she wants an option so take that away from her. this girl sounds very selfish. she obviously knows how you feel about her and she is basically spitting on your emotions by telling you that she is happy with someone else. who cares if she misses talking you everyday. she was the one that ruined that. ignore her man, for your sake

  • She sounds like a very selfish person. My best advice, as others here have said, would be to ignore her. She doesn't need you in her life, and so don't you. Good luck!

  • looks like she likes does not want to look like desperate to get you back

  • How long were you guys together?