Why are guys so mean to me?

I notice when I talk to certain guys (who are known to be silly), they're mean to me. Not in a cruel, down-right insulting way, but in a joking way. There's this one guy who is in two of my classes who can be nice to me sometimes, but he's always teasing me about how I don't do my homework, how I... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • In high school, that is how I a lot of guys like to flirt...by making fun of you. When I graduated, a lot of the guys that made fun of me the most admitted to their crush on me. Plus, making fun of a girl seems a lot easier than just trying to win them over with charming comments(something they haven't mastered...and might not ever master). Guys think this is cool because they can impress their friends by bragging about getting a rise out of girl by picking a fight with her. At the same time, they get a thrill out of having the power to do so and just like being around you because they think you are hot. All of this is a win win situation for them. The guy likes you, it is a classic example of it. When he makes fun of you, do it right back to him. Don't do it mean ways,just silly. Being able to take what he can dis out will when you props from him and his friends. Then, they will really start to think you are awesome. Trust me.

    • Thank you! :). That's what I had been thinking, but I can't exactly rely on myself sometimes.