Why are guys mean to girls they like?

He's very nice most times, but he acts like a jerk and is mean sometimes. Why is this? (he never told me he likes me but I know he does)

How should I react to this?

Ignore? Be serious? or play along and take it as a joke?

I don't want him to think of me lightly and as just a fling.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I will tell you the reasons why I'm mean to the girl I like: It is who I am, that's my sense of humor and how I am with my family. I don't mean "mean" in a bad way, but more in a playful tone, I am comfortable with her so I can be myself without putting on this "cool" persona. Like George Costanza used to say "I don't want to be ON all night when I'm with a date, I would much rather be OFF". She is mean to me also and she tells me that's how she is with her dad and brothers, so there's nothing better than having a girl being herself when she is with you. I don't care if she laughs and smiles at other guys, that's how she is with everybody, I would probably get jealous if she started being playfully mean to others. If I feel I go too far, I would go and apologize and she would do the same, but we both know we are just playing around. If you like him and you feel comfortable playing along, if it is who you are, then do it. If it bothers you then tell him to stop and if he truly likes you, he will stop and change his ways and find some other way to win you over. Personally, there's nothing more attractive than a girl who can go toe to toe with me, who is intelligent and who has a good sense of humor, and a great personality and when a girl has that, there's no way a guy can take her lightly or as a fling.